Who Knows The Future Of The Free World

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Submitted: October 04, 2016

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Submitted: October 04, 2016



What will the world look like one year from now 

Some people are peaceful, some violent and within that aspect theres no way around;
?Will all the rules of law become just a burned book 
Will we forget what our founders designed and preserved to have the earth hit and destroyed with a matchbook 
I hope not, and I wish many people didn't complain, if they think what life was like for people just  eight years ago 
Maybe they would see things aren't so bad, and what is to become might have some regretting now that our future is more worse, and bad;
Just like people think now, but this will go deeper and strike the soul with daggers to the heart 
This time will it's  pain like never before because they believed in false hope, if only they saw it from the start
Is this how it will be from now on in the future where I know more about history and politics then the man running 
It's a sad state of affairs to see if American could already be crumbling; 
A land I love, one in which many died so I could write these words and pursues my dreams 
They deserve every pray, and the good hope of the true commander in Chief 
Who knows what will happen, I can't predict the future nor could anyone, my beliefs are mine and in the end the power hungry don't 'really care
Just a imagine world with restrictions, and we couldn't spread or wings and fly cause now it's a world we live in scared 

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