The Four Series: Book 1: The Beginning

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There were four communities called the Betovians, Licians, Cehias, and Eriticans. The Betovians were a group of very smart people that helps make new technology. The Licians are a group of peaceful people who don’t like war. The Cehias are a group of daring people. The Eriticans are a group of people who are daring and the Eriticans also like technology and peace. This story takes place in all of those communities. One child (aged 9 and up) gets chosen each year to join each of these communities. They have to take a test to be able to be accepted into the community. Each of the communities despises each other. Once every 50 years there is a competition called The Race of 4 in which a child (aged 10-15) from each of these communities will be chosen to participate in a challenge that takes them across the world. The grand prize is 1,000,000 but you might die if you participate in this challenge. 4 kids named Lucy, Trish, Bobby, and Toby will be chosen to participate in The Race of 4. Lucy is a Betovian, Trish is a Lician, Bobby is a Cehian, and Toby is Eritican. Will Lucy, Trish, Bobby, and Toby participate? Will they kill or not kill?

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The Betovians

Submitted: October 04, 2016

This describes 1 of the 4 communities. Read Chapter

The Licians

Submitted: October 05, 2016

This is all about the Licians. Read Chapter

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