Pourings of the Unconscious

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Collection of 9 of my English poems, focusing on romance and melancholy- Syed Danish Ali.

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



Collection of 9 of my English poems, focusing on romance and melancholy- Syed Danish Ali.




The fog here is than a rock more dense

I need to swirl the air to reach the fence

As I am lying on the greenness of the lost paradise vast

I realize I am caught between the devil and the blue sea vast

The purple haze of lavender sprinkle aroma of spice in the air so cupric

What’s that scent, this fragrance? Maybe it’s u getting me so euphoric

I once craved for you but you now you are beyond my bide

Alas the shore pebbles r but the wailing servants of the tide

You are lost Is it my fault I pardon? I told you not to enter my secret garden

The only way to get out of a dense forest of thoughts is to emblem in another

But what does one do when all his forests are on fire, one after the other

Whether it is engrained in me or it is part of my soul’s Constitution you cannot enflame me, I will never bow down before my ignitions

In life a gentle breeze is all I ask for with no virals

And a bathe in your essence’s Lily rosewater spirals

I will surrender myself to u but will u nourish me

I long to see the yonder eyes which cherish me

The cave I entered the mist was cool as cucumber

And lightly dim sunrays like lemon sparks of ember

The way was unknown but it required no clarification

That Il guide myself through from your illumination

I’ve changed, bade farewell to the quicksand of depression

When will u be able to see what is beneath the impression

What am I afraid of? Let them bring the storm,

I am not wounded up in mud like a worm

I will kiss the sword which will my head slice

And will confess my love whether at daggers drawn

But I am an eclipse of your murking meadow

Am I afraid of my own Lurking shadow?

Like a gardener Ur scattered love into pile of memories raking

I am walking up to the stairways to your galaxies taking

The pink clouds which cast wonder on the marshes of moments below

And I see a lake of void tears into my life’s making

On the shore I see stars merging with the waves my Jove!

My pathway is strewn all over with leaves of your forgotten love

I am waiting for you to come back to this lonely band

In sinking submarine, I am searching for the promised land

By this lampshade in the dark I am writing a story never told before

You will never know but tonight I have felt you like I’ve never before

Like each nova is an intricate star in the universal power

You are that rose prominent in a banquet of flowers.

I saw u in a misty dream, your eyes flowing on lily’s spiral of dew in early autumn

I will dive into the sea of covering love but will I make it to your heart’s bottom?





The mountain air caressed my skin like the hidden silk sought

As I strolled down the path I heard voices which the wind brought

A butterfly sat on my palm with wings of chrome

It reminded me it was once a larva in its dome

I watched its flying wings and the rising dawn and thought

I cannot bloom without the sunshine in my life you brought

You thought I had lost myself, my intuition,

I could still see the full moon amidst those dense clouds of destitution

But your arrival woke my sleepy town from years of stagnant nights within

Now the once shut market can hear the hopeful whispers thriving within

For you welcome a banquet of rosy pleasure I present

survived so many hopeless nights that came and went

I had become the fallen angel who could not survive the next battle close by railing

There were no prayers said for my dead emotions, crying and wailing,

But your touch in the burning darkness, showed me the shadows of enchantment

Like an angel through rainbow colors flying through my lantern festival of attachment

Now I have found the grain of love to testify hard work, to grind my mills

Oh me glance at the mirror, I no longer see your winter lips, your autumn chills

Your smile is the flow of lit candles my dark castles which light

Your lush charm is so rare it would only bare in flair so bright

I saw in you a dove cooing to fly, a passion dancing within a veil

There is no logic of love away from to shy, just purity in a heart of meal

The sermon of serenity takes a bow Il never need you as much as I do now

As I ended my journey, came home tired from the curls I saw your dreamy eyes encrusted in a bed of pearls





