Crack of Thunder

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The 2nd story in the adventures of The Crimson Shock now known as The Crimson Storm and his allies The Night Warriors against their archenemy Midnight Absolution

Submitted: October 04, 2016

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Submitted: October 04, 2016




Ashley, Carly, Kate and Ashley were walking down the street after midnight. They has just finished the opening night screening of a movie. They had been waiting for this movie for months so they were willing to take a chance coming to the late night showing. As They are walking towards their car Ashley continuously looks behind them as if they're being followed. Then in an instant Ashley turns and is met by the barrel of a Beretta she tries to use her self defense techniques but the man knocks her to the ground. "Well look here we got us a couple of cute little kitten whaddya think Derek?" The man with the Beretta says to the other man. "Sure do Bo, real cute." He says as he crouches down and runs his Glock through Kate's hair .She spits in his face, and he responds by slapping her to the ground and putting his Glock to her head. Then he looks up and sees Bo fall to the ground. He then sees crackling lightning cover the ground and hears the boom of thunder fill the air. He grabs Carly off the ground and holds his gun to her head and shouts "Don't you come near me or I'm going to paint the walls of this alley with her brains. Then he sees a lightning covered figure before him with his hands up. Then as the man named Derek raises his gun to the figure The man moves so fast that the air around him seems to twist and turn. Derek is thrown across the alley and he is clung to the fence by static before the figure knocks him unconscious. "Thank you so much Crimson Shock!" The girls all tell him as they hug him tightly He replies "No problem ladies all part of the job." and by the way time he finishes his sentence he is gone in a flash of red lightning .

Greg Smith walks through the cemetery crying with flowers in his hands. "Mom, Dad are you listening" he says before stumbling to the ground. He gets back up as he arrives at his mother and father's gravestones he kneels at the ground by their graves. Dad I'm sorry you were cursed a son like me." He says looking back at the massive wings behind him.He looks back at the graves and says "Mom I'm sorry you died giving birth to the living freakshow that I am" He begins crying and puts one hand on each graves " I love you both so much" As he finished speaking he pulls out his father's Magnum and places it in his mouth "Goodbye world he says and as he pulls the trigger. He closes his eyes and hears the sound of of a gunshot is heard and everything seems to freeze in place Then as Greg opens his eyes and he see the lightning man "Wow you're the Crimson Shock" he tells the Crimson Shock before explaining his unfortunate life circumstances. The Shock tells him "I don't think those wings are a curse I think you are meant to have them for a reason. Also, I don't think your parents would want you to end yourself. Tell me what would they want" Then he turns around and looks away before turning back towards Greg and removing his mask. Greg is stunned by the fact that the Crimson Shock just revealed his secret identity. "My name is Geno Davis and I've been the Crimson Shock for about 10 years and I want you to join a group of friends of mine go to this address and they'll help you become a hero just tell them I sent you." He says while handing Greg a piece of paper "Wow thanks Crimson Shock!" Greg responds as he stands up As the Shock gathers an aura of lightning around him and kneels to the ground he says to the wide-eyed Greg who is gazing in awe at the Shock "The name by the way is Crimson Storm." Then he bursts off in a flash of black, blue, and red and Greg kneels down and thanks his parents graves before running off with a new lease on life.

Tenae Dean sits in the park as her kids are frolicking and playing and thinks to herself "I'm glad I'm retired it gives me time to enjoy life with my kids and that's what I'm going to tell Robbie. She's sees him coming and gets up to greet him and says "Robbie, my love, how are you? How have you been? "I'm good Tenae let's not beat around the bush we need you back." He replies She tells him the thoughts she just had "I'm not leaving my kids again to worry about if their momma is coming home or not they need me and I need then so my answer is no Robbie I'm sorry." Robbie replies "Ya know it's been a year since Antarctica and I still haven't gotten over all the good friends and heroes we lost that day and I still wish I could have seen it coming." Tenae asks " you still having the visions of Knightsword as an angel?" He answers"Yeah and I just can't seem to figure out what it means " He then gets up and says to her "Well if I can't convince you to come back then just think about this, If we won't stop midnight who will? Who will stop him from killing millions and who will stop him from walking into this park ripping through you like paper and taking your kids and destroying them or worse recruiting them for his side? War is coming Tenae I'd suggest you pick a side before it's too late." He walks out of the park and Tenae puts her head in her hands and cries thinking about what Robbie said when one of her son's comes to her and asks "What's wrong Momma" She quickly replies to him "Nothing baby go play with your brother and sisters." He quickly scampers off and she cries some more seeing her innocent Happy children play not knowing the evil that walked the earth

