More Than You Will Ever Know

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A song/poem hybrid

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



More Than You Will Ever Know

By: MagicMike78 on

A song/poem hybrid


Deep inside there is a huge world

Only if you could see

I wish to only run free

Only if you could see me


My heart has never felt so alive

Please stay

Allow it all to ever flow

More than you could ever know


Can’t you feel my gaze

Can’t you return my smile

I’ll stand here for more than a while

Can’t you feel the happiness, breathing and alive


Run free with me me

Don’t worry about all the others

Of course we can still worry about our mothers

Let’s believe in each other


The person I love is you

My heart beats for little more than you

Make my dreams could come true

In them we would be so much more


I don’t know what we have in store

Perhaps standing along a beautiful shore

I certainly long for so much more

I can say I thought about you long before


You never noticed me long ago

My tears I could never show

My pain grew everyday

How hard I could never say


I love you

I only want you

Please don’t go

Only with you, I could ever grow


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