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Liegh woke early in the morning. She heard loud sound of raindrops on the rooftop and duck under the blanket to go back to sleep. She gave her alarm a snooze. She slowly gasps and goes back to sleep but rain won’t make her sleep. She get up from bed and sat down beside the window pain and watching the rain through the window. She can see leaves falling on the ground. The autumn is coming this month but it keeps raining few days ago. The weather changes so fast and they just reside in a new town of Autumn-ville. They have their small bungalow house with beautiful flowers in the garden. This was their tenth times residing from town to another town. Her father was a carpenter and car mechanic at the same time. It took one hour to get into the city of Brisbane if you have your own ride but if not it will take two hours where her father work. She might not have everything every girls have she's still happy contented being love by her parents. Leigh Mitchell is a kind-hearted, jolly and positive in everything. She spent her time helping at the church she plays piano and sing as the same time. She's kind of girl you would love to be with. Everyone says she's a combination version of her mother with her long blonde straight hair and hazel eyes from her father. Some say's she's an angel fall from heaven the way she smile.

I made you a vegetable salad for lunch. Lauren Mitchell said while preparing breakfast on the table. She's around fifties with her blonde hair tied up, wearing her apron.

Is dad coming home this weekend mom? Leigh asked as she gets up and yawns.

Your dad is busy this weekend. Lauren replied.

I miss him. Leigh said and jumps in to the shower bath.

Double time sweetie. You'll be late. Lauren declared as she put on the pack lunch inside Leigh's bag.

Give me a minute mom. She replied.

Okay. Lauren replied and washes all the dishes at the small kitchen sink.

Mom, I'm not going home for lunch. We have a meeting for the student council with Aoi. She's talking about her new friend in town.Leigh said as she trudges down the stair a few steps from her room.

I made sandwich for two, so you can share it with Aoi.Lauren replied.

Thanks mom. Leigh replied.

Here's your umbrella. Stay safe sweetie. Lauren said and gave her daughter a kiss.

I love you mom. Leigh said as she open her umbrella and wave goodbye.

Their bungalow house located five blocks from the school bus stop. She has to walk a few minutes to reach the shed. Her most favourite place in town was the abundant place few steps from the bus stop. It is an old abundant place where it has an old swing and a few steps there is a wide beach which no one desire to visit. She’s standing at the bus stop when an American old muscle mustang car just passed by and water slosh unto her. It was. She saw the guy inside the car stare at her and doesn’t bother asking for an apology. And keep driving till he's out of her sight.

Oh my! That attitude.She whispered.

Are you okay? A guy handed her a piece of cloth.

Yeah. I'm fine. She replied.

You can use my handkerchief. A guy said.

Thank you. Leigh said"

Anyway I'm Daine, I live two blocks from here. You're a new girl in town right. Daine said. He's about 5 feet and 10 inches tall; his shiny black bob cut hair hide his brown eyes that smile. He's wearing a blank pants and a white uniform matching black coat for cold weather.

Yeah, anyway nice to meet you.She timidly replied

Do you have a name? Daine asked with a smile in his face.

Yeah of course! Hmm I mean uh I'm Leigh. I’m sorry. She replied while trying to try her school uniform skirt.

Nice to meet you Leigh.Daine politely said and his eyes fade when he smiles.

Leigh climbed up the bus that arrived a minute ago. Rain keeps pouring down.

Be careful.Daine said.

Thank you. Leigh replied and walk towards the vacant seat.

Daine Mathew most of people in town admired him for being a helpful and friendly young man. He's every girl’s desire in town. He's smart and talented. He lives with her single mother and his younger sister. He's attractive, handsome and his eyes fade away when she smiles.

The bell rang and all the students walking at the lobby going to their rooms. She's checking all her books while she's walking heading to their rooms when a guy bumped her.

Sorry. She said as her books scattered on the floor. She kneed down to pick up all her books. She saw the guy continued walking away without asking an apology.

He's so cute.Freshmen girls giggled.

Omg! He’s here. He's always handsome. Another girl said.

He's so handsome!Another girl giggled walking through her.

He's the one I'm dreaming. Another girl declared.

I more like Daine than him. Another girl with an eyeglasses on replied with her wry face obviously she don't like that guy.

He's a quiet monster hiding behind his good looking face. A fat girl said sounds she's cursing the guy.

Are you okay Leigh?.Aoi interrupt her. Aoi is her new friend in town and same in school. She's wearing her very short skirt. She used to tied up her long black hair that her beauty was different from the other girls. She has brown eyes that make her more charming in every angle. They call her Nicole Scherzinger of the school sexy, sassy and head turner. She's a talker, someone who doesn’t stop talking while bursting into laugh.

Yeah! Thank you. Leigh replied.

 Let's go we will go to be late.Aoi said.

He's quite mysterious. Leigh whispered

Just don't mind him. Aoi said and grabbed her hands.

He looks familiar. She said.

Maybe you just met in the same street or store.Aoi replied.

Maybe, I can't remember. She said.

He's everywhere. Aoi laughed.




After her class Leigh took the bus early and dropped by to the abundant place. She took off her shoes and walk on the sand. She slowly sat down and took her notebook and pen to write the novel. She saw seagull flying in the air. Wavessplashing unto the white sand shore.

I love it here. Leigh whispered while open her arms in the air.

Daine was walking with his friends from the bus stop when he notice Leigh walks towards the abundant house.

Daine! So what's the plan? Caleb one of his friends said while tapping his shoulder.

I got to pass this time. I will go help my mom for groceries. Daine replied.

Again? That's not good. Caleb laughed.

Mom will go to have her orders done. Daine replied.

What about we have to practice in your house? Finn insisted.

Come on guys, not tonight. Daine said.

Well you know Finn trying to impress Cassy. Caleb laughed.

Caleb! Finn said trying to cover Caleb's mouth to stop him. He has a crush on Diane’s younger sister.

Hey! Hey! Not my little sister.Daine said.

Don't you want Finn to be your brother in law? Caleb said with his mocking face.

Don't mind him Daine. Finn said and his face turning red.

I think we got to go. Caleb said.

Okay we got to go. Finn said

Yeah! Go enjoy pals.I have to go this way I have to walk my sister home. Daine said and walk away.

Can we come? Finn insisted.

I think you have to go? Daine asked.

I guess. Finn replied.

Hi!. Girl behind them interrupt.

Hello! Cassy. Finn replied.

You're here!Daine said.

Yeah, I am having an errand from mom.Cassy replied.

Hello again! Finn interrupt

Hello! Finn.Cassy said.

How are you? Finn asked.

You're blushing dude. Caleb said.

No, I'm not. Finn said trying to hide his face.

No! You are. Caleb replied trying to tease his friend.

Enough guys. We got to go. Daine interrupt his friends.

See you around. Cassy said and turn around to walk away.

See you around. Finn replied.

Take care guys.Daine said and give his friend a look. I'm going to kill you. Daine whispered pointing Finn.

He said he will kill you. Caleb replied and walk away laughing.

Are you serious? Finn asked.

Yeah! Caleb said and continues walking.

Leigh started to walk slowly going home. She saw a mustang old model, the same guy this morning. She continues walking with a headphone both of her ears.

Hey mom, I'm home. Leigh said as she arrived at the house.

How's your school? Lauren asked as she stating to cook for dinner.

Good mom, so what's our food for tonight? Leigh asked as she hug her mom at the small kitchen with excitement.

Your dad just called, he can't make it this week. Lauren declared.

I have some assignment to do mom. I'll be in my roomLeigh said and trudge up her room.

We will have dinner in a few minutes. Lauren replied.

Okay mom. Leigh replied and walks out her room and run down the stairs and feed Foe and Flesh inside the aquarium.

Careful, sweetie.Lauren said as she saw Leigh running unto the small living room they have.

She turned on the TV and watches a today’s news. Every day’s news are always tragic or some accident happening.

Where is the love? Leigh whispered. Another bank robbed in the city, another car accident with reckless driving and another disaster happening all over the world. How tragic. God has a better plan for every one of us.

Smells delicious.She said as she saw her mom at the table.

Of course sweetie. Lauren replied with a smile.

I can't believe the news getting worst every day. She interrupts.

I really hope your dad is always okay out there. Laurenreplied.

So how is dad? She asked.

Well he told me he's fine. He said misses us so much. Lauren declared.

I met a new friend mom. Shesaid.

That’s great. Lauren asked.

He's fine and he lives not too far from our house. She replied.

He?So he's a guy. Lauren asked.

Yeah mom, no worries He's a good guy, he went at same school with me. He's a band member in our church. Leigh said.

I am happy for you sweetie that you have friends. Well your friend? Is he handsome as your father?. Her mom cranks a joke and then gave her a pork and spoon. Let’s eat sweetie

He's fine, quite genuine. She replied.

Genuine sounds good. Lauren replied with a smile and give her a silly look.

Mom! She interrupts and she knew her mom thinking something silly, like she thinks her new friends hitting on her.

What? Laurenasked.

I know what you thinking. She replied.

What's his name again? Lauren asked.

Daine. She timidly replied.

