Operation Warp: Chapter 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is volume 3 of Operation Warp. This volume will be taking place right after the group's adventure in Lordran. And something very interesting will happen to someone in this volume. Find out for yourself. And if you are enjoying this story so far, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share it with other friends. It'd be a great help!

It’s been pitch black and extremely quiet since the four had gone through the portal. They hadn’t even seen what O.W. looks like.


Where am I? Thought Marco. He’s been awake for 5 minutes but still hasn’t open his eyes. It feels a bit cold right now. Marco wraps his arms around himself to try and warm up, but notices something a bit, off. These don’t feel like my clothes. They feel like something you would wear if you were a patient in a hospital, except this is in the form of pants and a shirt. Marco opens his eyes to a non-welcoming blinding light. It was one of those blank white rooms from when him and his friends were “recruited”. He was sitting in a white chair, and in front of him was a blank white table. On the opposite side of the table was another chair, with Doc sitting in it. This almost looked like an interrogation scenario. Oh great. Marco thought. I’m all alone with this guy. I barely even know him. He’s probably going to ask me question that I have to answer. I’m not good with that stuff. My social skills are especially bad when my friends aren’t around.


“Hello Marco.” Said Doc with a calm voice.


“What’d I do,” Asked Marco. “This looks like I’m being interrogated.”


“You didn’t do anything,” Said Doc. The fox mask on Doc’s face made each passing second more and more awkward and uncomfortable for Marco. “I’m only going to ask you questions on how your first trip was. Once we are done, your clothes will be given back all fresh and cleaned up. And we’ll even add in a special weapon for you to keep throughout your further adventures.”


“Why does this seem like we’re being held prisoners?” Asked Marco forcefully.


“I thought I was the one asking questions here,” said Doc. Marco only sits in the chair with a serious but tired face as he waits for Doc to answer his question. “You see Marco, if we gave you such freedom you would all leave. And if we went around recruiting volunteering Neo-Teens or Kids, then there would be nobody wanting to join since this is one: dangerous. And two: sketchy. Furthermore, most kids these days are too lazy to do anything. Now please, let me ask you questions. After all, you are only holding this up.”


This guy is pissing me off already. I just want to leave. Thought Marco. “Okay, fine,” He said. “I’ll answer your questions.


“Thank you Marco,” Said Doc. “Now first question: How was the trip? Did you enjoy it, or did you hate it?”


“It was fine I guess,” said Marco. “Except for the part when you pretty much set us up and every other part where we were hurt.”


“Okay,” replied Doc followed by a small laugh. “Next question: Is there anything that you think we could improve on that will help your travels throughout the worlds?


“Not really,” Said Marco. “There isn’t really anything that you could do to help.”


“Interesting,” said Doc. “Next and final question: are your friends getting in your way?” Marco looked up at him.


What’s up with these questions? Thought Marco. “No,” he said. “Why would they? They’re my friends, I think of them as my team, without them I would’ve been screwed back in Lordran.”


“Okay, good.” Said Doc. The tone he had, the questions, everything about him back in that room felt a bit off. “Now if you look behind you you’ll find your new weapon and freshly cleaned clothes.” Marco gets up out of chair and looks behind him to find his clothes neatly place on a white pillow. Next to it, a large briefcase which contained his weapon. He puts on his gray shirt then his green denim jacket, finally his blue jeans and brown boots. But once again something was off: these weren’t his clothes. His clothes looked a bit different from these. But he just dismissed it since after all, he wouldn’t even have any other clothes to wear.


“Hey, Doc,” Marco begins to turn around. “What happened to my old c-” As he turns around he notices that Doc is gone. And at the other side of the room was a visible white door. “I guess I gotta go there.” Marco fixes his jacket, grabs the briefcase, and walks to the door.




Where am I? Thought David. It’s kind of cold. He looks around him and finds himself in strange clothing, sitting in a white chair, in a white room. He looks to his arm and sees that the wound is wrapped in bandages. He touches it and feels a slightly painful sensation. He’s sitting in front of a table, and on the other side of the table was Doc. “Hi Doc.” He said.


“Hello David.” Replied Doc. “I must say, you are the only one out of the four who would greet me. Anyways, I’m only here to ask you some questions. After this, you will get your new clothes back, fresh and clean, and we’ll even throw in a weapon to help you throughout your travels.”


