The Nightmare

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It a first person short story and the main character's name is Alejandro Lopez. His a 20ish Hispanic gay guy who just wanted to have a fun time at Pulse and he was there with two friends the night where the club got shot up by Omar Mateen. Its a nonfiction/fiction short story. The nonfiction part of the short story is that their were 49 people who actually died at the club and the name and loaction the club. Everything else is completely made up by me. The short story is like a interview type of story.

Submitted: October 04, 2016

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Submitted: October 04, 2016



The Nightmare

By Suhey Junco


It all started one month ago with my roommates and I wanting to go out clubbing. We searched all day long to find the right gay club so we can have fun without anyone judging us for being gay. Then we found the one. That one club was Pulse near Downtown Orlando. At this time, we didn’t know anything was going to happen to us. We didn’t know that someone was going to come in and start shooting up the place for some stupid reason. My friends and I just wanted to dance and drink without having to stress or worry about everyday life and responsibility. We were having fun and dancing to our heart’s content. I met a guy that I thought I might have kept talking to after that night.

This is the way the night started. It started with us getting ready for the club. My way on getting ready was showering for about 30 minutes then picking out the right fabulous outfit for the club where everyone will be looking at me like I’m the star. That outfit was a grey shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, black vans with the vans tag sticking out of the right side, black boy short, and a black leather jacket. With all my outfits I must always wear my lucky black chain ear wearing’s.  After I put on my fabulous outfit I gel my hair into a perfect down wavy Mohawk to the left. Then right before my friends picked me up I had just enough time to put in my icy blue contacts.

“It’s only the three of us tonight” my friend Jose told me. I asked why and he told me that our other friend couldn’t come because he was working late tonight and he can’t miss any days because his boss would fire him. I just shrugged it off and said more fun for us girls. It took us about 20 or 30 minutes to get to Pulse nightclub. We were all excited or I was to be at the club because I was going to dance my ass off because I’ve been so stress out lately. I’ve been so stressed because of my job or mostly my boss trying to flirt with me and his way on breaking me so I can say yes to his dinner date. I kept telling him that I don’t want to date his ugly ass but what can you do to a man whose too stupid to understand the word no or what it means. Besides that, tonight is all about fun, dancing, and vodka. Also tonight is time to finally relax and forget work or that idiotic, ugly ass boss of mine. I was so excited to get in that I almost forgot to put on my favorite wrist watch. Finally, it was time to enter the club and get the night started. When we got in it was about 11 or 12 at night. I didn’t really care because my day off was tomorrow so I can sleep in and not care about waking up early to go to work with a nasty hangover. If anyone knew me I always want to be at my best and always feel amazing like my personality.

So when I go to work I’m always happy and greeting everyone with a smile. Also so everyone that enters the store, they enter happy and with a smile. Besides that, tonight isn’t about the shoppers nor the store. It’s all about fabulous little me and having a great night. A great night to remember and maybe hook up with a hunk. The first thing that my friends and I did was go straight to the bar and got some vodka. To tell you the truth I don’t really know what they order but I order vodka with Pepsi over ice like I do every time I go to any club. Anywise after we got our drinks we went to a table that was in the far back right of the club. We talked about how great Pulse was and that we should make it our number 1 place to hang out and meet people. Also spread the word about how great this club is. We kept talking about how great the club was about for half an hour and then I told my friends that we should start dancing.

One of my friends said he didn’t want to dance because he had worked all day and that he tired. I just said suit yourself and then Jose told me that there was a guy giving me the look like I want to dance with only you look. I looked at the direction Jose was pointing at and I thought omg a hunk. So I told my friends that I was going to dance with him. They just laughed and said go get him girl, his all yours. I walked up to him and introduced myself to him. He told me that his name was Greg. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the dance floor. We started to dance and it was amazing. It was the best time I had in a long time. To both of us it felt like it only been a couple of minutes but it was actually an hour and a half. He tagged my shirt and said he wanted to get a drink and said if I wanted any.  I just shook my head yes because my favorite dance song just came on and I only wanted to dance.

Some people to my left started to say that they heard to gun fire but someone from their group said that it was only the music so they continued to dance like nothing had happened. For a moment I was kind of scared because I’ve been watching the news about all the shootings that’s been going on in the world. After that I heard the door slam open and the DJ turned off the music. When the guy came in he started to shoot everybody he saw without mercy. I got to scared that I yelled at my friends to head to the restroom. I ran as fast I could to the restroom with the crowd. I’m ashamed of myself when I say that I tried to put myself in the middle of the crowd so I won’t get hit by any bullets. I feel so guilty for using innocent people as shields so I won’t get shot at. I use I would have known that would have happened so that I would have never gone but I was there already and I couldn’t do anything to change it. I was lucky enough to make it to the restrooms that was in the back of the building uninjured, but I didn’t see any of my friends. I started to worry that my friends were shoot down and killed.

