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I usually write randomly, but almost always on a topic. This is a very different piece for me... so I think. I wrote this when I was in rehab this last time and it was not supposed to go in the direction that it did at all. When I read it back, I was not sure how I felt about it so I went looking for feedback. Not only did I bring several people to tears, but I got multiple interpretations of it. It started off as me writing about addiction, as most of my writing does. Addiction, depression, love, etc. I'm really eager to get some feedback...

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016





Every day I broke a little more, when I could have sworn that there was nothing left to break...

That fairytale life that this little girl had dreamt of quickly became more like the scary movies that mom would never let her watch. The books, the movies, the music- all a lie for her.

The bigger she got, the smaller the hope.

The smaller the hope, the bigger the struggle.

The only thing that stayed real for her was the story of the monster under the bed...

Eventually, she tried to befriend it, welcomed it.

Eventually, it didn't hide at all...

Eventually the monster did not scare her.

She welcomed it each day yet it slowly turned on her... but she didn't know it...

Because for once, something wasn't a lie, but something that made her feel loved...

She introduced it to her family, her friends... She didn;t understand why they didn't love the monster like she did! Couldn't they see she was happy for once? Couldn't they be happy with that?

They started going around the house looking for the monster when she wasn't home, harrassing it to leave.

Sometimes it would, but it always came back. And this time, it was mad at the girl, always angry, never friendly. Always sneaking up on her, trying to hurt her, even those around her.

Finally, one day, she couldn't handle the monster's new attitude. She got "sick" of it...

So countless times she apologized, tried bringing it around...

But always the same result...

This monster became the monster from the scary movies her mom always made her turn off...


So finally instead of the repetetive apologies and inevitable heartbreak...




...I didn't put the needle back in my arm.

© Copyright 2017 amy lynne. All rights reserved.

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