“Okay cool.” Said David.


“First question,” said Doc. “How was your trip in Lordran?”


“Ugh,” David gruntly complained. “Was that trip necessary Doc?”


“I’ll take it you didn’t like it too much.” Said Doc. “Next question: Is there anything you think that O.W. could improve on to help you throughout your travels?”


“Honestly,” said David. “They should help us more when we travel.”


“Note taken,” said Doc. “Okay David you’re doing pretty good so far. Final question: Are your friends getting in your way at all?”


“If you want me to be honest,” David said. He looked a bit hesitant. “I’m going to say that Isaiah is slowing down the group.”


“Okay,” said Doc. “Thanks for answering my questions. Since you were so cooperative, I’ll throw in a Twix bar with your food.” David and Doc both get out of their seats. Doc exits the room, and David walks over to his clothes. There is a brand new white suit, black shoes, blue tie, and his glasses which are somehow still intact. Next to the clothing is a briefcase containing his weapon. He puts on the clothes, grabs the briefcase, and walks out the door.




“What the hell,” said Brandon with a weak voice. “My head hurts. Where am I?” Brandon looks around him and notices that he is in new clothes, sitting a white chair, in a white room, with Doc. “Oh great,” he continues. “You again.”


“Hello Brandon,” Said Doc. “I noticed that during your battle with the suit of armor, you didn’t use your time travel ability. Why is that?”


“It has its limits.” Brandon said. “We can only rewind time up to one hour, then we have to wait about a whole day before we can use it again. And worst part is, we all share the ability, basically like one of those family data plans. That’s why we made up a plan to only use it if someone is killed, someone is badly hurt, or if we want to steal some candy. Then once we use up our hour all together, it’ll start to reset.”


“That’s very intriguing,” said Doc. “Now Brandon, I’m going to ask you some questions-”


“I don’t want to answer your dumbass questions Doc.” Said Brandon who was sounding as pissed off as Isaiah is when the time ability is used up. “Just tell me how I get out of here so I don’t have to see that stupid mask of yours.” Brandon was looking intimidating, but Doc wasn’t going to let him leave without answering his questions.


“How about this: Your brown skinned-ass will answer my freaking questions, and I’ll give you your clothes back. You should be considered lucky that we even thought of giving you a weapon.” Brandon looked at Doc with a pissed off look, looking like he was about to get up and punch him.




“I’m sorry, what was that?” Said Doc.


“I’ll answer your questions.” said Brandon.


“Good, good,” said Doc. “Now, I’ll ask them all right now to get this over with: How was your trip to Lordran? Did you like it or did you hate it?” Brandon seemed like he had calmed down and had entered a state of extreme “thinking”. “Next question: Is there anything that O.W. can improve on to help you throughout your travels? And final question: Are your friends getting in your way at all? Are they slowing you down?” Brandon takes a few moments to think of answers, then he begins to speak.


“Number one: I hated Lordran, everyone there called me gay. Number two: What the hell is O.W? Number three: My friends are what keep me going. There, happy now? I answered your questions.”


“I could’ve been happier with the results,” said Doc. “But overall yes. Now look behind you, and you’ll find your new clothes with your new equipment.” Brandon gets up and walks over to his new clothes.


“It’s about time.” He said. Thrown on top of a white mat was a long-sleeved gray shirt, black gloves, black boots, a brown belt with a small leather pouch attached, a red scarf and red goggles. Brandon changes into his clothing. Next to the mat was a large briefcase containing his weapon. He grabs the briefcase and turns around to leave. And when he turns around to leave, Doc is gone. “Doc,” Brandon said. “You ARE an asshole.”




Isaiah awakens inside a dark room.


“Where am I?” He asks. Isaiah realizes he is laying down and tries to get up, but notices that he is strapped down to some table. “Hello?” He asks. “Is anyone there?” Out of the corner of his eye, Isaiah sees Doc walk over to the table.


“Hello Isaiah,” He said. “Did you enjoy your trip in Lordran?”


“It was fine.” Replied Isaiah. Doc pulls a lamp over Isaiah, and with him, he takes a table of surgical tools.


“I wasn’t expecting you to answer back in such a kindly manner,” said Doc. “Which does tell me that you usually treat people with kindness. Boy oh boy, is that tragic. You treat your friends with such kindness and, ‘respect’, yet all they do is complain about how you get in their way.”