Robbie walks away from the park unsatisfied with Tenae's response. When he ends up in an alley where he is approached by some young men and they ask for his walle. Being in the hot headed mood he was currently having Robbie threw his long trench coat blocking the first guys attack while simultaneously blasting a burst of flame at the other two before he takes off into the sky with his orange and green suit shining in the sunlight whilst rocketing through air landing on the roof of their current base. Then suddenly a young man with large bird-like wings landing beside him and instantly Robbie swings on him and the young man blocks with his wings. "Whoa don't hurt me please Geno Davis sent me he said y'all can train me." the young man says as Flare backs away. "Who are you?" Flare asks him . "My name is Gregory Smith sir." The young man tells him. Flare then tells the young man to follow him and Flare leads him through the roof entrance. Flare then agrees to teach Greg and Flare shakes Morphus' hand and introduces him to greg and says "I want you to teach him how to be a hero I think he has potential." "Alright come with me kid" he says and Greg follows him into the training room. Flare goes into his room and takes off his mask when Sound Wave bursts in and yells at him "Robbie when are we going after the son of a bitch who killed my sister!" Robbie responds "When we have some credible information otherwise we'll get ourselves killed."Sound Wave storms out blasting the door off its hinges. Robbie sighs and tests on his bed and passes out.

A man runs up some mountainside steps and after a few minutes he reaches the top and passes through the gate of the temple that resides there. He enters and kneels saying a quick prayer before running through the hall and enters a room. Inside he tells the man and woman inside "Han, Reya the order is here." Han looks at Reya and says Get the drives and ready the ship. I'll hold them off give me 15 minutes. Reya nods and smiles before running off and taking the man with him "Come on Kai I could use your help. They both run off and Han goes to his cabinet and gathers his armor. Han places all his armor except his helmet and before he puts it on he has a flash back to the last day he wore this armor.

It's a sunny day as Han Lei walks the grounds of the Order of the Wolf claw's compund. He finishes his rounds and sees the gate is open and runs to it and sees his two daughters outside it. "Hides, Harina get inside now!" He yells to them and as they hear him a squad of Men fire upon the gate. Han reacts quick howling to signal an attack. Two other guards join him they make quick work of the squad and Han leads his daughters back home and a executive guard comes to Han and says "Your father has requested that you and your family join him in his study. Han nods and brings his daughters with him as he looks upon them wishing his wife were here to see how much they looked like her. It had been 10 years since his wife died giving birth to their twin daughters. Han opens the door to his father, The head of the clan named White claw, looking across the study while standing next to Han's uncle and Brother. "Han thank you for coming I'd like you to meet Midnight Absolution." Han sees the man walk from the side of the room Han has a bad feeling about him. "But he is not why I called you here I'd like to speak to you about the incident a few minutes ago involving your daughter's I understand they opened the gate I believe you know the punishment for it." His father says as two guards grab him " No, don't you touch them!" Han yells trying to get free and as the girls' uncle walks them over to their grandfather. White Claw says to him "oh I am not I've spoken with my new friend here and as a show of respect for our new business venture I'm allowing him the Honor and after wards we will take care of your exit from our clan. Han jumps free and tries to attack them and Midnight stops him telekinetically in the air and says "Well I like this sword, I think I will use it." He then telekinetically pulls it out of it's sheathe and walks over to the girls as Han is restrained by the guards. Midnight the says hello to Hides and Harina and raises the sword while Han struggles to get loose and raises the blade high above his head as the heads of the Order look on. Han cries out as Midnight brings the blade down slashing both girls in one swoop. White Claw, Red Eye, and Blue Tail walk over to Han and pick him up and he looks at all of them and says I'm going to kill all of you and finally breaks his restraints he knock out Blue Tail and slides over the desk and glances at them before leaping out the window into the ravine below. They all look out the broken glass and see Han's body in the ravine. White Claw orders his men to go retrieve it. After they leave the window and return to business Han struggles to get up as he had broken his leg in the fall when a young lady who had seen the jump tends to Han and he explains and she helps him to his feet and sneaks him off to her underground encampment. He says "thank you my name is Han Lei or Black Fang but just call me Han" She replies "My name is Reya."

