A hit worthwhile

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The story deals with a girl who is heart broken and doesn't believe in love anymore. She meets a guy accidently, whenever he hits her with something. He made her fall in love again , to trust again. A type og boy every girl wants

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



By - Didar Anwar

Because they say - that's the thing about love , you don't choose to love , you just do.

P.S - No questions please , It isn't my story or any real story. Just a bunch of my imagination, just a fiction..

"A hit worthwhile"

"It's called life ; when it takes you all down and down but still you keep a hope that someday things will change as if we would fly from a cocoon finally in a beautiful fearless creature!"

That's what a person made me understand when we were together and more while we were apart.

I was standing , watching the butterflies in the courtyard, how flawless they were and suddenly my sister screamed, ' Cookie move away from there you gonna be hit so hard by that fucking ball.' I thought for a while and came to know she was talking about the boys playing cricket in the front garden. I wasn't in my hometown , it was my weekends going on and I had came to visit my sister who reside in Noida. For a moment I thought nothing's gonna happen but alas the ball hit me on my head but thanks to god it didn't hurt that much, Maybe physical pain was more easy to tolerate than the mental and emotional. My sister came out running and she never leave any chance of making fun of me and she said ' Woah! whose that guy who hit you well I should take his autograph afterall he had took my revenge. You know you deserve this idiot.' Well she's a jerk we fight a lot but every fight with her is worth.

Then I saw a boy coming towards us in a contrite manner and it didn't took time for us to realize that he was the actual culprit. Ignoring me (well that I thought he was doing it maybe) , he told my sister sorry. I preferred that as a rude kinda thing, well then finally he rolled his eyes and saw me and asked me for the ball. I was going to give him the ball. My sister went inside , I knew it why of course. But for an instance i looked at him and he was cute, he was tall, he had got gorgeous eyes and a stunning smile. And Which girl in this world won't simply doesn't stare at a hot guy standing in front of her and eventually asking her to return his thing, but for me that was awkward, he was behaving so recklessly and at the same moment me so consciously. And the honey of his bones was blushing through his skin. But although he had his cheerful smile on his face which made me to think that there's nothing to feel strange at all. He asked me for his ball again and all this time I was thinking this stuffs, silly me. But I wanted to do some fun yeah after all it was me total insane. I threw it into the neighbors yard. He said, "So girl , You want me to take that big risk for you." "Only if you are brave enough". I replied "I am , He said " Are you going to smile then?" "And why should I do that?" I asked. "A gift for my braveness" He answered. I laughed "What , a smile as a gift!" "That's not odd you see" He said, "What can be a worthy gift than a beautiful smile with a pretty face that you just saw a while ago , and you can't stop wondering how God can create such a marvelous creature." Oh! I said, so you flirting with me ? He said, "And you are worth flirting for, that I just said right now didn't I ?" I said "dude go get your ball."

He went their and I was like damn it how did I do that. Actually I had always been on the top at the list in attracting boys but I never thought of him. I mean the time i saw him, he looked different. Was my smile worth it ? Am I worth flirting ? God what did he just said? All these questions tangled up in my head and then i watched him and oh poor he, what I saw was that a woman was awfully shouting at him.

After some time he came to me with a big victory smile on his face as if he had scored full marks in math. He said, "Well , here's your challenge done with pleasure" 'Dude, I said "Did you enjoyed the lecture she gaved you?" And I knew he had melted in guilt but he didn't even let that look come over his face. Smart he was. But me , I started to laugh so terribly. He said 'Now her big boring lecture seems to be worth. A gift with extra gift over it. A smile with a pretty laugh' And at that moment I just stopped laughing and I stared at him. He did too and for a while looking at him it felt like the breeze had gone away and the butterflies left some kind of sparkle in his eyes. Then suddenly he asked for a handshake and said 'My name is Dhruv, and I have just got a pleasure meeting you five minutes ago. Tell me about you ? I answered, ' I am Jiya and it was not at all a pleasure to meet you'

