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Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016




In the year 2000, on New Year’s Eve is when it all began. Everything happened so fast that I can no longer connect everything that occurred. Even if I tried to remember the incident, my memory is all a blur.

 I was rendered unconscious for almost a month due to my brain being exerted to what a human is capable of. A lot of questions arise but not one was answered and it’s slowly taking its toll on me.

The only thing I clearly remember is when DJ and I were in Time Square waiting for the countdown for New Year. At exactly 12 midnight the fireworks began and that’s when my head started pounding painfully like it was being hammered by a metal bat. Along with the loud sound of fireworks and the screams of all the excited people celebrating intensified, the worse the pounding gets. The pain is already making me dizzy and the crowded place we are in is not helping either. Squeezing my head with both my hands, thinking that it can help ease the pain but it was the opposite. Suddenly I can hear voices inside my head, a lot of voices accompanied with the emotions of whoever the person is.

I heard DJ talking to me looking worried but I can no longer understand what he is saying as my vision started to fade. But before I finally fade I heard a voice telling me to let go and all the pain will go away, the more you contain it the more the pain it brings. Without thinking much and asking questions, as to who the owner of the voice is, I finally let go and release whatever it is that is causing me unbearable pain.

When I let go, the voices stop and the pain is gone. Everything is so peaceful and quiet. The last thing I saw before I woke up in my room a month after was all the people around us are looking at me with surprised looks and then everything turned black.

I have lived a normal life for 20 years and hoping to continue it for the rest of my life and now in an instant everything change.

I am Rain and this is my story of hope, courage, and with all the struggles, finding love.

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