After dinner she washed the dishes. She's thing how to end the novel she's writing. She fixes all the dish and trudge up her room. She open her new book she bought in a bookstore near there school earlier. She remembered that she has a Calculus assignment this week.

ARGGH! I hate numbers! She said.

Do you have a problem? Her mom asked.

No mom,I'm sorry. She replied.

Goodnight! Don't stay up too late sweetie. Her mom said.

Ok mom, goodnight. She replied and then lay in her bed.


The moon looks like a perfect circle tonight. She glances at the stars through the window. She's wide awake with a new book in his hands. She's trying to draw the stars with her fingers. That's letter L it's for Leigh and that's letter K. Yeah letter K, that's huge. She whispered. She's thinking about her future after she will graduate her high school, thinking what course she's going to take up. Someday I will find a good job and I will buy a house for my mom and dad. I am in a senior high now I need to study hard so I can get a scholarship for college she want to study music.

Leigh? Lauren knocked on her door.

Mom?She replied.

Are you still up? Lauren asked.

I'm up mom. She replied and opens the door.

Your dad on the phone.Laurensaid.

Hey dad! She said with a pure excitement in her eyes.

Don't stay too late. Laurensaid.

Aye mom.She replied and closes the door.

How are you my little girl? Her dad said on the line.

Dad! I'm not a little girl anymore. She replied.

Take good care of your mom. Her dad said.

Yep dad I am doing it. So how are you? She asked.

I'm fine here, I can’t go home for this weekend. Her dad replied.

I miss you dad. She said with her teary eyes.

I miss you too. I'm going home soon sweetie. Just go to bed now. I have to drop this call now. Her dad said.

Save a lot of coins in your pocket next time. She replied with her sarcastic tone.

I will next time sweetie. I love you and your mom. Her dad said and the call ended.

I love you too dad. She replied. Dad?

It's so cold and the wind touching his pale face. He went out at the telephone booth Dean Mitchell stayed under the lamppost as the call ended. He checked the last coin in his pocket. The night was getting deeper and he's not with his family tonight. He misses his wife and her only daughter. He checks his pocket again and found the last coin and drops it in a coffee machine. It's getting colder and colder again and raindrops started to fall.

At the next day it was Saturday she decided to jog at the park. She needs a bit of sunrise she slowly tied up her hair. She saw Daine with a beautiful girl and looks like it was his male version. She has shiny dark hair same as Daine.

Hi Leigh.Daine just greeted.

Hi! Good Morning.Leigh replied.

By the way my sister Cassandra.Daine said as he introduces his little sister.

Nice to meet you Cassandra, I'm Leigh."She said.

Hello, nice to meet you too. You're so beautiful. You can call me Cassy. Cassy said and give her a smile.

Thank you, you too.Leigh replied and exchanges a smile.

You're the new girl in town? Cassy asked.

Yeah. Leigh timidly replied.

Hey, Cassy! A girl with long dark hair, her eyes looks really like sparkling stars from the sky interrupt them. She tied up her long hair black her that clearly shows her hazel green eyes. She’s about 5 feet and 5 inches tall and when she smile drop dead gorgeous.

Oh! Andria,I thought you're not coming for a jog? Cassyasked as she saw her childhood best friend.

Hello Daine.  Andria said and her face blushing.

Hello Andria. Daine messed up her hair.

Andria!Cassy interrupt her being mesmerise with her older brother again.

Yeah! What is it?Andria asked.

Nevermind.Cassy timidly replied and grab her friend to go.

Nice to meet you Leigh! Excuse us. Cassy said and turn around to jog.

Nice to meet you too.Leigh replied and gives her a smile.

Are you not coming to jog with us? Andria asked Daineand her face turning red.

Damn she’s perfect! Leigh whispered.

Let’s go! Cassy said and grabbed Andria's hand to go for jog.

See you around. Andria said and walked away.

Have fun!.Leigh said.

So how are you?"Daine asked.

I'm fine..But having trouble with my Calculus homework. Leigh laughed.

Well that's not a problem anyway. I can help you.Daine said.

No no! It’s okay. Its fine.Leigh replied.

No! I insist. Daine insisted.

I swear its fine.Leigh said she's a bit shy to ask for help.

Are you sure?.Daine asked.

Yeah! Leigh replied.

Okay, I got to go Leigh, Anyway here's my number if you'll having trouble in your Math homework you can call me.Dane said and gives her a friendly smile.

Okay thanks.Leigh said.

Dainelet’s go! Cassysaid and grabbed her brother's arm.

Are you courting her? Andria asked.

No, she's a new girl in town. Daine replied.

Same school as yours? Andria replied.

Why you're asking him a lot of questions? Cassy asked.

She's beautiful anyway. Andria said.

I know what you thinking.Cassy said.

What? Andria asked.

You're jealous?Cassy said and gives her a silly look.

Shut up! Andria replied.


Leigh spent her time walking at the park reading her book the sun is too painful for her skin so she tried to shed in under the tree. She saw the mysterious guy again sitting under the tree with his husky dog the guy who drives the old mustang sports car. He looks so sad and he looks like his eyes are too lonely. He’s so quiet mysterious kind of person. He’s a kind of person wasn’t sorry for his mistakes. When Leigh was about to walk closer, a guy with a formal tuxedo arrived.

 Kale your father wants to talk to you. The guy said.

Just give me a minute. Kale replied.

We will for you in the car. The guy asked.

No, I will drive my ride. Kale timidly replied.

Okay master. The guy said and then walked into the limo.

I'll follow. Kale said.

Kale is the only son of the millionaire businessman in their town. He’s rich, popular and can buy whatever things he wants. He's mysterious, quiet and most of the people around him say he's a monster, trouble maker and a beast. He's good looking about 6 feet tall. He has a dark brown small tiger look eyes. He loves .to wear plain white t-shirt with his ripped jeans and a white rubber shoes

Your School Academic administrator just called, she said you're having a trouble yesterday in your school. Kale's father said.

Uhmm.Kale nodded.

How many times do I have to tell you stop putting yourself in trouble?Jared Blackburn said Kale's father who always wore a tuxedo matching a necktie.

Who cares then? Kale replied with his sarcastic look.

Ignorant!.His father said and slaps him.

I'm tired of your rules, why can't you be a father?Kale said and his lips bleeding.

Go to your room! Jared declared with his angry face trying to calm down. Walk to your room and you will be grounded, just take a bus to go to school. Your car will be locked in our garage. His father said.

He just walks in his room without any word. He put on his headphone and turns on the music as he lie on his bed. He slowly closed his eyes.



I can't tell to our son that we are already both agreed for a divorce I can't stay with you anymore. Kate said crying her black hair tied up.

Then don't tell him, He's going to stay with me. Kale's father replied.

I'm going to take him. Kate exclaimed.

He's going to stay with me. Jared insisted.

Mom? Why are you packing up your things?.Kale asked.

Go to your room. Jared said.

Mom. Kale cried out.

She's leaving. Jared said.

Where are you going mom? Kale asked.

I am going to visit your grandma. His mom said while her tears burst.

Can I come with you mommy? Kale asked.

Uhmm.His mom nodded and she burst into tears.

Why are you crying?.Kale asked and then hugged his mom so tight.

I love you so much baby. Be a good boy okay? I will be back. Kate exclaimed.

I will be a good boy mom, just go home too soon. Cause I already missed you. Kale said.

Kate stood up and took her bags and walked out the door.

I love you mom! Kale said as he saw his mom walking away. When he's about to run to his mom his nanny stop him.

Kale.His nanny said and hugged him. He ran into the window and watches his mom leave through the window.

Mom, comeback s soon! He cried. Mom--- Mom!Can you hear me? He cried again.

Mom! Kale said as his tears run down his face.

He's only 5 years old when his mom left. He's always sitting in the window waiting for her mom to comeback. Thinking what went wrong why his mom doesn’t show up for so many years, does she hates me? Why she keeps me hanging there waiting for nothing. Wondering all his days why she didn’t comeback.

Nanny! Look at this mom will be proud of me. Kale said to his nanny as he held the Airplane toy he assembled so long.

Wow that’s look so fine. His nanny said and shows him that she was proud.

It's my birthday, mom will be home right? Kale said to his nanny.

Okay fix yourself now the party will be start in a minute. Hisnanny cheers him up.

Where's daddy?.He asked.

Your daddy will be home late, he has a business trip in London. He'll be home tonight. His nanny replied as she put on his shoes.

Okay. He timidly replied while his face looks so sad.

Don't be sad nanny is here, your friends will be coming right?His nanny said and hugged him so tight.

Yeah! He replied.

Come here, My little good boy. His nanny said.




Happy Birthday Kale!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Kale!!!!!!


He knew and expected this scenario every year, blowing candles and same old party. What he was always expecting was his mom's presence. His dad was always in a business trip for money and he always misses his birthday. He has all he got; he can buy all the things he wanted. He can even travel everywhere he wanted but that’s not what he's looking for. He wants love, attention and time having a family as a ten years young boy. He’s a very sweet and jolly little boy turns into a boy who doesn't speak a single word and always getting into trouble. Over the years passed he felt so lovelorn for his family.