“But why would they do that?” Asked Isaiah. “They’re my friends.”


“Well I would assume if they say what they say, then they aren’t.” Said Doc. He then takes a scalpel off the table of surgical tools and cuts his finger with it. The scalpel cuts with such ease and with little force that a wound opens up immediately on Doc’s finger and pours out a thick crimson liquid. “My, these tools are quite dangerous. However, we do have to use them on you.”


“What are you going to do?” Isaiah says worriedly.


“We are going to help you, improve.” says Doc. Doc begins to laugh hysterically.


“So you guys ARE Hackers!” Says Isaiah.


“You could say that.” Said Doc. “We only ‘recruit’ people so that we may sadly destroy our precious Nova.”


“Precious?” Said Isaiah. “Were you the ones who created him?”


“Precisely,” said Doc. “We found a young child possessing such incredible powers. Yet he did not put them to use the way we had thought, which is why we decided to help him improve. Unfortunately, he rebelled and acted on his own terms. And as for all of you powerful kids, we will eventually help you all improve. However we cannot have Nova interfering. For you see, you children are much too fruitful to go to waste.”


“All these things that you’re doing, I can’t let you go on with your plans!” Isaiah attempts to break out of his restraints, however it is nearly impossible. I have to tell everyone about this! He thought.


“How do you suppose you will do that?” Said Doc. “Gentlemen,” he calls out and a group of men in surgical outfits appear and surround Isaiah. “Start the process at once.” The group of men grab a tool from the table and get close to Isaiah. Doc grabs one of the men’s arms and whispers into his ear. “Make sure he remembers none of this when you are done. I do not want to have to fire you.” He lets go of the man’s arm and walks off. As Doc walks away, Isaiah’s screams can be heard in an orchestra of metal clinking and clanking together along with splatters of blood flying all over the tables, floors, and clothing of the surgeons. Right before Doc walks out of the room, an eye rolls along the floor and bumps into Doc’s foot. “How wonderful,” he said. “Thank you Isaiah for your cooperation and this sweet delicacy." Doc pulls up his fox mask and tosses the eye into his mouth. He slowly chews and enjoys the texture and taste of it as he exits the room.  


Isaiah wakes up sitting in a white chair inside a white room. He looks around and realizes that he can’t see through one of his eyes. He reaches his hand towards his left eye and feels a leathery sensation. He moves his hand around the area and notices that it is an eyepatch that he is wearing. In front of Isaiah is a white table with a small case. Along with the case is a piece of paper with a note on it.


Main room is outside of this place. It reads. In this case is your new weapon for your travels. We already cleaned up the clothing you are wearing so there is nothing to worry about. With kindness and respect, Doc. Isaiah takes the case and leaves the room. Outside the room is a large courtyard with grass fields accompanied by a sea of flowers giving off a calming scent. This place feels like one large school. It feels somewhat, nice. Large amounts of people can be seen walking around, talking, enjoying themselves. And amongst all of the people is Melanie.


I have got to go talk to her. He thought. Isaiah forms one smile and begins to walk towards Melanie, however his walk is interrupted early by Marco.


“So Isaiah!” Yelled Marco. “Where’re you off to?” Marco looks over and sees Isaiah looking at Melanie. “Look man, this person is obviously out of your league. And if it makes you feel better, Brandon probably couldn’t even get with her. And besides, you have more important matters to attend to my friend.”


“Really,” said Isaiah. “Like what?”


“Just follow me over to the lunch place thingy, I think it’s called the Feast Lounge or something like that. I just call it the cafeteria ‘cause it looks just like one. Come on I’ll show you, Brandon and David already saved a table for us.” Marco and Isaiah walk past the crowds of people to find the Feast Lounge. Marco was right when he said that it looked like a school cafeteria. It had the lined up and “organized tables”, the occasional milk carton spilled out on the floor, groups of friends bunched up together in certain areas, and the line to get food with the stereotypical lunch ladies. And over in the corner of the large room was a long rectangular table with Brandon and David sitting at it, each of them with a briefcase, along with another one next to Brandon.


“You’re not in the mood for any food are you?” Asked Marco.


“Not really,” said Isaiah. “I lost my appetite for some reason.”


