Ode to My English Teacher (A True Story)

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In memory of my English teacher. As a sixteen year old I didn't like her, but now I feel sorry for her, although she was not a good teacher..

Submitted: October 04, 2016

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Submitted: October 04, 2016



Ode to My English Teacher

(A True Story)


"What I'd really like to be"

She declared

"Is a postman

Out in the sunshine

Free as a bird

That would definitely suit me"


My English teacher Mrs Aldrich

A graduate of Oxford

A lover of Byron Shelley and Keats

" Those wild young men"

As she laughingly called them

"Such dark and brooding romantics"


All three of whom

In the pursuit of adventure

Met with untimely ends

On the shores of distant lands

Far away from their England home

Extinguishing their youthful bloom


Meanwhile the postman works alone

Trudging through mud and rain

Up and down winding stairs

Searching for cryptic locations

Unnoticed by the handsome young poets

Whose muse has eternally flown



Mrs Aldrich quoted Shakespeare and Chaucer

Dickens Flaubert and Tolstoy

But there soon came a time

When the words on her pages

No longer gave solace

And became just a blur


And I did wonder whether her poets had fled

As one morning in June

She balanced on a chair

Placing the noose around her neck

Kicking her legs

Until she was dead


Did they wail and weep?

I doubt it


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