Kale! Your Dad was on the phone, he wanted to talk to you. His nanny said.

Uhmmm.He nodded.

Hey son! Happy Birthday.How are you? Do all your friends come in? His dad asked.

Yep. Dad.He timidly replied.

I got to go son, enjoy your birthday okay? I have a meeting right now. Bye. His dad said.

Bye. He replied and walked towards the window and sit alone. He glances outside the window. He’s still hoping every year that his mom won't missed his birthday. It’s almost five years when she left everything was a lie. She said she will come home but she didn't make it.

I'm going to wait for you. I missed you mom. Kale whispered.

What are you doing here sweet boy? His nanny asked. It's your Birthday you should enjoy

I am waiting for mom. Kale replied.

Someday you will understand everything.His nanny said.

I hate her now nanny! I hate her. Kale cried.

Your mom loves you; she's still your mom. His nanny cheered him up.

Wow that’s a beautiful butterfly! His nanny said.

Beautiful right? I catch this in the garden earlier. Kale replied.

Yeah so beautiful.His nanny said.

Mom loves butterfly so she will love to see this. Kale said.

Would you like to keep her or let her fly? His nanny asked.

I would love to keep her. Kale replied.

She's like a prisoner inside the jar, she might be hurting. His nanny said.

She will be okay. Kale said.

If you would love to let her stay alive set her free. I'll show you. His nanny said.

What should I do? Kale asked.

Open the jar, let the butterfly fly. She will never be happy, living in a jar that is like a prisoner. His nanny said.

Nanny! She flew away. Kale cried.

Don't cry, let her go sweetie. His nanny said.

But I won’t see her again. Kale cried.

Hush! Sweetie, look at her she's happy flying outside the jar now.

Just always remember that she might fly away till she's out of your sight. Don't forget to always open your hand when she'll come back to land in your hand anytime. His nanny said.

Like this? Kale said as he open his hand and lifts it up.

Nanny look! She came back and landed in my hand. Kale said with a smile in his face look like he's more excited.

You're smiling now, just think that your mom is a butterfly, it might take a year to come back but she will be back. Your mom loves you so much. His nanny said.

I love you nanny!.Kale said and hugged his nanny.

I love you too. His nanny replied.

So let’s grab some cake then? His nanny jokes to make him laugh.

I would love to. Kale replied.

So what flavour you like? His nanny asked.

 I want that chocolate. She said with excitement.

Okay, let’s have it. His nanny said an old woman trying to make a little boy happy. She's wearing her chamber maid uniform. Kale treated her as her second mother.

"Living in a life that you're not happy is like a butterfly living in a jar.

You're keep flying around your comfort zone and lying to yourself that you’re can be happy."


Kale just woke up with the sound of his alarm clock. He whacks the snooze button and tried to go back to sleep but the sun through the window hurt his pale skin. He fell asleep thinking about his mom. He tried to go back to sleep but he can't he's wide awake now. He open the window curtain and a brighter day welcome him. He decided to jump in into the bathroom. He's thinking a lot of things about his mom. He's thinking if his mom ever thing of him. He grew up hoping that his mom will just showed up in the door and ask him to get closer to hug her. Why all things just end up like, he's losing hope. He's thinking why everyone just left him? His nanny left when he was young the woman he treated like his second mom. She have to leave the house because she's getting old and can't do any house chores anymore. After he took a bath he grab his skateboard and walks out his room. He heard someone talking behind him.

Where are you going? His dad asked he's in the table having breakfast.

Out. Kale briefly replied.

Just have a sit and let’s join for breakfast. His dad insisted.

I have to go. Kale said and then walked away.

Thank kid! His dad whispered.

He started to play with his skated board. He glanced at the girl with her tied up hair. She's so beautiful and looks so angelic. He was interrupt when a guy walked closer to a girl. That is Daine. He whispered. He is one of his childhood classmates. They’re going to the church for the Sunday mass in their town. He remembered when he was young her nanny used to go to church every Sunday. I missed you nanny. Kale whispered.

Leigh is an active choir member in the church every Sunday.

Leigh, I brought you cupcakes. Daine insisted.

Thank you Daine.Whobakes this? Leigh replied.

Mom, loves to bake.Daine boasted.

Are you ready? I guess the mass is going to start now. Leigh said.


Everybody's getting ready for the mass she saw Daine in front of the piano and just smiled at her just a sign that he's ready. When she's about to start she saw Kale walking towards the door of the church. She feels something different with that guy. He's wearing white plain t-shirt with his black jacket and a skateboard on his hand.

Leigh? Are you okay?Aoiwhispered.

Yeah.Leigh replied and starts to sing.

Leigh spent her time in their town church every Sunday since her family was resided in town. She's friendly to all the people she met. While she's singing she glued her eyes to the guy at back part of the church. His eyes look so lonely. After the mass she Daine as saw walked out.

Hi!Daine....Leigh greeted.

Hey..Daine replied.

Uhmmm ..Are you going to be busy later afternoon? Leigh asked.

Actually yeah..I have to go help mom. Daine replied.

Oh!..uhmmmm. Leigh said as she thinking about her assignment.

Are you okay? I am going to be free at the afternoon. Daine insisted.

Yeah, I am okay. I am having a little trouble in my assignment. Leigh said.

I can help you. I'll drop by in your house after groceries with mom. Daine insisted.

Are you sure?.Uhmm I am very sorry to bother you but I am really having trouble about numbers lately. Leigh replied.

No, No its okay no worries. So see you later? Daine said.

Hello Leigh!.Cassy said and gives her a smile.

Hello Cassy, She replied.

We gotta go!Cassy said.

See you later.Daine said and walked away with his little sister and a not too old woman not too far. She looks like Daine and Cassy.

Thank you. She said.

She's on the way going to the abundant place holding her new book to read. She took off her shoes and keep walking into the water. She was astound when she saw someone sitting on the sand not too far from where she's beach walking. He's eating a burger alone reading a book. He doesn't care about what she's doing.  Leigh keeps walking looking for some marbles. She glance at the lad he's still eating a burger with a soda in his hand.

Hello? She said waving her hand. I guess he didn’t hear me he has a headphone in his ears. She whispered.

Kale stood up and walk away.

Is he deaf? A blind? .Leigh whispered he don’t even bother to say hi like he didn’t hear or see me. Am I invisible?


Store mart located in town.

Mom, is this all?.Daine asked as he took the pushcart in the groceries store with his mother and sister.

Hold on son. His mom replied.

Mom, just call me if you need me. I'll be right here okay? Daine said as he rushed to the other lane.

Daine was a bit uncomfortable when he saw Kale standing at the other lane. He’s doing the same thing buying sandwiches and soda. Daine whispered. Kale saw him standing were they both stunned when their eyes met. Daine throw him a smile but Kale walked away.

It was Kale? Daine's mom asked.

Yeah.Daine replied.

How is he? Daine's mom asked.

Let’s go mom. I'll go get the car. Daine said just to change the topic.

Okay son, just wait us outside. His mom replied.

They were a bit quiet while Daine was driving the car. He glued his eyes on the road.

Anyway mom, I am going to my friend's house not too far from our house. Daine crack the silence.

Who's friend? Have you talk to Kale? His mom asked.

Remember Leigh the new girl in town? Their house was two blocks away from us. Daine replied.

Are you courting her? His mom asked.

Absurd! Cassyhis little sister laughed.

Mom?..No she's my new friend and I am going to help with her assignment. Daine replied.

Will you be home for dinner? His mom asked.

I don’t know mom but I'll call. Daine replied.


Daine jump in into the bathroom to wash up. He smiled when he remembered what his mom asked him if he's courting Leigh. He was thinking about that few days ago. He knows deep inside he likes Leigh as he never like someone before. She's beautiful, friendly and positive in all her way. After he fixes everything he walked out the door and he saw Kale slowly walking at the street. He ignores it and keeps walking till he reaches the Mitchell's residence.

Hey! Good afternoon. Daine greeted as he enter the gate.

Hello, come in..Leigh said as she escorted Daine to their small bungalow house.

So how are you? Daine asked.

Good, I am doing some house chores with mom. Leigh replied.

Where's you mom? Daine asked.

Anyway, Mom it'sDaine my friend. Leigh introducesDaine to her mom.

Hello Daine.Mrs.Mitchell said.

Good afternoon Mrs.Mitchell.Daine politely greeted.

So take a sit Daine I am going to get my notes in my room. Leigh said as she trudge up her room.

Anyway Daine have some muffin, Leigh just helped me bake some muffin earlier. Mrs.Mitchell insisted.

Wow! That's smell so delicious.Daine said as he smells the muffin.

My daughter really loves to bake. She also loves to eat. Mrs.Mitchell said and smile sounds proud for her only daughter.

Have a taste. Leigh interrupts.

I would love to.Daine replied with excitement.

So let’s start? I have my books and notes. Leigh said as they walk to the garden.

Nice place here. Daine said.

Yeah, I love this place. I am always here if I am reading a thick book. The air is so refreshing. Leigh said.