I mean to show my starlets crust to you

for which I will grant my blossom dreams to you

I wish I could show you just how much I love you

I would walk to the surface of moon with you

come with me take on a journey a peak into my heart

you will see mirrors all the time reflecting you

come with me, take my hand, lets meet the stars

to the world of magic where resides dreams not far

city of dreams lighting all along our way

like your lit eyes which light my dark bay

the musk will greet us when we will flow

to the forest of doves, we'll go

to spend with splendid serenity

where it's majesty peace will show

our souls will in the falling snow bathing

recoil along the swinging rainbows dancing

and there amidst the twilight of moon lying

experience joy's dewdrops from the sky falling

come to the journey of the seven seas

where we drift underneath coral reefs

where pearls deck the midnight sea like stars on the sky

where your rich flaring charm will usher, will fly




I am lost

tell me how it falls

how the memory reels

does all of this feels

there is no magic, no illusions

it's the bare reality which pricks me

I cast away all my dreams, my detachments

and all the other things which trick me

nature brought me so close to those of my fears

can't avoid, for I am devoid, of all my fears

I won't yell because it does not quell

the storm that's brewing it's my undoing

I won't try to make u understand because you can't

if I will sing a song you will merely chant

encrusted within me is the shadow of disappointment

that envelops me and all of my detachments

this paranoia leaves no clue of its cravings, it's desires

no scattered spell to escape this macabre enchantment



5.The silver lining

This is the first English poem i wrote on 1st December 2005. I was 15 years old then.

the glorious silver lining

of our love's esteem

forthwith your face shining and rising of beauty beams

the effervescency hiding

only your eyes can deem

the gentle and fair loving

of yours in my dreams

for you my heart starts leaving

lost control have I of my reams

your love's a quiet weaving

making me a treasure book of dreams



6.Jekyll and Hyde

can't tear this misery apart

it's breaking my world in half

dawns the decoy in grave which lied

a part of me is Jekyll, a part of me Hyde

Depression shall not be the thistle of my ecstasy

In it I cannot see the crystal ball of my mystery

numbness reveals not the grief in my history

how it eschewed, how it drained my entity

"it's monotonous" my misery meekly whispers

that every time I have to wrestle with my blisters

With the fall of every night rises a disdain

and crawls the dusk which ascertained

that memory's tis a morsel of the murky fog

that haunts my crust again and again

approaches the sun, the twilight splits the sky in two

the path which is dark black, the path which is light blue

awakens the melody of nature's spring

the choir of the singing birds, the flower dew

For upon dawn, the howls no longer rent the air

stops the morbid mantra of the owls in flair

the witches retreat, the ghoulish aura clears

leaps the deer, birds chirp in cheer

hymn of the honey bee the morning greets

the hideous moss no longer creeps

Alas quell my insides I cannot do

like nature I am but a season of two

which the eternal time determines like flowing grain

but with dawn, how in my slumber I remain




I strolled down the broken path, the wet roads

the meaningless neon, the empty boards

I sloth upon the close by hopeless swath

you showed me there's also such a path

above shining the curious silky moon

which shudders upon our collective swoon

I will ignore by the porous fright, I am not attached to u anymore

I am but in love with this amorous night, not with you anymore

I hate this fact; it's not meant to be

why am I dependent on you to see?

 freedom from all graves I crave for

can I become what I want to be?

I feel so lost; so close to infinity

you are part of my entity not destiny

nightmares extinguish leaving the ghoulish soot behind

except it's no nightmare; it's life in hind

I was looking at a broken mirror I looked like a stranger to my own self

am I the buying of illusions or a liar onto my own self

but if I am not a depresogenic entity why do I see this approaching calamity?

like the flower pollen I need in my life a whiff of freshness,

a rejoice in my sunshine valley, a bloom without rashness

seize the magical moment tonight

torch your passion to light

don't force me to bend my contradictions

the sand towers my fragile conceptions

but how much can I keep on ignoring with my meagre means?

it's now getting so hard to gulp down these screams



8.The Cell


The glaring walls, the flaring steel became my mocker

Lost amidst the blaring falls where is my coffer?

Your behavior is like a ritual menial

My role in your life is merely ceremonial

My naïve impressions, the wistful suggestions

That you are more welcome than the springs of heaven

When the aura blossoms, the clock fixates

But alas time listens not, it dictates

I will not be dictated anymore by my schisms

For became a prison, what used to be my prism

Learn to live without your soul in this cell

This is what life continues to tell

But what if life is what I make it

The miseries I can break it?

You are gone and nothing can change that

Your icon no one can replace that

My destiny the stars’ have shown

That I will live to save a life, my own



  1. The chasm

Crossing through the frozen lake of despair

your chasm I found and it said beware

Once enters, there’s no going back

It struck me like lightning that I was never aware

That the love you held in your palm was for me

Now I believe the euphoria which my eyes can’t see

If faith is yearning for your beloved amidst the sea

I don’t need any magic; I am already enchanted in learning to be

That you will, through my swift meadows, like the golden sunshine

And a single ray will transcend me to your amore above all to be

I do not perceive nor penchant to see

How a night without seeing you will be?

This love is too powerful for my weak entity

I need your soul to breathe you into me

Hold onto the warmth and we’ll be together

Just ask me, and I will be your forever

© Copyright 2018 danish. All rights reserved.

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