Haha, he giggled "soon its going to be" 'Ah', I said 'Let's see' 'Can we meet again?' He asked. 'In your dreams', I replied and I went inside because I knew it if I stood their for more minutes maybe he would take my breath away and I didn't wanted myself to fall because it was a ruthless thing for me. To fall head over heals and after that, what ? After that you watch the love of your life leaving you alone or saying you that you wasn't worthy enough for them or choosing someone else over you, and all you are left then is alone , alone in this cruel world, cursing yourself for loving the wrong person madly. It wasn't the fault of the thing called love but I thought it was the fault in me. The fault of being worse for him for not being perfect, that's what he told me when he left me. But actually with the help of my friends it took six months for me to realize that ironically he was worthless for me , not me. The genuine fault of me I then thought was loving the boy who never loved me or anyone and never proved to be deserving enough. And mistakes , I don't repeat them.

That whole day was boring and summer was burning like hell. Then at night I came out wandering in my imaginations. I saw the moons and stars and how perfectly they were meant to be together and how perfectly they shine and how that one beautiful black sky held them all close. Then something hit on my back so badly and that seemed like a small wheel something of a toy car. I looked around and heard a voice "I am really sorry I didn't do that intentionally. I am extremely sorry if it hurted". At that moment the voice , it felt like that was deja vu. But how it can be and I turned around. It was he and I screamed "You" and he said copying my style "Me". That's what I liked. "How can someone be so ridiculous" I shouted. "How can someone be so quaint" he said. "What do you mean" I said. "I mean look at me" he laughed. "Look at yourself , you are so wretched, and you hit me the second time damn don't you care about people". I screamed. "I apologized, didn't I? He said. "Okay , give me a punishment then." "In your dreams" I said. "Hey Jiya" he said, "You must be thinking I had done it intentionally but I have not. I was just fixing a toy and I for God's sake didn't knew that it was you. I think god wanted us to meet again right? Wait you want to see a magic?" "Magic , no surely not with you ?" I told. He holded my hand. "Wait , hello where are you taking me, Where's that magic?" I asked. "In your eyes" he answered "Only some people could see I hope, well that isn't the answer. Come with me". I holded his hand back and at that moment I swear nothing in the universe can ever give such a delighting feeling. "Where will we go?" I asked "The place I'll take you , you just have to trust and keep moving". He said.

Then we walked for some time and as we walked I saw him, he saw me But every time I saw him , his sparkle hit me like never before. And I felt safe , safer with him.

"Here we are" he said. "I looked there and in front of me I saw a beautiful pond and the sky. It was so clear I've never seen the type of sky before in my life. And the moon was reflecting in the pond. It was like it hallucinated me for a while. "Liked it"? He asked. "Loved it " I replied. " I knew it , now sit " he said. We sat down near the pond and believe me that was flawless. " Beautiful , right "? "But, Not more than you!' He said. " shut up, how can you flirt this much" I said. " Because you are worth flirting for , Just one look at you and I knew that if the stars could name themselves the entire sky would be on fire with yours " he said. And he smiled but we were both quite in that moment. "Tell me", he asked " Are you afraid of losing?" "Losing what ? I asked. "People?" Ah ! People come and they leave. No man is permanent and I yes I am scared of oblivion" I answered. "But that moon will never go away, nor the people that once stayed in our heart , people never go away , only memories fades, but every piece of them stay in us till the end". He said. "What if the world stops ? Everything will be finished. I fear that moment, when we no more find humans living on this earth". I said. "And have you ever heard of 'hope' ? Hope ! It never ends right, as long as we have faith in our heart nothing is impossible." He said. "Um!" That's was the only thing I could reply. It was clear that he too had many dark pages in the book of his life but he had hope, he was positive and on the other hand I all I ever thought was of all the bad things.