So were we going to start? Diane asked

Daine just secretly glued his eyes to Leigh's face she's not wearing any accessories and she looks so sweet with her white t-shirt and her knee short. He felt like his heart keeps pounding a little louder.

I am not really good in numbers my bad. Leigh exclaimed.

Hello Daine? Leigh asked

Oh sorry! What is it? Daine asked.

Any problem.Leigh asked.

No no! I'm sorry.Daine replied.

They just started to do the homework and then both laughing to each other’s jokes. She's witty and smart at the same time. She's a kind of girl you will fall in love with.

No wonder you are always at the top of the class. Leigh said.

Hahaha not really.Daine replied.

Daine was always at the top of the class, smartest and the most active student in their school .He's talented that plays all different instrument. When he was young he's always a teacher’sfavourite. No wonder all the girls want him aside for being smart he’s good looking, gentlemen lad with his well combed bob-cut haircut, well-formed nose and a small eyes and as red as roses kissable lips.

Well done! Great you're a fast learner.Daine said.

Yawn... it’s done. Leigh said as she hugged her notebook.

Homework done.Daine said as he smiles to Leigh's reaction.

Thank you so much. Leigh said.

It’s okay, anytime. Daine replied.

Dinner's done! Let’s eat now. Mrs.Mitchellinterrupts.

Wow smells so delicious. Leigh declared.

It's getting dark outside; I guess I have to go now. Daine said.

Sit down! Come here, join us. Mrs.Mitchell insisted.

Join us for dinner mom just really love to cook. Leigh insisted.

Well smells so good, I can't refuse. Daine laughed.

Okay here for sure you won’t regret having a dinner here .Mrs.Mitchell laughed.

Thank you so much. Daine said.

So Daine as I heard you're always at the top smartest student in your school. Leigh's mom asked.

Hahaha ,NoMrs. Mitchell not all those years .Daine replied.

Mom he's just so shy to admit. Leigh joked.

Just handwork.Daine said as he gave her a smile.

Well I always heard your name at school. Leigh replied.

I can see that you are really a smart person and a good looking lad. Mrs. Mitchellsaid.

Thank you Mrs.Mitchell.Daine politely replied.

I am glad that my little girl has a new friend like you. Mrs.Mitchell said.

She's so friendly. My pleasure to be her friend .Daine said.

Thank you Daine. Leigh interrupts.

I'm happy that she join the church choir. We need her in our team.Daine replied.

Lovely.Mrs.Mitchell said.

It's a delicious dinner Mrs.Mitchell. Thank you so much. Daine interrupts after he finished his food.

You are always welcome. Mrs. Mitchell replied.

Excuse I guess, I have to go. Daine said.

I'll walk you out. Leigh said and guides him out the door.

It's a very nice evening Leigh. Thank you so much. Daine said.

I should be the one thanking you for helping my assignment. Leigh insisted.

No worries about it. Daine said.

You are always welcome. Mrs. Mitchellinsisted.

 Take careDaine. Leigh said.

Just get inside now it’s cold.Daine insisted.

Okay. Stay safe in your way home. Leigh said and walked inside to close the door.



















Theoutburst starts falling so hard on the ground. Weather often changed so fast. Kale took his bag for school and pull down the window pane on his room.

Kalewhere are you going?Mr. Blackburn asked he's wearing his everyday suit. He wears black expensive suit matching his necktie and black shiny shoes.

I am going to school now. Kale replied.

Just waits a driver, you are not allowed to use your car. Kale's dad said.

I'm okay I am going now. I'll take a bus. Kale said.

Sir lets go? Their family driver said.

No! I am going to take a bus. Kale as he walked away.

Let him go. Kale's dad said and glued his eyes to the newspaper in his hand.


Kale is waiting for the bus when the rain pours down so hard. He just hid his self at the bus stop. He was annoyed when Leigh just stepped in. She was wearing her uniform skirt. Kale glued her eyes on her.

Hello good morning. Leigh said and gives him a smile. Ah! I love rain. She continued talking even though Kale ignore and keep avoiding her. She tried to catch some raindrops through her hands. She smiles as she really loves rain like a child.

She's so angelic when she smile and she looks so beautiful. She’s waiting for every raindrop that falls down her hand. Leigh trudges up with her umbrella and walked into the very last part of the bus where the only vacant seat left. Kale trudges up the bus, he saw that every seat occupied except the seat beside Leigh. He hated rain. He walks closer and takes a vacant seat. He checked his bag and opens the book he's been trying to finish for a week. He put on his headphone with a full volume.

Hello? Leigh interrupts her. I think he didn’t hear me.

Excuse me? She said and tried to wave. Kale just takes off his headphone.

I'm sorry to bother you but I can hear your sound. Can you lower the volume? Leigh said and gives him a smile. Kale looksat her and check the volume of his headphone.

Thank you. She said and glued her eyes on her book. Beast mode.!She whispered. She secretly stole a glance on him. He's quiet, mysterious and he's good looking she smiled inside her. She was annoyed when Kale looks at her. I think he caught me looking at him. She whispered.

Hey! You're a new girl in school. A lad with blonde hair and as he throw his cigarette and blow the smoke in Leigh's face.

Yes, Leigh bravery replied.

You're a brave girl. A fat lad replied.

You reported our gang in the office Ms.President? A blonde lad said.

I want to have peace in our school. Leigh replied.

How much do you need? Another curly lad said. He looks like he's the one they said the son of the new mayor in town.

I don't need your money;I’ll be late for my class now. Leigh said and turns around to walk away.

Don't be a bitch! Kevin a curly lad said and grabbed her arm.

I said how much? Justin a blonde lad said.

Let me go! Leigh bravely said.

I like you. You're brave! Justinlaughed.

I said how much! You should be out of our business. Kevin said.

Brave girl. I can tell some girls to bully you here. I can pay them. Justin said.

Live our gang alone. Lance fat lad said and giggled slaps her. All the students are watching. She heard about these boys as bullied boys. They're sons of higher officials of the town. They're doing what they want and Leigh is brave enough to stand up for the right rules of their school and save other students that been bullied.

Do you really want to die? Kevinsaid.

You all butt head! Leigh said. You can't pay anyone just to get what you want. You shouldn't bully other student.

I like your beautiful face but I'd like to leave a scar so you know you you're having trouble with us new girl. Kevin said sounds really pissed.

Let her go. A guy behind them said. She was shocked she saw Kale.

Kale! Leave us alone. Lance said.

I'm not here for a fight. Let’s go. He said and grabbed Leigh's arm to escape.

I don't want to make you cry and cry for your mama dude. So mind your own business. Kevin sarcastically said. Kale just turns around and gives him a beast look.

Go now. Kale said trying to let Leigh go out of trouble.

You're an angel fell down from heaven to save that girl? Kevin said while clapping his hand.

Who's going to cry and asked for help from his father then? I know you can only hit a girl. Coward.Kale said with his sarcastic tone.

Poor mama's boy! Lance said.

Everyone should leave you. Justin said.

Your only friend left you. Kevin laughed.

 Coward! Kevin said and hit him at the right face.

Your mom won’tget back to save you. Justin laughed.

Without any word Kale run closer to him and kick him. Kevin stumbled down. He walks closer to Justin and hit him.

Don't ever talk about my mom. Kale said. And one thing, don't ever touch that girl again or I'll blow your head. Kale whispered.

Are you okay? You shouldn't get out having trouble with those guys. Aoi said as she's trying to help Leigh fix her things.

Yeah I am okay. Leigh replied.

They were dangerous..Aoi scolded her friend.

It wasn't fair. I won’t let them bully me or anyone else. Leigh replied.

That's a new girl in town, why Kale saving her?.A senior girl said.

I don’t know about that new girl in school, I've heard she's a new President. Another girl replied

Don't mind them.Aomi said trying to grab her friend to ignore those gossip girls. She saw Daine running towards her.

Are you okay? Daine asked.

Yeah, I am okay. Leigh replied.

Cassy run into the office to tell me what happened. Daine said.

I don't want you to get involved I'm fine Daine. Leigh replied.

Kale saved her. Aomi said.

Kale?Daine asked.

Yeah. He's in the head office.

I can talk to a school principal to tell the truth. Leigh said.

I'll go with you. Daine insisted.

Okay, He saved me and I would like to thank him. She said and walks into the lobby going to the principal office.




Excuse me Mrs.Mccatee. She was a school admin. Leigh interrupts.

Yes Mrs. Mitchell.Mrs.Mccatee asked.

Excuse me. Kale said and grabbed Leigh's arm to go outside the office. Don't let yourself get involved here.

You saved me. Leigh said.

I didn’t save you so better leave this all to me. This ain’t your trouble. Kale said.

Let her go.Daine said behind Kale. He looks pissed as he heard Daine and gives him a look like they will kill each other.

Whoa! Whoa! Hold on. Leigh interrupts them.

Can you tell your girlfriend to leave? Kale said.

I'm just here to help you. Leigh said.

Let's go Leigh. Daine said and grabbed her arms.

I don't need your help.Kale said.

Kale! A man's voice behind them interrupts.