Han shakes off the memory and place his helmet. It was given to him by Reya and it helped him focus his targets and he grabs his sword Kai gave him. He shuts the cabinet and leaves the room and heads out to the main room of the temple. As he arrives there a squadron of Claw Order warriors burst in followed by Blue Tail. "Brother I see you have been busy but please make it easy on yourself and just surrender your death will be kind." Blue Tail says to him. Han replies "Brother you watched as my daughters were killed I will fight you until my last breath but before this starts Sen-Lao I implore you take your daughter and leave the Order before what happened to Hidea and Harina happens to her and your wife." Sen Lao tell him "My family will not make the mistake yours did Now I will do as I must." He draws his sword and his squad draws theirs. Han draws his sword and clashes swords with his brother before leaping over them and battling the whole squad and Blue Tail. Han finishes off about half when Reya radios in to him. "The ship's ready where are you?" he hears. He replies "The main room I'm not gonna make it to the hangar take off and hover near the steps I'm going to do something incredibly stupid." She acknowledges and Han see her near the steps shortly after. "You're not leaving here alive" Blue Tail tells him. Then Han manges to dodge sword strikes and escapes the tenple. Then as the squad is chasing him he charges past the gate and leaps off the steps and barely manages to catch hold of the ship. Kai opens the door and helps him up as the ship takes off. Reya says to Han "Risky?! That was just plain stupid what if you had missed." "Well then I was going to hope you could fly fast enough to catch me." he replies chuckling with Kai "Now step on it I need to get to a safe radio point I have to make the call. Reya punches it as the claw squad members look on and Blue Tail slices one his squad in rage.

Robbie awakes to the sound of their long range communications sensor. He quickly jumps up and head to the communications hub and hits a button bringing up the screen as the others come in to see what's going on. After Robbie answers the call a tired looking man in a black wolf helmet and black armor says to him "Are you the one they call The Fabulous Flare?" Robbie responds "Yes who are you and what do you want?" The man tells him my name is Black Fang and I have some information on a mutual enemy Midnight Absolution." The heroes look on in shock and Flare says "When and Where do you want to meet? The man then responds saying "Big Ben, London 24 hours see you then." Before closing the line and afterwards Robbie grabs his mask. Morphus asks him "How do you know it's not a trap?" Robbie responds saying "I don't I'm taking Reaper and I'm going to contact Geno to meet me there." Geno Davis Is upgrading the cybernetics in his legs when his long range sensors go off detecting the special Flare he had given Robbie. He quickly grabs his phone and contacts Robbie. After Robbie pops up on Geno's phone Robbie tells him "Geno, I need your help we might have a lead on Midnight and I want you there with me and Reaper just in case it's a trap." Geno replies "When and where?" Robbie tells him of the message he received from the mysterious Black Fang and Geno tells him he'll meet him and Reaper outside big ben before hanging up. Geno gathers his gear and prepares for the meeting then lays down for a quick rest. As Geno is sleeping he continues to dream of the deserted work this time standing side by side with Robbie battling a herd of large beasts and as they are about to be killed Geno wakes up to his alarm and gets up and grabs his gear and runs out the door to the exit of his apartment building. He then heads to a nearby alley and changes into his Crimson Storm suit before taking off at lightning speed. Flare and Reaper wait outside Big Ben when they hear the familiar sound of Crimson Storm's lightning. They then see him arrive in an alley nearby. Then after Geno comes out of the alley in his normal clothes they all head inside looking for a sign of the mysterious man they were meeting.a woman in red then walks up to Geno and whispers in his ear "He waiting in the inner workings." Geno nodds and tells Robbie. Robbie tells Reaper "When we go to speak to him wait in the security room and if you see something amiss step in. Oh and don't hurt the guards too bad. Reaper nodds and steps into the bathroom so that he can teleport discreetly. Geno and Robbie walk to the entrance to the workings of Big Ben and change into their gear before entering and see the mysterious man standing there looking at a hologram of Midnight. Geno and Robbie walk up to the man. He turns around and shakes their hands while saying "my name is Black Fang but as a sign of trust my real name is Han Lei." before removing his helmet revealing his face. Robbie takes off his goggles and introduces himself my name is Robbie Tims otherwise known as The Fabulous Flare. Geno removea his as well and introduces himself and telling Han of Reaper waiting in the wings. Han says "Good thinking I understand the distrust my good friend Reya from the lobby waits alongside my other ally Kai. Now let's get down to business." He hands the both a device which shows Midnight meeting with the order. He tells them now it's not much but I have discovered he is meeting with the Order of the Wolf again I don't know what their plan is but this is a good chance to strike while his guard is down I've also read my father's files he got from Midnight on you night warriors." Han then explains his last time with the order and with Midnight and Flare explains the battle in Antarctica. "So we attack him then will you be coming with us Han?" Geno asks. Han replies "Yes I will I cannot wait to get my han-." Before Han can finishes his sentence Reaper apparatus in and blocks two attacks from two unknown individuals Reaper battles them for a minutes while Han, Robbie,and Geno put their masks back on. They hear the left one who has White long hair and is wearing a red cloak and wielding a wrist mounted pitchfork say "well Scythe Reaper is still alive ." The other who wields two mounted sickles and has long red hair and a black cloak replies "I'm as shocked as you Grim but we must not dawdle Midnight wants the dog looking one dead so we must execute him. Reaper looks at Storm and nodds. Then Storm nudges Flare and they both create blinding light and Reaper grabs Han while Storm grabs Flare and they vanish. The two assassins look at each other and say "This is going to be FUN."