“Well why wouldn’t you?” Said Brandon. “The food here is crap.”


“Except for David’s Twix that he got with his food.” Said Marco.


“You shut up nerd,” said Brandon. “David’s already lucky enough that I didn’t beat it back out of him, if you talk about anymore I’ll do it.” Isaiah and Marco sit down next to David and Brandon. Isaiah can’t shake the feeling that something about his eye isn’t what it used to be. He didn’t get any sort of injury, it didn’t even feel like an eye was gone. It was mostly the eyepatch that made him think this way. It was also strange that nobody was talking about it. Maybe it was because they just didn’t want to bring up such a peculiar case. Instead, Marco brought up other cases on the table, the briefcases that is.


“Anyone wonder what’s in theirs?” Asked Marco.


“Well why do we have them closed?” Said Brandon. “Let’s open them up.” Marco was the first. He opened up his briefcase to reveal a steel viking hand axe.


“Well I guess if I’m going to be using the Greatsword of Artorias, I got to get use to wielding giant weapons.” Brandon next opened his. Inside the case was a steel broadsword and a bronze shield with a symbol of a cross. “Wow,” said Marco. “I’m pretty sure that’s the shield from the first Legend of Zelda game.”


“Ha eat it nerd!” Said Brandon. David opened his and found a normal iron shortsword. There was no sign of disappointment or joy in David’s eyes, after all, this wasn’t a bad weapon, but it wasn’t the best either. Isaiah next opened his case up and found a sharp dagger with a skull-like design on it. Sharp and deadly, and also lightweight, enabling Isaiah to use speed and precision to his advantage in a battle.


“Well we have our new weapons,” said Marco. “What do we do now?”


“That is a moderately okay question to ask young sir.” The Hopper on Marco’s wrist began to radio in Doc’s voice. “You four have an extra special mission to start, one that I think Brandon will find most interesting”


“And what might that be?” Said Brandon.


“Oh you’ll find out soon enough.” Said Doc. “Just leave whenever you feel like it. And when you do, make sure you have space around you, we wouldn’t want anyone getting in the way of your portal.”




In a faraway world, a mysterious man in a black coat is speaking with someone.


“How about you do me a favor for once?” Said the man. “It’s not often I ask for help.”


“Yes that is true,” the other person said. “And this help you ask for is a sign of your weakness.”


“I would do this myself,” the man said. “But I have other places to be, other worlds to take care of.” The other person give him a look of doubt and then nods. “I need you to corrupt that supposed knight in this world, I shall lend you part of my power to do so. After that, he will take care of the rest, do you think you can do that?”


“With pleasure,” the other person said. “It’s about time he is stopped.”


“I truly thank you for this. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. Until we meet again, Enchantress.”




David, Brandon, Isaiah, and Marco fall out of the portal facing down towards the ground. David first falls out and rolls out of the way before Marco falls, then Brandon and Isaiah.


“I gotta tell you,” said Marco. “This grass is pretty soft.” And that it was. For miles, all that could be seen was a vast sea of emerald green grass paired with small patches of flowers and the occasional tree. “So where are we?”


“I don’t know,” said Brandon. “And Doc said that we wouldn’t be able to talk to him since this world is far apart.”


“Yeah that’s what he said about most worlds that we’ll probably be going to.” Said David. Just then, a ball of fire was shot towards the four. David, Brandon, and Marco managed to avoid the attack, however Isaiah suffered the attack head on. The fireball threw itself into Isaiah’s body, and exploded. Somehow he was able to survive the attack, however after the smoke cleared from it, Isaiah could be seen kneeling down on the ground, with his hand covering the eye that his eyepatch had covered. The other three run over to Isaiah.


“Isaiah,” said Marco. “Are you alrigh-” Isaiah removed his hand to reveal his eye. Instead of your average eyelid, his was black, it was like staring into an infinite abyss. And his pupil was replaced with an orange-like circle that looked like some sort of fire burning. And on top of all of this, blood began to flow out of it. “Dude what the hell is going on with your eye?” Said Marco.


“I don’t know,” said Isaiah. “It just really hurts and I can’t see out of it.”


“Well are you going to be able to fight whatever is attacking us?” Asked Brandon.


