My Sufi & Mystic poems

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Collection of 8 of my sufi and mystic poems focusing on discovering oneself.

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



This publication is a collection of my 8 sufi and mystic poems- Syed Danish Ali.

1.Your nearness

my hands ask, my lips demand, my breath desires

 yet for each wish you have blessed me a thousand souls

this universe is too much for me to contemplate upon

but you are that light in my heart that reduces all of the intricacies to a structure

o night whistler, hear my call for i have asked for your presence since eternity

Now that you are here, my heart cries a thousand lakes, my soul keeps bursting my body

yet i still long for you as if you are a hidden jewel in my forgotten memory

i imagine the day when i will meet you

will that happiness overcome the terror of my judgment (on qiyamat)?

i am a leper in search for my cure

but You laugh, because you made my disease the cure

I cannot take your nearness

i cannot take you at a distance

tell me how do i approach you???

 you dissolved your colors in my lifestream how can i not be but obsessed about you

 this poem i did not write it except when i asked you, all you said was one word: love








2.Miss You

I wish there was a way to describe the way I miss you

Cries of my agony have failed to bring you back so far

Why did you have to go?

Did you not realize that holding you was the sole reason of my existence?

The lines of my map have faded away; it is just blank paper now

Now I experience my soul crying while my eyes are dry

In this longing, I sit and play the flute to call you back to me

Though I know not how to play the flute and all I end up is making nothing but noise

Tears have dried up, my soul has run dry of your addiction

But now I see a fragile flower growing subtly within me

And my voice is changing into your voice

My mind is becoming your mind

My body is becoming your body

Praise be to God for this miracle!

Who has now given me something to learn you with; my own self

The Beloved weaved within me such a garden of your remembrance

That the very radiant sun has landed on my chest



3.Come Love

Come love and embrace me wholly

 For I am realizing the temporariness of this fleeting world

World where we love without loving,

Where we say without meaning

Where we journey without destination

I am feeling empty and lonely

Because I now know that I am merely made up of illusions

Come love and embrace me wholly

For I no longer seek partial connections, or mere morsels

I am tired of sneaking past my shadows, of running away from my dungeons

It is time I empty my cup and understand that I am nothing And that I can be nothing more;

but this notion is the ultimate joy, o fool For there is nothing now that is not but my Beloved.





4.The Light

I approached You, but You were busy so I left Your home and started my travel

 I cannot help it; everywhere I go, I see the face of my Beloved

I am but that water which takes whatever shape my Beloved gives me

Why do I feel this rush of naked ambitions to the pit of despair?

The voice no longer beckons me to climb to heaven or fall into the abyss

For In a desert, you will find an oasis,

and on the bank of that pond An oil lamp

waiting to be rubbed by the one who gets lost in the desert

The rub fills the heart with Nur (light) of my Beloved

This is why I have heard that dreams come true when God finds you

And from where does He find you???

In the farthest corner that you could possibly imagine; your heart

Many men conquered battles, kingdoms and mountains

Yet very few could get lost in the desert and find the Nur of God

Now that I come back to Your door You stand by the door looking at me

And just Your one smile means the acceptance of thousands of my prayers




5.Why be afraid?


I have not seen heaven

I have not seen hell

But through His love, I see everything

These words, I snatch them from my beloved,

Yet for my theft, He gives me a hand in return when I have no hand

There was once a man, upon whose command a mountain would turn to gold (prophet Muhammad)

But he called upon you as an ummati; from this my friend, realize your true value

 I have written a thousand poems in my mind and some of them on paper

Yet whenever I begin a new one I dread That I may not deserve it, that I may not make it

But did God ever abandon you?

When he guided u, u smiled

And when you thought he had abandoned you

He made your mistakes part of his holy plan

Why then should I fear?

This world has wounded me, but not as much as I have harmed myself

But it was through suffering, that I first got to know of my beloved

Why harm yourself, when knowing that you have nothing to fear?

Why not face the pain, when avoiding it is far more painful?




6.The Secret

O beloved! How enticing you are;

for you give me imagination and not facts

And muses to keep me attracted to you all the time

You are my inspiration, but my words are incapable of praising you

Yet you desire not my praise, but my inability

There is a slavery that made me rid of my chains

It is that you are my everything, and I am your nothing

 O how I have tried to become mad in your love

I pour your wine over my body because just inside me isn’t enough

Intoxicate me to the extent that I no longer recognize myself

For in that state, I will recognize my reality

How I wish I could hug the moon and ask ‘have you seen my beloved?’