Storm, Flare, Reaper, and Han appear in a nearby alley. Reaper shockingly speaks to them and says "We need to get back to Seattle quickly. These guys are my former associates we were all know an as The Devil's Trinity we operated out of Moscow and they can track my teleport so we need to get out of here fast and without teleporting." Han then tells him he has a ship nearby and radios for Reya and Kai to get it ready. Storm then grabs Han and Robbie telling Reaper hell be back in a flash for him before zooming off. Reaper then teleports his astral form to where the other two killers are and tells them to meet him in their London base of operations. They laugh and nodd before teleporting. Storm runs back to where he left Reaper and sees he is not there. "Damn!" Storm says to himself. He pulls out his phone and calls Flare and tells him "Reaper left I think he went after them himself activate his beacon." Flare acknowledges and sends the location to Storm. He then takes off to the location. Reaper walks into the Devil's Trinity hq and looks around wondering what would transpire when Grim and Scythe arrived. He walk around and finds his old gear. He picks up the trench coat. They must've picked it up after he bailed on their last mission together. He finds his old Bo staff and looks at it extending its blades. He puts on the coat and closes the staff. Then as he turns around and sees Grim and Scythe standing there. They say to him "The reaper arrives. Where are our targets." He replies chuckling "they're gone and I'm going to end you two right now, you will never kill anyone again and draws his Bo staff and extends it out. They both draw their weapons and jump at him. Grim says "Reaper you were always too soft now it will be your downfall." Scythe appears behind him and Reaper blocks it but Grim knocks Reaper down. Reaper apparates attacking Scythe who's slashes Reaper. They both stand above him drawing for a deathly blow when in a burst of light knocks Grim and Scythe back. Crimson Storm tells them "Reaper we can take them both out together." He builds lightning around his fists and readies to attack. Reaper stands up and thanks Storm and readies his staff and stands back to back with Storm. Reaper says "Watch your back they like to teleport behind you and attack from both sides." Scythe appears in front of Storm and Storm swings causing him teleport away. They attack in a blur of teleporting and lightning. Reaper for sees Grims attack and stabs him with his staff. Scythe roars and sets off c4 around the room Storm bursts off and jumps through the window with Reaper. Storm and Reaper fall through the air and as Reaper grabs Storm to teleport when Scythe grabs him. He says "you're going down with me brother for killing our baby brother." Storm grabs Scythe and shocks him creating separation while zapping Scythe stiff. Reaper and Storm suddenly land on Han's ship as Scythe hits the ground his dead body lying dead on the ground. The heroes then take off on route to Seattle. Robbie introduce Han, Reya, and Kai to the rest of the Night Warriors while Crimson Storm checks in Greg's training. He asks him "How are you doing kid?" Greg responds "I'm doing good Morphus says I'll be ready for the next mission I just need to come up with a name and to create a suit." Flare overhears this and looks at Greg. Flare says "I have an idea follow me" He leads Greg to the armory and attaches Kaleb's armor to Greg seeimg the image from his dreams. "I even got a good name for you KnightHawke." Greg nodds and says "I love it." Then they nodd at each other and Flare walks back to the others. Polaris walks in and says "I'm here y'all." Flare hugs her and they all then go over the info and come up with a plan. Then Flare gathers up his stealth suit. Storm checks his upgrade to his legs while grabbing his escrima sticks and his night visor. Morph, Polaris, and Sound Wave suit up while Reaper grabs his Bo staff and puts on his coat. Han shakes Kai's hand and thanks him when he hands him his sword. Reya walks up ro him and asks him "You could use me I should be out there with you." Han hugs her and says "I need you to stay here if I die and we fail You need to continue the fight." She handa him his helmet and nodds as he walks with the other towards the roof. They all walk towards the ship to do what might be their last mission.