Then at that moment when I looked up and snapped out of my thought I saw Jose. I called out to him and he crawled to me. I asked him if he got injured and he said he got shot in the leg. After he told me that I looked at his leg and my body reacted on his own without giving it a thought. Without a thought I started to put pressure on Jose’s leg. I asked him where Angel was and he started to cry. Then my greatest fear was realized. He told me that Angel was shot in the head and killed. I started to cry because to me friends were family and Jose and Angel were even more of a family to me because they came with me from all the way from Puerto Rico. Knowing that Angel was died I barely couldn’t hold back the screams. I told Jose that we had to go inside the restroom that was closest to us. That bathroom was the women’s restroom. So I carried Jose inside the bathroom and went into the handicap restroom and told him to stand on the toilet. I was amazed that small toilet was able to hold both of us. While we were staring at the toilet we suddenly heard the door open.  Both of us were terrified because we didn’t know if it was the killer or another person coming in or if it was the police coming to see if anyone was in there. I just knew that we weren’t the only ones inside the restroom nor inside the stale. We also knew that we weren’t the only ones who was scared shitless from being gun down, shot, and killed from a guy who went loco.

Jose and I were quiet because we kind knew who was there on the faces of the people who was next to us. Their faces were just pure fear because they saw the guy with that military gun through the slit of the stall door. We didn’t want to move because we fear if we did it would make a noise and it would let the lunatic know that we were in there, and that we were still alive. If he found out that we were still alive then he would have shot us in cold blood and without a second thought. All of us were so scared. We wanted to live so badly but we didn’t know what to do or how to get out. It seems like all of us were living a hell on earth. Suddenly there was a loud bang in the men’s restroom and the shooter turned around and left the women’s restroom and walked into the men’s restroom. For a moment all of the people that were in the women’s restroom let out a gasp or sigh of some sort but all of us were relieved that the shooter left.

We also knew that if we didn’t hurry to escape out of here this hell the shooter might come out of the men’s restroom and enter the women’s restroom again and decide to shoot everyone that didn’t have a hole in their body. So slowly everyone that was either sitting down or laying down on the floor got up and Jose and I slowly got down from the toilet. Then slowly someone opened the door of the restroom and let everyone get out of the restroom. A young girl told us that the shooter had blocked the front doors so everyone had been looking around trying to find another way out. A worker finally spoke up and said that near the restrooms there was an entrance where the employees came in through. Then slowly we tiptoed, limped, or dragged ourselves to the back entrance. Out of nowhere we started to hear gunfire and then we started to run for our lives to that door so we can escape from this real-life nightmare. While Jose and I were running/hurried limping, a bullet went through my thigh and came out of my other thigh. We both fell down.

At that moment I thought to myself this is the end of both me and Jose. We're done and were just good as died. Out of my left side I heard Jose call out for help and I don’t know why but I thought no one was coming back for us. I started to lose faith and hope that no one was coming back for us. Then this two strong guys came back for us and told us that no one was going to die anymore. That they couldn’t leave us to die because they were sick and tired of anybody else dying. That they didn’t want any more innocent people being claimed by that guy’s gun anymore. The funny thing is that the other guy said god won’t be seeing you two today. I was so glad that someone or anyone came back for us. I thought why did these two save us. They didn’t know us or us them. I kept repeating the same question in my head. I kept asking, why would you two save people you don’t know? I kept repeating it so much in my head that I didn’t know that I said out load. One of the guys said why did we save you two, the answer is simple, the answer is that it’s the best thing we can do to stop the number of people dying and from anymore families from losing anymore love ones.

At that moment I started to cry and I just couldn’t stop crying. The guys carried us all the way to the closest ambulance that there was to the nightclub. After we gave our thanks to the two men, Jose started to pray out load, naturally I joined him in prayer. We prayed for Angel and for everyone who had died in the club tonight. After we had prayed for the people who had lost their souls, Jose just said what an eventful night huh. We just laughed because there wasn’t anything else to do but that.

It’s been three long months since that night. Jose and I did a lot of healing in the ICU in the hospital. Our families took photos of all 49 people who had died that night and the man who have killed all of them. Our families prayed for the 49 people wo had died and hoped that the guy who murdered them stays in hell for an eternity of pain and suffering. Now that I had time to think Angel is now a real Angel and looking down on Jose and I from heaven and most likely standing to the big man. Jose and I were lucky that we have survived that nightmare of a night.

Everyone who had survived that night learned that we can’t always have fun and be careless at the same time. Now that Jose and I are finally out of the hospital we went back to Pulse. We went back because we didn’t want to relive the horrors we went through that night but to pay our respects to the people who had lost their lives that night. The people who won’t be coming back to their families. To the people who won’t ever stop clubbing and who never will stop having fun, but now they’re not doing that here on earth now they forever clubbing and having fun as angels in the clubs in the skies and right next to God and Jesus themselves. Now they will never feel pain nor ever feel suffering again. I couldn’t stop myself from crying knowing that those families will never see that person again nor see them happy nor see them smiling ever again. All just because a guy got pissed off that another guy told his family he was gay.

When I finally stopped crying Jose and I were able to say a prayer and leave our teddy bears and candles there for a memorial for Angel. To us we didn’t only lose a friend or someone special to us but we lost a family member that night. We lost a person who was dear to use and very close to use. Also we were not the only ones hurting inside but also the family that lost him.

The LBGT+ community lost 49 people that night. 49 people who were just gay or just themselves having fun with people who were just like them. Just having fun until a guy who got exposed to his family decides to barge in and take their lives. It’s sad that a person who is so weak can do such strong violent things like that. So strong the violence that it took 49 innocent people lives just for something so small that it could be considered nothing to fuse over. Now it’s too late to do anything and now the only thing we can do is send those people our prayer.  

That’s my story and how I saw things that night. It’s everything from the beginning to the end. My thoughts about the people who had lost their lives including my best friend Angel.


Pulse Survivor,

Alejandro Lopez.



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