"Come on I'll show you something else" he said while he stood. "What else now?" "Come with me" he said. After some time we were there on the road. "Dhruv , you must be kidding me right ? Its a road". I told. "Its not just a road , it will leave you enchanting. Stand in the middle" I did as he said and he came towards me and said "Now unfold your hand and close your eyes and feel" I did the same and he was doing it with me too. That was idiotic. We were standing in the middle of a road at midnight and feeling the breeze. But whatever that was I never felt like that before, never. "What did you loved" he asked while my eyes were still closed. I opened my eyes , looked at him and he was looking at me , in the way nobody had ever looked at me before. "Lights" I answered. "Lights?" He asked. "I love lights, like the moon in the dark" I said.

Again he took my hand and said "Will you dance with me?" "Here ? Now? You kidding ?" I asked. It was really unusual. And then we danced in the middle of the road. It was quite , so quite , I had never heard of silence quite this loud before and on the other side his slow little moves with me. It felt heavenly. And he started dancing like so mad and we danced for like hours when he suddenly stopped and told, "Jiya , I just wish to see you again, i dont know but with you I see myself better, promise me you are never going to forget me" he said. "I promise. See you again then" I replied.

We decided and next morning I woke up and I don't know why I went outside in the thought of him. I wished somebody would again hit me with something and that somebody would turn to be him.

It was 7:00 and I saw his house from my balcony. Nobody came outside I waited to see him. Clock strikes 12:00 and it felt like abyss to me. And then the fear of oblivion hit me so hard that my inner demons started screaming. What I was doing ? I knew it very well that soon I am going back to my home and so again I won't let anyone ruin me. I can't love when I am afraid to fall. I knew what I had to do because I was not brave enough.

And then days passed. I saw him every time I went to my balcony or outside and he tried to talk to me but I went away every time. I stop going out because I knew he will be standing there waiting for me. Every time he shouted my name and ran towards me I saw the sparkle that had gone from his eyes.

I wanted to tell him it wasn't easy when every time I escaped from him but it wasn't his fault i think it was Mine. I let the good things go , because its easy to destroy something you love than it is to watch it leave. I didn't wanted to love, break and burn. That was all.

But every single moment he was inside my head, he lived in my heart and the people who once stayed in our heart never go away. That's what he told me. His voice followed me , his hands , his smile , his cunningness and the most important Him. Each night I crawled my head in my pillow and I cried. Why ? What had he done ? We had met for just two times. He was that kind of magical. I made myself stronger

I blocked him from every social media sites , blocked his number.

One day I was sitting in the park , maybe in the hope that he would come or last time I might get the privilege to see him. "You should know if you are keeping distance from me , I won't go away from you instead I'll get closer" Dhruv said and sat next to me. He didn't looked at me even , he took my hand in his. I kept quite. He continued " You don't have a reason and I don't have a choice. You are allowed to be unreasonable when you are in love I don't know why but in just two meetings you captivated me so easily. And in these five days without you I realized even if I forgot you, I'll always miss you. I know you are scared , scared of worthless people But as long as you are with me , you don't need to get scared. I'll make it worth, I've fallen for you Jiya and I imagine my life with you, You could be standing in the center of a star and still be all that I see. In these days without you, I got in so much pain I forgot how to breathe, I didn't even cried I thought about us all this time. But sometimes in love you take risks and I swear I am gonna make your risk worth. I hope you trust. It was said that you can't find happiness in other person but with you all that careful logic falls away , only you could make me happy and nothing else ever will. Just want you to know that their are millions of tiny miracles that hinge on your existence alone that are yet to take place, Its all on you but remember if it is my true love for you , you can never run away from me."

I knew at that time that I didn't wanted to take that risk and ruin myself or him again. Love ends and after that you don't even like to see each others face , you talk bullshit behind their back. What a tragic love is - when you promise to stay together till the end, but when the love ends you start to hate each other. And I don't wanted this to happen to us. I went away from their and promised myself not to talk to him again. Days passed and I was going back to my home. Still he was their on my mind and it was the only thing I was afraid of- Falling. Train arrived and I was waiting for it to start as soon as possible. And as the train started, I knew it that I was not taking my heart with me, it was still there , in him.