 But He resides inside which is not visible to the moon; the heart

How could my heart be the messenger? It is nothing but full of sorrows and pain

But they proved to be bread crumbs that led the ashtray to your door

When you opened the door; I will remember this moment till eternity

For there and then, you broke my prison of illusions that men call life affairs

Don’t underestimate my excitement my friend

Wine one day might desire to sip me

The vast sea, everyone sees it yet no one knows how deep it is

Like this, Your love for me is no secret; the secret is its infinity



7. The Mad Rose

At night I was wandering,

Aimless and lost leaning on the wall of the streets

When I felt a sudden jolt to the heart

And a scent came running towards me

It filled my heart and the sun rose up from the sky

With the rise of the sun, my eyes first saw a rose

An only rose hanging on the pavement Majestic beyond words,

I saw the smell was coming from this rose

Who are you? What are you, I asked; not expecting a reply When the rose spoke:

I am the rose that hides within itself the scent That once smelt, leads to madness

But this craving is not for everyone; humanity is happy, sad and deceased with its muses and classes

A rich merchant once came to me and having whiffed it, he felt nothing

He said: o you who turn the brightest of men into mad-men,

What have you? I want to emulate your mighty control over the best of humans but why do I still feel nothing?

The rose said: the fire, the thunder, the madness is not in my scent It is in the hearts of lovers

And I am merely a tool to make them realize

The rose garden that each of them have in their hearts

But telling you the truth would not harm me

For you twist the truth and make it false and you rule by lies

and Create a system which ruins humanity

There is a veil between you and me that is stronger than concrete

Now blow the sun and awaken rich merchant,

For you cannot possibly recognize me in reality

And this is but a figment of your guilt

And the rich merchant awakens in a jerk; trembling from the horror of this nightmare.



  1. The ancient agony


There is no one to voice my complains to

No soul within this world or that world or any other spec of world

Who can understand my agony?

My pain has no ears; it only screams

So engrossed in my inability to achieve what my soul beckons me to

Masks upon masks people wear, yet they are intrinsically good

But the lies in their cultural intake alludes them forever to evil

So either I am the only believer in this world or the only disbeliever

Your hopes and reassurances are so hollow

They make me infact more helpless


Even God made me a human

And hence ultimately dependent to some degree on other humans

I want to say I love you to everyone I meet, so overflowing my love for humanity is

But I stop even though my tongue and my heart is weary of holding it within myself

We hate, we live dual lives, we take pride in guilt and sin

And yet do nothing against it, to overcome it; even if it just to change the intention behind the action


My body tells me more secrets than my mind can ever convey

For body is both the negative side and positive side of the soul

Too long have I lived in a storm of my tears

My eyes cannot cry anymore but my quest remains relentless as ever

It is such a fleeting life. A few moments and we all will be dead

Why bother to create and obey so much intricately oppressive ways of living?

We are not here to live forever

Yet we think that this one life will never end


On the day I will complain to Him as I complain now

That either you could have given me someone who shared me

or not to have given me Your wisdom that agonized my entire entirety

I lived and died a thousand times in many universes

But I could not find my magnet, my beacon

The very guiding compass that you had created inside me

Made me lament my entire existences each and every time


O My Beloved! make me die my final death finally!

Too long had I happily died only to be disappointed by my rebirth

My ancient heart cannot take it anymore

Release me from this cycle of perpetual anguish

And give me neither body nor soul

I tried to live only on body

I tried to live only on soul

But you cursed me with both body and soul


This deep eternity has made me a laughing stock

And the universe a cosmic joke

Release me from these infinite prisons

Or don’t give me the wisdom to understand your plan

Let me be meaningless and happy in my nihilism

Because Your plan is everywhere but your plan for me is nowhere


It is so fruitless and pointless to talk of hell and heaven now

Or infact of anything now

My plans have been broken and so my will

I give up with the entire fabric of my being

And there is nothing you can do to convince me otherwise

Other than annihilating me from the slate of every existences


© Copyright 2020 danish. All rights reserved.

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