Daine just turn around and he saw Kale's father Mr. Blackburn the most successful businessman in the city. Daine was shocked and saw Mr. Blackburn eye's glued on him.

Let's go Leigh.Daine said to escape from trouble.

Kale glued his eyes on her as she leaves the lobby of the principal office.

You know each other Daine? Leigh asked.

No. Dained replied.

He's the father of Kale right?  Leigh asked.

Yeah. Daine timidly replied.

Are you okay? You feel shocked. Leigh asked.

Yeah, I'm okay. Daine replied.

Daine we got to go, see you around. Leigh said.

Okay,Daine said and he walk away like a zombie. Leigh was thinking what's wrong with him.

Hey Leigh.Aoi said. What happened to Daine he's like a zombie?

I don’t knowAoi. I was bothered. Leigh replied.

Maybe he's jealous?Aoi said.

Jealous for what?Leigh asked. Don't joke like that.

About Kale?Aoi said.

I was so worried about earlier they're about to fight. I can feel there is something wrong between them. Leigh said.

Just leave it for both of them. Aoi said.

They're just lion wanted to fight. Leigh said.

Aoi!Shiori call her. One of their frieds with a ponytail wavy hair. She's wearing eyeglasses on but still her charm shows.

Hold on Leigh, I'll be back. Aoi said.


Leigh was left alone standing at the lobby. She walks slowly going to her room.

I don’t want to get in any trouble anymore. Mr.Blackburn said.

Uhmmmm. Kale nodded.

I don’t want to get into trouble with my business in this city. Mr. Blackburn said and get in in to his car.

Kale. Leigh interrupts him. Kale just ignoresand walks away.

Kale! Leigh said trying to annoy him. Are you okay? Kale stop for a while and that's the first time he heard someone ask if he's okay. His father never asked him if he's okay after the fight. No matter what he did it's nothing at all. And he doesn’t care.

You're about to go to the art class? Leigh said and keeps talking even if Kale doesn’t responded to everything she asked.

Look what is it? Leigh said trying to do a trick. Kale looks up at the air she was pointing with her finger. She quickly enters the art class room door.

Gotcha! She said and keeps laughing going to her table. Kale just walk unto his table and tried to check his stuffs. He's smiling deep inside him. Silly girl. He whispered.

MS. MITCHELL? Her Professor Sebastian called her name, he's wearing a reading glass and his gray hair was covered by a cardigan hat.

Sir?.Leigh said.

Can you read this one for me?Prof.Sebastian said..

Okay sir. Leigh replied and started to read out loud.

Thank you Ms.Mitchelle.Prof.Sebastian said.

I want you to group yourselves into two and I need you to paint a thing you love. Prof.Sebastian

We are going to choose our group mate sir? Leigh asked.

No! I am going to choose it. Prof.Sebastian replied. I am going to tell you tomorrow.

Kale stood up and fixes his bag and walk out the door.

Wait. Leigh said. She notices that she was just talking to the air. She smile and then walk faster and she was annoyed so she block his way.

What are you doing?"Kaled asked.

I am talking here and I said I just want to thank you for savingme this morning. Leigh said.

I didn't save you! Kale said.

But still thank you! Leigh replied.

Don't assume anything, I didn’t save you. Don't block my way. Kale said and walked away.

Okay! Leigh said and then steps aside to give him a way.

Beast!.Leigh whispered to herself.

What? He asked as he heard she said something and give him a look.

Nothing. She replied. I'm going to the next class.




















The weather was getting bad this time. The rain pours down so strong and the thunder starting to sounds louder.

This is the last bus, double time kids. A fat man driver says he's wearing his everyday uniform.

Good evening Mr.Mcmahon. Leigh said as she smile.

Good evening Ms.Mitchell how's your day.Mr.Mcmahon replied.

It's a happy rainy day, How about you?Leigh replied.

Feeling so exhausted but still smiling.Mr.Mcmahon laughed.

That's great, drive safe. Leigh replied.

Thank you Ms.Mitchelle.Mr.Mcmahon said.

She saw Kale with his headphone on and book covered in his face. Beside him was the very last vacant seat.Kale just waked up and he saw Leigh beside him.

Hello! Leigh said.

Kale just looks at him like he never saw her. He started to open the pages of the book he's reading.

How long are you reading that? Leigh asked.

She noticed that she feels like no one else was there aside of her. Kale is really a quiet and very snobbish kind of lad.

Leigh didn’t mind it so she starts reading her book she bought this morning. The rain still pouring down like it has no chance to stop and its getting darker outside.

The silence breaks when the bus stopped.

Just still calm kids, I have a bad news this time. Mr.Mcmahon said and pulls over the bus.

What happen to Mr.Mcmahon? The younger girl asked wondering why Mr.Mcmahon stopped.

Stay where you are. We have a bad news but it's not really bad. So I need your cooperation okay?.Mr.Mcmahon declared.

Okay kids wear your coat. We are turning it's dangerous to cross the bridge.Mrs.Holmes said she's wearing a cardigan.

Ms.Holmes how many hours do we have to wait?.A young boy wearing his eyeglasses asked.

We don’t have any idea when will the rain stops but don’t worry we will be safe in the evacuation. Ms.Mcmahon.

My mom will be worried. A girl wearing a ponytail asked crying.

Leigh stood up and walked closer to Ms.Holmes to ask if there is something she can help.

Ms.Holmes let me help you with that. Leigh asked.

Okay kids prepare your stuffs and make sure to wear your coat, Leigh will going to help. Ms.Holmes said.

Please write down all your names and number here so Ms.Holmes and I can call your parents to tell them what happened. Leigh said.

The other kids are from middle schools and the other are in the same school with her. The weather acting really bad tonight and she feels like this will be worst if they will try to cross the bridge.

HAAACHOOO. Little girl with a curly hair and have a blue eyes. She’s sitting while trying not to sneeze. She looks like having a fever.

Awww are you okay little girl? Leigh asked trying to check the little girl.

My name is Jeanne Mclean.8 years old. A little girl said.

Okay, I'm jotting it down now. Leigh smiled.

Please call my mom. Jeanne started to cry.

Don't cry sweetie, we will be safe here okay.Leigh said.

I feel so cold. Jeanne insisted and she's shaking.

You'll be okay sweetie, hold on here's my coat take this. Cover yourself okay? This won’t take long. Leigh said and trying to cheer up the little girl.

Thank you. Jeannereplied and she walked to the very end of the bus.

Stay there. I'll be back. Leigh declared.

I will. Jeanne replied.

Your name please?Leigh said as she started to list the name again.

Kale was still there sitting at the very last part of the bus and he glance to a little girl sat beside him where Leigh's all stuffs was.

Your name please?Leigh asked as she walks closer to Kale.

I can call my parents. Kale replied.

You still have to write your name here. Leigh insisted.

Kale just write down his name and then trudge down the bus.Leigh just fix her stuffs and then she holds the little girl's hands.

Beautiful, I feel so cold.Jeanne cried.

Come here sweetie. Leigh said and she started to carry the little girl to the house where other kids stayed.

No, beautiful I can walk. Jeanne said.

It's cold to touch down your feet on the water. Leigh said.

Thank you so much, you're so kind. Jeanne replied.

She can feel that all other kids are feeling worried and scared. It’s starting to cold and colder this time. They were thankful that someone offered her house to let all the kids to stay for a while.

Okay kids I have list of all your names here and then I am to call all your names. We will going to call your parents okay? Ms.Holmes said.

Are you still feeling cold? Leigh asked Jeanne as she walked closer to her.

Not anymore. Jeanne nodded and she gave Leigh an angelic smile.

Okay that’s good, hold on I will call my mom. Leigh said.

Okay.  Jeanne replied.

Hello mom? Leigh said.

Hello sweetie where are you? I've been calling you for how many times. Your dad is here he's so worried. Her mom said.

I am very sorry I didn’t get your call earlier. I am so worried for you, I thought dad wasn't there. Leigh said.

I am okay here with your dad sweetie what about you? Where are you? Her mom said sounds really worried.

Mom I am okay here, I am helping Ms.Holmes we were stuck and we can't cross the bridge so Mr.Mcmahon our driver decides to turn around and stay the night here at the house of a nun. Leigh said.

Are you okay there? Wear your jacket sweetie so you won’t get sick. Her mom replied.

I can't wait here. Is it safe there?. He dad said.

I know everything will be okay. Leigh said.

Stay safe sweetie.Mrs. Mitchell declared.

I'll be okay. Leigh said.

Okay sweetie call us from to time okay?. Her Dad and Mom replied and ended the call.

How you feeling sweetie? Leigh asked as she checked Jeanne.

Yeah, I am okay. Jeanne replied.

Okay just cover yourself with my coat and stay here. I am going to help Mrs.Holmes okay? Leigh said.

I am so hungry now. Jeanne cried.

Awwwsweetie doesn’t cry, hold on I have my biscuit here. Leigh said as she took out the biscuit from her bag.

Who? Leigh asked.

Here eat this for a while and I'll be going there to help so we can eat dinner okay?."Leigh said.

Thank you so much beautiful. Jeanne said.


