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Submitted: October 04, 2016

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Submitted: October 04, 2016




not everyone has seen a birth
deliverance, full blown
but each of us has made the scene
on birthdays of our own
surrounded by the darkness
then exposed to sudden light
no wonder they start crying
for that has to be a fright
but there's another reason
why those babies start to cry
they feel a sense of loss that day
and i will tell you why
good people go to heaven
and the bad ones go to hell
but babies bound for earth
start out in heaven, just as well
God talks to all the babies
in a language that they know
providing them the wisdom
that will help them thrive and grow
then off to earth, they travel
where they find a place to perch
reviewing all the knowledge
that they learned in God's great church
when babies are delivered
they lose pieces of the past
they still retain the spirit
but the details do not last
they cry, for they miss heaven
and their language has been lost
but they still see the face of God
when in this realm, they're tossed
the newborns know the secrets
but are locked by God's sweet spell
their eyes have seen the mysteries
but babies must not tell

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