Hearts That Are Perennials

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Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016




Sometimes someone tells you something you wish you never heard 

It's always about someone else, and that someone that has your heart pump by adrenaline and feel unnerved; 
I believe we change everyday, so who could be the same old person 
But ice in her veins, she's just the one that can make my bubble bursting;
So im different, but you forget I watched you changed right before my very eyes 
One day is love, and by nightfall i would leave with tears watering to cry; 
No matter how many years Ice daggers in the back still hurt 
How can I trust, I still use you as reference when trying to find work 
Get over it, and forget, come back in my mind like a swirl of whip cream 
I wonder at the good times, and look back that I was young and things aren't always as it seems; 
We always knew it was never gonna last, though it lasted so long 
Time isn't forever, we just took everything day by day and you unearthed in me a pen to write my wrongs  
More then just plants are perennials, as I died for a season 
But then the sun rose came back shining and I became a new man, with more purpose for a reason 

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