Everyone started to feel cold as the rain keeps pouring down at the roof that they can clearly it. The other kids are so busy with the other stuffs to do. She glued her eyes on Kale sitting at the corner with his book. She's curious about him why he looks like that he hates the whole world around him.

Beautiful I heard your phone is ringing. Jeanne said as she walked towards Leigh.

Aww thank you but you have to stay there so you won’t feel cold sweetie. Leigh replied as she took her phone to answer.

Hello Daine? Leigh said.

 Your mom told me that you were stucked?Daine asked.

Yeah we were stuck here and Mr.Mcmahon decides to turn around. Luckily someone offered as to stay in their house. Leigh explained.

Thanks God, Are you okay there?Daine asked.

Yeah, I am okay.Anyway Daine I got to go I have to help here. Leigh said.

Okay, okay just keep safe there the weather is really bad. Daine replied.

Yeah, I'll be okay. Thank you for calling. Leigh said.


Please close our eyes and let’s pray. Leigh said as they're about to start the dinner.

God we are very thankful and safe tonight. We were praying for our safety for our families; wherever they are right now make them safe. God we trust in your with all our heart. Thank you for the food we had tonight. Leigh said.

Thank you Lord. Everyone said.

Let’s share the foods. Ms.Holmes said.

Everyone started to serve a food for them. She saw Kale was still sitting at the corner.

Jeanne how you feeling? Leigh asked the little girl.

I am okay now. Can i still borrow your coat beautiful? Jeanne said.

Yeah sure no worries. Take your food now and eat sweetie. Leigh said.

Can I take one more? Jeanne asked.

Yeah sure. Leigh said a she held the other soup and bread.

I'll leave it here for a while. Jeanne and walks away with a soup and a piece of bread in her hands. Leigh was surprised when she saw Jeanne headed to Kale and she offered the food.

Hello I just took this for you. Jeanne said.

For me?Kale loot the girl with the same plain expression.

My friend cooked that soup so it will taste good to eat. Jeanne said.

Thank you. Kale replied.

Hold on. Jeanne said and run headed to the table to get her soup and bread.

Do you know him? Leigh asked.

Everyone knows about him and I always I met him at the grocery mart. Jeanne said and smile.

Can I share here? Jeanne said and she smile.

Uhmmm.Kale timidly replied.

How's the soup taste? Jeanne asked.

Good. He said.

Are you okay now? Kale asked.

Yeah, a little runny nose and I am okay now. My friend beautiful told me to pray so I'll be okay. Jeanne declared.

Kale just gives him a smile and go back to his food.

Yeah, that girl in the table with blond hair and she's beautiful isn't it? Jeanne said.

Uhmm.Kale timidly replied and keeps listening to a little girl that keeps talking. Kale look at her while smiling, he was impressed with that little girl she's very active and she talks a lot. He never has a little sister or a little brother and he grew up by his self.

Can I share? Leigh asked.

Sure. Jeanne said.

Do you like the soup? Leigh asked to Jeanne as she strokes the little girl’s hair.

Yeah, I really like it. Do you cook with your mom? Jeanne asked.

Yeah I love to cook with mom every day. So you're okay now? Leigh said.

How about you.Mr? Jeanne asked Kale with a spoon in her mouth.

No. Kale replied sounds disappointed.

Me too I don’t know but I help mom to wash dishes and prepare the dinner. Jeanne said as she shares her stories.

That's really sweet. Leigh said.

I missed my mom. Jeanne said as her tears is about to drop. you miss your mom too? For sure she's looking for you now. Jeanne said.

Uhmm.Kale nodded and he felt like his heart is about to burst, he felt fire in it that keeps burning him.

Okay kids are you okay? Hows the food?Ms.Holmes said.

It taste good Ms.Holmes.a girl with her eyeglasses on replied.

That’s good then. Okay kids you can fix yourself now and have a rest you will going to be safe here. Ms.Holmes said.

I am so sleepy now. Jeanne said.

Okay sweetie you can lie here in my lap. Leigh said.


The little girl started to tighten her coat and lie in Leigh's lap. The couch was too small for them. She sat at the floor a lie her head into the couch. Everyone was so exhausted and feeling cold, she saw Ms.Holmes sleeping at the corner with the same position with the other. That wasn't that big for them to stay comfortable but still they're thankful that someone with a good heart offered them rather than stay in a bus. She saw Kale was still awake like he's thinking so deep listening to the raindrops at the roof. She began to feel cold again. She hugs herself so tight. She's only wearing her white thin long sleeve their school uniform, she tap her two palm and rub it so she won’t feel really cold.

Take this. Kale said. He hangs his coat on her shoulder.

What about yours?.Leigh replied.

You're cold. Kale replied and he sat at the floor and slowly laid his head in the couch like a little boy so Jeanne won’t disturb her sleep.
















Early in the morning everyone woke up to go home. They were glad that it's Saturday and they don't have a class.

Good Morning.Okay kids fix your stuffs now and go get in to the bus so we can go home. Ms.Holmes said.

Ms.Montgomery thank you so much for letting us stay in your house for a night. Mr.Mcmahon insisted.

It's okay;it’s my pleasure to help you and the kids.Mrs.Montgomery replied an old woman nun who owns the house.

Okay kids as your name called just raise your hand, Leigh is going to do it. Ms.Holmes said.

Leigh started to call on their names.

Thank you Leigh.Mrs.Holmes said.

`Welcome Mrs.Holmes. Leigh said as she headed to the seat where Jeanne reserved a seat for her.

Good morning beautiful! Jeanne said.

Hello good morning cutie. Leigh said while her red lips smiled.

Won't you say good morning to her? Jeanne said as she looks Kale.

Morning. Kale declared to Leigh.

Morning. Leigh replied and gives him a smile.


Where here have a good day kids. Mr.Mcmahon said.

Thank you Mr.Mcmahon.Everyone said and leave to go home.

Leigh? Thank you so much for helping us. Ms.Holmes said.

Welcome Mrs.Holmes and have a nice day ahead. Leigh replied.

Let me walk you home cutie, you mom was really worried for sure. Leigh insisted to Jeanne.

I would love to. Jeanne said with excitement.

You're walking at the same way Kale right? Leigh asked.

Uhmm. Kale replied.

Walk with us. Jeanne said.

Okay. Kale replied.

Are you going to sing in the church tomorrow? Jeanne said as she breaks the silence.

Yeah.You can join the choir if you want to. Leigh replied.

Really? I would love to. Jeanne said.

Yeah you can of course and you can ask your mom if you want to. Leigh replied.

We are almost there I can see my mom outside the house. Jeanne said.

Your mom really missed you. Leigh said as she smile watching the little girl so excited to see her mom.

Are you okay Kale? Leigh asked.

Uhmm.Kale timidly replied.

Mom! Jeanne said as she run towards her mom.

My little girl, thanks god you're safe. Mrs.Mclean said she can see how happy Jeanne's mom seeing her little girl safe. She has as beautiful as Jeanne's blue eyes and her curly hair too.

Good Morning. Leigh said to Mrs.Mclean.

Mom they're my new friends. Jeanne said.

Thank you for looking for my little girl last night.Mrs.Mclean said.

Your girl is so sweet. Leigh replied.

Did you behave last night? Mrs.Mclean laughed.


It’s a perfect Saturday the sun started to come out and then everything going bright after a heavy rainstorm yesterday. The butterflies started to fly in the garden and land into the colorful and blooming flowers. Leigh fell asleep in the couch when her mom walks out her room.

Is she home now? Dean Mitchell. About five feet and ten inches wearing rugged pants with dirty a white t-shirt that show up his blue eyes with his blonde hair came out from the basement of their house said he's talking about Leigh as he carries all her tools to fix the car at the garage.

She's home and fell asleep in the couch.Mrs.Mitchell replied wearing her apron preparing for their breakfast.

The sky was getting brighter and I have to clean the backyard later. Dean Mitchell said while washing his dirty hands and trudges up the stairs to get a blanket for Leigh.

My little girl sleeping like an angel, I'm home sweetie. I love you. He kissed his daughter in her forehead and he slowly walk away. He always travel a lot to go to his workplace, he don't want to make things complicated for his daughter's studies. Everything is a worth working for him in order to send Leigh in school. After they moved for good he saw everything for Leigh wasn't that easy and he trusted her daughter that she can have more friends in this town again. He has to work hard every day.

Mom! Where’s dad? Leigh asked as she opens her eyes. She found herself fell asleep on the couch.

Good morning sweetie. Mrs. Mitchell replied while preparing a pancake for breakfast.

Morning mom I just fell asleep. Leigh said.

Your dad? I guess at the garage. He misses you so much.Mrs. Mitchell replied.

Leigh trudges up in her room to change her uniform. She wears plain white t-shirt a lot if she's at home. She tied up her blond straight hair into a pig tail so she can help her dad at the garage. After fixing herself she run into the garage she always missed her dad.

Hi, dad how areyou? She said as she walks towards her dad and give him a hug behind like a little girl.

My little girl!Mr.Mitchell turned and hugged her so tight.

I'm not a little girl anymore dad.

Of course you are. Mr.Mitchell said and he laughed.