“Not really, not in this type of condition.” Said Isaiah. Another fireball was launched towards the four. But before it could touch them, Brandon retrieved his shield from his hopper and blocked it. The force from the attack pushed Brandon back, but he kept his footing. Brandon took out his broadsword and adjusted his stance. David took out his short sword, and Marco took out his viking hand axe. The three stood together and readied themselves. Out from the distance was a man inside a suit of blue armor, with red eyes peeking out from his helmet. He held a razor-sharp shovel in his hand as if it were a sword. This was no ordinary foe.


“It’s Shovel Knight!” Yelled Brandon with excitement.


“Yeah but something tells me that he isn’t friendly anymore.” Said Marco. “Alright I’m not going to waste anytime here ‘cause I want to leave already.” Marco runs towards Shovel Knight, followed by David and Brandon. Isaiah then feels a sharp pain in his strange eye and begins to hear whispers.


Hold out your hand young one. Said the whispers. All it takes is one lift of your arm and you’ll be joining me in no time at all.


“I can’t join you,” said Isaiah. “I can’t leave my friends behind.”


And after all they put you through you choose to stay? Said the whispers. Join me, and you won’t have to deal with these fools. The pain in Isaiah’s eye begins to grow, and blood begins to spill from it, leaving a crimson-colored stain on his hand. David, Brandon, and Marco begin to run towards Shovel Knight along with Caleb the Guitar Lord, standing on the sidelines, who can be seen playing intense battle music with his electric guitar. His amazing star-shaped purple shades glisten under the sunlight as he plays his amazing music with his amazing guitar.


Marco first leaps into the air and swings his axe down towards Shovel Knight, but he jumps into the air out of the way, leaving Marco’s axe driven into the ground. As Shovel Knight is in the air, he takes his weapon and points it down at Marco, and drops down. But luckily, Brandon got in the way of him and blocked his attack with his shield. David thrusts his short sword at Shovel Knight while he is on top of Brandon’s shield. David’s attack lands, however it was not enough to pierce Shovel Knight’s armor, but it did push him back onto the ground. Marco took his axe out of the ground and swings it once again, this time destroying Shovel Knight’s armor while also knocking him to the ground.


Shovel Knight only lays on the ground, now helpless, looking as if he were pleading for mercy.


What are you waiting for? Said the whispers to Isaiah. This is your chance. Kill that knight and prove yourself worthy. Brandon walks up to the fallen Shovel Knight, he raises his broadsword in the air and points the blade down at his chest.


“Wait a minute Brandon,” said Marco. “He did try to kill us, but that was just some corruption. He looks like he’s back to normal now, right?”


“Yeah,” said David. “LOOKS like it.” Marco looks at Brandon with a sympathetic face.


“Don’t do it man.” Said Marco. Brandon looks down at Shovel Knight, then puts his sword and shield back in the hopper.


“Fine,” he said. “I won’t do it.” Isaiah then raises his arm and points it over towards the group in the distance. A fireball forms at the palm of his hand and launches at them. The attack hit Shovel Knight directly, disintegrating every last bit of him that was left, leaving only a locket behind. “Guess I didn’t have to.”




“I swear I didn’t know he was okay.” Said Isaiah. He looked sorry for what he had done, however inside his mind, he was jumping for joy.


“Well there isn’t really anything we can do about it,” said Marco. “Except for rewinding time. But the thing is, I don’t really feel like it since we got his neat little phase locket.” Marco took out the locket that was on the floor. The phase locket’s power was unknown to Marco, he only knew of its name. But Brandon knew what it could do. “Hey Brandon you want this?” Marco hands Brandon the locket. “Figured you might want it, so why not.”


“Nice fight guys.” Said Caleb the Guitar Lord. “It was pretty good. Anyways I have other places to go to. I’ll see you guys next time I guess.” A flash of light blinded the four and after the light had vanished, Caleb was gone.


“So David,” said Isaiah. “Doc gave you a list of worlds for us to go to right?”


“Yeah,” said David. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a small notepad which had a list of worlds to go to all in order.


“So where’re we going now?” Asked Brandon. David takes a look at the list. He puts it back in his pocket.


“Um…” He tries to think of what the world is and what it looks like so that they may travel to it. “Where’s Termina?”


Submitted: October 05, 2016

© Copyright 2021 neo2058. All rights reserved.

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