Queen Christmas Prayer

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When I mention this one special Christmas prayer these word humble my days for a unique composition of all grants. I may humbly submit our days for this gift from God. :)

I have the same relationship like you where hearts work in this true happiness for our next new guest at home,

If this mind move in harmony together for a tomorrow we cultivate all His assistance in all your peaceful lasting truth,

My dream start everyday as I searched the ends of Earth for material gains,

From Supreme Existence above our life for this person in God's creation meet someone in this heaven so afar in bonds of love,

May be there is a day I never miss this call for the tracks of my teachers ultimate sacrifice,

In this simple instrument called life I may never forget this track of my heart so near within,

Somewhere down the crowd of many multitudes if you frame this honor in the service of humanity,

My prayer parked on the crossroad feels life has something new to tell me this day you may relax and enjoy the taste of fun filled loved events,

I have a reason to keep this day for all my teachers dream started like nothing else before this matured life on Earth,

For a common purpose if all falsehood discerning my courage I gather from different capabilities together of what my thoughts never owned in this limits of life,

Tell me I have faith in my embodied strengths of inner light like an asssembly of clouds that bathes the whole shady rainy shining rays of our Sun for this one special Christmas within and without the feel of presence in the salt of our Earth,

Today if God came back in the divine form I worship my teacher see same in the spirit to guide me restless in my duty,

May God grant faster than soul of our energy all life that brought you this life here lead all steps to be the prayer of trust within may reside in our heart very close like a true friend so near,

Around my way of life this Christmas implore never stop loving a right faith in common firm hope I bind you together forever in liberal curtain surely blessed by God,

This passionate temple of my hearts plough the fields united in words that may not hurt but devoid of hate gentle and sweet in purpose a true negotiation sincere for the well being of the people,

May this wonderful reward never miss generous donations in charity that distribute wealth in the law of our land for the order with our spirit of surrender in righteousness,

Their sweat on this path ascend to the higher happy heroes living on the impediments for securing our pass of freedom by safe-guarding the borders beyond any obstacles,

Keeping through safe consuming our enemy within I may be enlightened in the darkness of my mind bountiful in the powers of ignorance hostile around the mortal remains of my ship in this lifes ocean,

Today I discriminate the seeker of this knowledge to listen to us with graces of heaven for sublime peace of wisdom in the eternal laws of Gods kingdom on this Earth,

I sink this vessel in accordance that my struggle for the being I reach out for perfection till the end travel in the process of self realisation along the bright light of faith in a consciousness so superior yet disappears always,

This illuminous message for one special Christmas may follow the thought you value in the sphere of work that woof in the eternal mystery for the ignorant minds who needs one charioter,

May be this maya of all forces find one master among the mortal numerous forms of our teachers existence,

This Christmas may the laws of the working God age for the delight of Nature I own as making God a loving friend,

Let this hunger feed my thoughts with knowledge and this heart once again for God's ultimate benefactor,

This night before one special Christmas make us in the endless space most humble before the endless sky above with its infinite stars,

For always if our path of duty served mankind without demanding any price of our service,

Before this very moment if salvation emancipate detatchment from your body may not decays its disposal,

My Lord! I ask you every moment I live here may the man within your source of all soul fill this hollow life with my teachers gracious love with all the wealth for the chariot of this wheel,

Time may follow one today for making another tomorrow when you will leave all ignorance for this fabric of human soul both in joy and sorrow yet no wickedness in its hunger and thirst,

Till this day on one special Christmas countless of all our effort last in peace woven in the worldly compassion fill within my soul a need for this very divinity I am grateful towards my teachers wish,

When the work of my countrymen sell this vow to protect the honor of humanity in wealth, power and wisdom  I am so dedicated to the leaders who build this order under all laws below the sky,

Oh Almighty! I connect this message of each other's helpmate like new offspring living full life fulfilling complete harmony I may never feel lonely for this promise in our days ahead,

May every companion who cross this river for the obligation of our act of all offering obtain a successful life where lasting peace is not vain but look after the welfare of others in true commitment,

Oh God, may this truth lead all of us towards the care of a compassionate lifeline in all its merits.

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Nice poem I have a couple of poems that you might enjoy (-: they're called I think you're beautiful and Peter and Paul

Thu, August 4th, 2022 4:26pm

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