I'm not!

Okay fine, so how's school? do you love your new school?

Its good dad

That's great sweetie. I missed you.

I missed you too dad.

Can you give me a hand here?

Of course as always.She said as she was excited like a little girl to help her dad at the garage work.

Your mom told me that you have a new guy friend? Tell me if he's into you.

Of course not he lives two blocks from here. He's my friend dad.

You sure he wasn’t into you.

Come on that you're jealous.

I'm not.

You are dad; anyway he's playing piano in church.

Well I can see he's a nice guy. I want you still to beware. Mr.Mitchell said sound worried.

Kale jump in into the shower as he enters his messy room. He missed his mom so much. Since his mom left him she felt like no one really cared for him. He felt so lovelorn. He's craving for love and he felt like he's all alone by his self. Until now he doesn’t have any answers why she left. Waters from shower keep flowing down on his skin.He heard footsteps in his room and there’s a knock.

Yes? Who’s it? He said as he open the door wiping his wet hair.

Your dad want to talk to of their maids told her.

I'll be there, thank you. Kale said.

He fixed all her stuffs in his room and then rushed walk into his father's library room.

Where going to have dinner tonight with your cousins. Mr.Blackburn declared.

Do I have to join? Kale replied.

You have to, that's my order.Mr. Blackburn replied sounds mad.

Okay. He replied.

You have to learn more about our business. We’ll see you later.

OK. He timidly replied.


After he talked to his dad he went to the beach where he always stay to read or listening music in his headphone. He always wanted to be left alone as he used to it. The sky started to glow clearly and the weather change so fast for today. He loves to take pictures in every angle of the place if he's bored. He walks to the shore with his barefoot. He enjoyed his self-watching the waves splashing towards him.

What are you doing here alone? Leigh interrupts as she walks towards him.

I just want to be alone. Kale said and bows his head.

I really love to stay here if I am writing. Leigh insisted.

How find this place? Kale asked.

I don’t know my heart just brought me here. Leigh said sounds ironic.

Uhmmmm. Kale replied while keep throwing the stones on the water.

Yeah, during my free time. Leigh replied.

Great. Kale timidly replied.

I want to thank you for the coat. Leigh said and smile.

Uhmm. Kale replied and glued his eyes to the water.

Did I bother your silence? Leigh asked.

It's okay. Kale timidly replied.

I just want to introduce myself I guess. Leigh laughed.

I already know your name. I already knew you. Kale said.

I'm Leigh. She said.

Nice to meeting you. Kale said and smile it was just a friendly smile.

Am I lucky that you're not in a bad mood? Leigh said with a sarcastic voice.

I guess. Kale timidly replied.

I can sit and write here and you can have your silence there. Leigh said and sat beside him with her pen and notebook. The silence between them makes her deaf. The splashing sound of the waves and the sound of seagull flying.

So what do you write? Kale asked and gave her a smile.

I write fictions, novel and poetry. Leigh replied.

Great. Kale replied.

I know you love books; I can see that you always have book in your hand. Leigh said.

I don't know you're stalking me. Kale said and look at her.

No, I'm not. Leigh said trying to deny.

How did you know? Kale asked.

I just saw you. Leigh said and smile.

Anyway, I have to go. Kale said and stood up.

Nice to meet you. Leigh said and gives him a smile.

Kale just gives her a smile and walked away. He's going to join his dad for family occasions who cares about their money and properties. He felt happy as there is someone who's not afraid of being his friend. He's thinking if she really knows all about him. Everyone says he's not a good friend, a good person to be with. Everyonethinks he's really a bad guy.


Everyone was so busy at their Architectural major class when their professor has to leave for some important meeting. Leigh just enters the room and fixes her stuffs. She saw Kale was reading his book.

Oh my god I forgot my T-square. Leigh whispered.

Are you done with your floor plan?Shiori asked.

No, I'm not I just fell asleep last night. Leigh said.

Me too, I'm having trouble.Shiori replied.

Anyway, can I borrow your t-square I just forgot it on my table in my room. Leigh said.

That's bad, Michi borrowed mine.Shiori replied.

It's okay thank you. Leigh replied and look behind her. Kale was sitting at the very last table. She walks towards him to borrow a t-square.

Kale can I borrow your t-square? She said. She waited more than a minute.

Are you ignoring me? Leigh said feeling pissed. Kale just looks at her and took off the headphone.

Do you need something? Kale timidly replied looking at her so curious.

I'm sorry to bother you. Can I borrow your T-square? Leigh said.

No! Kale replied and glued her eyes back to his book and put on his headphone.

No! Leigh said rolling her eyes trying to copy Kale. She's feeling pissed and walk towards her table and put on her headset.

Kale looks at her and opens his drawer to get his t-square. He smiles a bit and trying to be mean to Leigh.

Leigh! He said but Leigh didn’t hear him she's wearing her headset on with full volume. He crumpled a paper and throws it to Leigh.

Leigh! He said again but she doesn’t hear anything. His first try of throwing a crumpled paper to Leigh doesn’t work. He tried to crumpled another paper again and throw it to Leigh.

What? Leigh said feeling pissed.

You need this?Kale said and gives her a smile trying to pissed her off.

Stop hitting me a crumpled paper. Leigh said.

I'm trying to call you.Kale said and gives the T-square to her. He's lazy getting up from his chair.

Leigh! Daine was looking for you. Shiori said.

I don't need your T-square. Leigh said trying to be bold.

Really? You have no choice but my T-square. Kale said.

Leigh. Daine waves at her outside the door.

Daine.Leigh said while walking towards the door.

I've got your message, you can use my T-square.Daine said and smile.

Damn! Prince charming. Kale whispered and glued her eyes back to his book.

Thank you. I just fell asleep last night. I forgot to finish the plan. Leigh laughed.

Its okay, you can do it. Daine said and smile.

Don't you have a class? Leigh asked.

No, I am helping them the at masquerade party for next week. Daine replied.

Are they starting now? Leigh asked.

Yeah, we're starting for the venue. Daine replied.

I'll be there after my class. Leigh said.

Okay, we will be at the venue. Daine said.

Okay, thank you for this. She replied with a t-square.

I'll wait you at lunch. Daine said.

Okay. Leigh replied and gives her a smile. She started her floor plan again.

You're lucky your prince charming save you. Kale said trying to piss her off.

Lucky. She said trying to be tough.

Lucky you.Kale laughed.


Everyone was so busy preparing at the venue for the masquerade. Leigh helped Daine for the layout and the event preparations.

Are you going to play with the band? Leigh asked.

Yeah, that's much better so we don't have to look for the band.Daine said and help Leigh putting some decorations.

What's for your lunch? Leigh asked.

Mom packed me a vegetable salad.Daine said.

Wow !how sweet. Leigh replied.

Yeah, let me do that. Daine said as he insisted to put on the decoration at the higher part.

I'm okay. Leigh said and she slipped at the ladder. Daine rushed catch her. They both fell on the floor and their eyes met. Daine glued his eyes to her eyes. She's so beautiful and I can't believe she's too close to me. Daine whispered.

Daine?Daine? Leigh said as she notice Daine was out of the universe, Leigh was at his top.

Leigh, I'm so sorry.Daine said and rushed help Leigh to get up.

Are you okay? Leigh asked.

Ah.Uhmmm yeah I'm okay. Daine said as he was a bit awkward. He felt like his heart keeps pounding.

Thank you for saving me. Leigh said.

Just stay down here, I'll do at the higher part.Daine said feeling uncomfortable.

Okay thank you. I guess we have to go for lunch first. Leigh interrupts.

Okay. Let’s go. Daine said and took his bag and help Leigh with her things.

Anyway, I'm done with my novel. Leigh said.

Really? Let me read if you're done. Daine said and give her a smile.

Sure.Leigh said and smile at him.

How does the story end? Daine asked.

I can't tell you. Leigh replied.

Why?Daine asked.

You must read the story. Leigh said.

Okay.Daine replied.

Leigh saw Kale sitting at the edge of the cafeteria eating lunch alone.

Let's sit here.Daine interrupt.

Oh! Sure. I'm so excited to see your lunch. Leigh said with excitement.

As usual.Daine laughed.

Well you mom did that for you. Leigh replied with a smile.

I don't know what to wear for the party. Daine said.

You can wear any that suits you. Leigh said.

What about yours? Daine asked.

I don’t know yet. Leigh replied.

Nice to meet you here! Lady.Kevin said and throws a can of soda on her food. Daine stood up and hide Leigh at his back.

Get back Daine. Kevin said.

It's okay Leigh just stay at my back. Daine said.

You don’t want your handsome face to get hit right? Justin said.

What do you want? Daine said.

We need the girl so step aside. Lance said a fat guy and tried to grab Leigh.

You can't do that.Daine said being brave.

Really? Kevin said and hit him on his face and Lance the fat guy kick him and he stumble down on the floor.

Stop it please. Leigh said.

You really wanna die? Kevin said as he grabbed Daine's white T-shirt.

This is none of your business. Justin said and kicks him again.

Don't hurt him. Leigh said and tried to spank the guy but the fat guy stop her.