The ship nears the compound as everyone checks their gear and go over the plan once again. Then Morphus jumps out and shifts to look like one of the Order scouts while Flare puts on his order uniform he got from Han's ship and walks along side and Han puts on his cuffs and walks with them as their prisoner. Meanwhile the Polaris, KnightHawke, Sound Wave, Reaper, and Crimson Storm wait inside the camouflaged ship standing ready for Flare's signal. After passing through the gate they are led by Blue Tail to White Claw's Study. Morphus and Flare wait outside listening through Han's hidden mic as Han is placed on a chair in front of Blue Tail, Red Eye, White Claw, and Midnight. Han's father says as Blue Tail strikes him "Well the disgraced one returns. You were a fool to think you could come back and take on the Order of the Wolf, now do you have any last ones before I allow our good friend Midnight to finish what he started with your children?" Han responds "Yeah I am going to kill all of you." As he says his eyes turn bright red he leaps at Midnight who stops him mid air. Midnight slams him to the ground and says "Worthless swine im going to enjoy this." Then Flare blasts down the door and throws a fireball at Midnight who dodges it. Han lands on his feet then leaps at white claw who blocks his attack. Han battles White Claw and Red Eye while Morphus fights Blue Tail. Then as White Claw gains the upper hand Han remembers the rage of losing his girls then roars and shifts into a huge were wolf-like beast and tackles his father onto the balcony after slashing his uncle Red Eye's throat. As Midnight and Blue Tail overpower Morphus and Flare, Flare launches an enormous Fire Ball through the roof. The other look out at the huge flames emerging from the roof and they all leap into action. KnightHawke launches an arrow with a rope over to one of the compound's buildings and Sound Wave slides across it blasting sonic screams at some of the guards below. KnightHawke launches arrows at the sentries on the rooves in the compound. Polaris hovers down and launches the gate guards across the compund. Crimson Storm races up and down the compound taking out executive guards all over before racing towards the main building. Reaper teleports down and uses his powers to teleport and take out the scouts nearby on patrol. Crimson Storm enters the Study and locks eyes with Midnight. Midnight says "Hello thank you for joining us it seems I have to take you out myself since my lackeys can't seem to get the job done." Morphus and Flare manage to take out Blue Tail. Storm begins attacking Midnight who blocks or dodges every attack picking up the three of them telekinetically and throws the study wall and out into the courtyard. Han circles around his father who laughs and says "well well maybe you are a real son of mine you have unlocked your beast form. Well let's make this interesting." He then laughter heartily and transforms to a bigger white haired wolf creature. They growl at each other and leap at each other. As White Claw gains the upper hand Han pictures the smiling faces of his daughters and the tears running down their faces before Midnight killed them. He roars louder and grows overpowering his father and ripping his throat before throwing him into the crevasse below. Han then howls at the moon before shifting back into human form. He then runs through the Study and out the hole in the wall.

The other Night Warriors look as Flare, Morphus, and Storm Are thrown threw the wall Reaper teleports to them and teleports them back to the group. One by one they each attack Midnight and are each flicked back. Then Storm says "We need to go at him as a team." They all agree and Polaris holds Midnight in place while Sound Wave blasts him with sound waves. Flare surrounds Midnight with blue flames while Storm blasts a current of lightning at him and KnightHawke launches arrows at Midnight that blinds Midnight's vision field. As Midnight tries and fails to move and Reaper teleports in front of him and stabs him with the blades of his Bo staff. Then Han charges up and digs his blade through Midnight's heart. Midnight falls to the ground as the heroes stop holding him in place. The heroes regroup and sigh in relief. Then suddenly he rises and his wounds heal instantly and he hovers upwards while laughing and saying "Well it's been awhile since someones done that much damage to me but all fun aside I must be going but I will leave you all some presents." While using his telekinesis to bust a lock in one building which is soon followed by loud animal noises. Then Midnight takes off into the sky. Epilogue

The doors bust open as the heroes see multiple abominations come out of the building. Polaris yells "We need to go now!" Polaris hovers upwards holding sound wave and Flare flies up with Storm. Reaper teleports Han to the cockpit and readies the ship to take off. KnightHawke attempts to fly up but he is grabbed by a tentacled monster and pulled down wards screaming. Crimson Storm looks out the hangar saying "We gotta help the kid he'll never get out alive." The others hold him back. Flare says "We can't help him theres nothing we can do to stop all those beasts. I'm sorry." They all bow their heads. Crimson Storm looks at the others as the ship begins to take off. Crimson Storm tells the others "I can and will!" He then lets himself fall out. The others fail to catch him as the ship takes off before they can stop him. Crimson Storm then remembers everything from meeting the Night Warriors all the way until now. Then he charges lightning all around him and as he hits the ground he looks up and Red and Blue lightning flashes throughout his eyes.

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