I reached home, But as they had said 'Past will come over and over again no matter how much you try to run from it.' It was six months later that I met a friend of mine and she had a recording for me that said "Jiya , You came as an angel in my life and still you are that perfect smiling angel for me, I know wherever you are, you are here you are thinking about me you don't want To go away and you can't go away without talking to me. No one can hurt you now and nobody had that right not even me. All this time I had known why you were doing this, but Jiya, I saw the way you looked at me , and you saw the way I looked at you. Didn't you thought about us ? Just two meetings, something like three hours spend with you that's all it took for me to fall in love with you. Wherever you are don't go. You can't run away from me. Destiny will never ruin two people. Jiya , listen Wherever you are please don't go, I won't let you go , I am never going to leave please stay right here" "Fuck ! That was an announcement for me" i said. "Yeah it is girl" She said , "You know i heard your name at the railway station and started to record this immediately, who is he ? You never told me, its like a movie damn it I mean its just so cute" "Eh , shut up you" I said.

How can I be such mad. How did i let him go. I wasn't able to listen that announcement maybe he got late, God why did I left ? And I started crying. Sometimes you don't know what you've got until its gone. His words made me something else at that time , I thought he was the right guy but now it was too late, he must have moved on. He was indeed the most delicious challenge in my life. I thought of that night when we were together , Even if the whole universe would conspire to make me happy I won't be for sure but if it was him I'll be more happier than anybody. I know love kills but loving the right person takes you to the edge of heaven. I was crying and crying I had no choice but to let him go. And in that moment I swore that nothing in the universe could be so heavy as the absence of the person you love. I knew now he had surely forgotten about me. But Sometimes in life good things just go and you really never get over them. And what a waste of life it is, to always take the easy path, to never know what it is to risk everything for what you love. But that was the thing is , You don't choose to love , you just do , and its not important that you always get your love, sometimes choices can be so dreadful that you choose to go away rather than staying. You choose to go away, and that's what love makes people do sometimes and that's what I did. I was ready to let my love go away but he stayed in my heart and he will till I breathe my last breath...

Two Years Later. . .

It was my high time to set my career and I was living in a hostel in Bangalore. It was 7:30 and holy shit! I was half hour late for my ballet dancing classes. I rushed and it was already 8 o' clock. Sir stared at me like I had done something extremely fussy. But the sad news was that today was the day when the partners were going to be decided for summer ballet competition. I came to know that each girl had got a boy and now no one was left for me. What the crap , bad day. I was practicing and then suddenly something hit in my eyes like some kind of powder and it went in my eyes I fell down. Every shit was going down. I wished to die.

People gathered around me. I was not even able to see , everything got blurred in front me. Then somebody said "Bring some water and I am really sorry I was just opening that.." "Shut up" I interrupted "I'll pour that powder in your eyes now you just wait, Sir why is he still here kick him out now" Sir told "Stop getting mad over him for God's sake, he's gonna be your partner for the competition but he is just a beginner in ballet, if you can manage with him" "Just a beginner" I exclaimed "I can't" "You can" he said. "In your dreams" I said, by the way I'll try but - What's your name?" He said , "Dhruv." The pain of my eye went away and I looked towards him, he looked at me and I was about to faint , he was Dhruv , my Dhruv. He smiled his very own smile. "So, Jiya , what have you decided ? Is he good or we should arrange some other guy for you?" Sir asked. He was smiling at me because he knew what I was going to say. I smiled back at him and said, "He is the perfect partner I've ever met. Dhruv gave me his hand like the first time he did and I said "Dhruv" "Jiya" he said "I promise" I continued "Promise what ?" He interrupted "Will you just shut up" I smiled. "No, Not until my life ends. . . life I wish that ends in your arms" he said "That time I am too going to end myself with you" i said. He kept his hand on my mouth and said, "And this time this is going to be worth."


Thank You for reading my aromatically exclusive content.. :) " I hope you never lose faith , trust over love even if it breaks you so many times , Life will give you a miracle and you will get the person worthwhile." *Live, Laugh, Love* *Rise and Shine*

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