Kale was quiet at the edge trying to control his temper. He was warned not to do another trouble. When he stood up and about to walk towards Leigh the guard just enter the cafeteria and the boys ran away to escape.

Are you okay? Leigh asked as she wiped Daine's face that was filled with blood.

I'm okay. Daine said trying to hide the pain he felt.

Come and I'll bring you to the clinic. Leigh said trying Daine to get up.

Oh my gosh!. Andria said as she entered the cafeteria.

What happened?Cassy asked.

We need to take him to the doctor. Andria said sounds hysterical.

I'm okay. Daine said while his lips bleeding.

You shouldn’t do that. Leigh said sounds mad.

Are you okay?Daine asked her.

I'm more worried about you. Leigh said and wipe his face.

Let’s take him to the clinic. Andria said.

I'm fine. I can walk.Daine said.

Cassy took her older brother to the doctor. He has a fracture on her right arm and has bruises on his face. Daine suggested Leigh to stay at school and he'll be okay with Cassy. Leigh was so worried she stayed at the beach where she always stays after class. The wind was cold as she walks with her barefoot on the sand. Why they're some people can do hurt someone just to get what they want. She's thinking deep while the sun going down the sea. Seagull started to fly everywhere.


How is he? Kale interrupts.

I don’t know. Leigh replied with her sad eyes.

He's a strong man, he'll be okay. Kale said.

I hope, it’s my fault. Leigh replied.

Are you okay? Kale asked as he noticed that Leigh was really looks so depressed.

No! Leigh said and slowly sat down at the sand.

Uhmm.Kale timidly replied.

I really hope he's okay. She said and bows her head playing a sand on her fingers.

He'll be okay. Kale replied.

Thank you. Leigh said and gives him a smile.

The silence started between them and the beautiful sunset slowly going down the sea. The sound of the waves keeps splashing and the seagull flying at the sky so free.



Having trouble again? Daine said as he ran towards Kale.

As always! Kale laughed as he tapped Daine's shoulder.

Can you stop doing that? It will kill you.Daine said feeling concerned for his friend.

It doesn’t matter. Kale replied.

It does matter! Daine said.

Stand on my own? Kale asked.

You know I can't fight at your back anytime you need me.Daine said.

I don’t need you at my back I can do it on my own. Kale said.

Stop being an immature. We aren't a young boy for trouble anymore. Daine exclaimed.

Don't be a coward. Kale said.

I'm not a coward. I'm just trying to get you out in trouble. Daine replied.

I can do this. They shouldn’t do it. Kale said and ran away from Daine.

We can't go back there. Daine said and chased him.

I will take revenge.Kale said and rides on his car.

I'll come with you.Daine said and walk inside Kale's car.

You're not coming. Kale said.

You can't do it alone.Daine insisted.

I said get out of my car. Kale said and trying to let him out of his car.

I won’t leave you.Daine said trying to be there for his best friend.

Okay then let's kick their ass. Kale said.

Yeah kick their ass. Daine laughed.

Kale and Daine was always on trouble and fought other gang from the other school. They were really a best friends since they were young. Since Kale mother left him he became a rebel on his own way to catch attention from his father.

Kevin and Justin will be coming in a min. Drake said while panthing.

Dude, are you ready? Kevin asked.

Yeah ready. Kale said with a baseball bat.

What school are they?Daine asked.

As I know they're from the boys school. Kevin said.

Just beat them as long as you can and make sure you can't kill them. Kale said.

They'll pay what they did to Lance. Drake replied they're taking revenge to the boys who beat up their friend that almost kill him.

If you heard a police mobile coming run and run as long as you can. We will see each other at the hide out. Kale declared.

Fight! They all said and walk in into the hide out of the gangster who beat their friend Lance.

You're the gang leader who beat our friend? Kale declared he showed up his self.

Just beat them. How brave you are to get in. The leader of the gang said as same age as them.

They were shock when a member of the gang showed up.They started the fight and beating each other and everything started into a fatal fight. They keep hitting each other with the baseball bat. Kale was really good in fighting alongside with Daine. He's been his good back up buddy. They keep beating their opponent and they don't have plan run away from the gang.

I can hear a police mobile! Drake said and started to run away.

Kale that's enough we have to leave.Daine said and grabbed his hand.

You can't beat my friend again. Kale said as he kicks the leader of the gang said.

Damn Kale! He has a gun. Kevin screams and ran away.

Let’s go. Daine said and grabbed Kale's arm.

Run Run! Daine! Kale said and keeps running to escape.

Come on, keep going.Daine said and keep running.

BANG! A gunshot stops them from running and they wonder what's happening. They keep running.

Where are they? Drake said as he heard the gunshot.

Let's go. Kevin said to Drake.

We have to go back for them. Drake replied.

We will go now. Justin said ans they both ran away.

Kale?Kale? Drake whispered.

Wake up Daine. Kale said as he was trying to shake Daine.

What happened? Drake asked as he found them.

He was shot! Kale said.

F*ck!.Drake replied trying to help Kale to get him up.

Daine hold on don’t close your eyes.Kale cried whiles his hand shaking.

Daine! Daine.Drake keeps shaking him.

No! Wake up. Kale cried carrying Daine and took a taxi cab to go to the hospital.

I feel so cold.Daine said.

No! No! Hold on, we are almost there. Kale cried and helping Daine to stop from bleeding.

Am I dying?Daine cried.

No! You're not. Kale said.

Just hold on, dude. Drake said.

Daine, look me in the eye. Look at me. Kale demanded. 

I'm so cold.Daine cried.

Drake pays the taxi cab and helps me here. Kale said carrying Daine.

Please! Help us! Help us! Kale cried carrying his best friend.

Just let him in. The nurse said.

Help my friend, He was shot. Kale cried.

Just stay here and we will take him to the ER. The nurse said.

No! It's my fault. Kale said keep hitting the wall.

Stay calm. Drake said they both stained with blood.

After 30 minutes Mrs Mathew withCassy running at the lobby crying. He stood up from sitting from on the floor. He was shocked when Mrs. Mathew slapped him.

What happened? Mrs Mathew asked.

He was shot. Drake replied.

Shot?Mrs. Mathew said.

I'm so sorry. Kale cried.

Leave my son alone! Mrs. Mathew said crying.

Mom.Cassy said.

You both leave now!Mrs. Mathew said.

It was accident. Kale said.

You put him into trouble.Mrs. Mathew said.

Mrs. Mathew it was accident believe us. Drake explained.

Leave now and I don’t want to see you both. I thought you were good friends for him. Mrs. Mathew said.

I'm so sorry. Kale cried.

I trusted you. From now on, I don’t want you to get closer to him anymore. You're a bad influence to my son. You don’t deserve a friend.Mrs. Mathew replied.

After four months later Daine was back in normal again but he should be more careful. Daine was smiling walking towards Kale.

How are you? I didn’t see you visited me on the hospital. Daine said with a smile on his face.

We don't need you in our gang. Kale said trying to be bold. He don’t want those things to happen again Daine was his only friend and he almost killed his best friend his only brother for his own sake to revenge for Lance.

What's wrong?Daine asked.

Let's go boys. Kale said and left him alone standing.

Hey come on, you're joking right?Daine asked.

Daine was left alone standing wondering what went wrong. He was expecting and welcomes back party from being shot by a gun and given a second life to live. He felt so sad because Kale just dumped him that way. Since that day they never talk again. Kale started to ignore and walk away from him.

Kale dropped by at the beach where he always spent her time. He walk slowly at the shore and keep throwing stone at the sea. He felt so alone. I am the person who was always left alone. His tears keep falling down his face when he remembered his best buddy.

Kale! I escaped at the house as I've heard your message. Daine said chasing his breath.

Dude! Slow down. He said as he saw Daine almost stumbled down at the sand.

F**k!Daine said as he almost falls.

What's the rush? Kale laughed trying to be okay.

How's your mom?Daine interrupt.

She's fine, She called. Kale said and his tears slowly run down his face.

It's okay, tell me.Daine said and tap his best friends shoulder.

She's having a new family. Kale said trying to be tough.

I know how it feels.Daine replied and look his best friend.

She lied to me. Kale said.

I know how it hurts, the same pain I feel when Dad left us for his second family. Daine replied.

She's happy.Kale said and keeps hitting the sand.

You know what? You have to scream it out. Daine said and stood up to scream.

Scream? Kale asked.

Hey you! You don’t know how it hurts! Daine screamed towards the water that keeps splashing.

That's absurd. Kale laughed.

No just try it. Daine replied.

You! ------ Kale was about to scream when Daine pushed him towards the water and he stumbled down.

That's better!Daine laughed and jump on the water.

Damn dude. It's F***ng cold. Kale said feeling pissed off and keep kicking Daine on the water.

Look at you shaking. Daine laughed and ran away as Kale chase him and jump on him.

That hurts dude.Daine laughed.


It was a relief for him to have someone to listen and treat him like his own brother. He felt that he never be alone since Daine came in with his only friend he ever trusts for everything. They're like little kids enjoying the water under the twilight. The sun going down the sea and everything around them was getting dark.



What time will it be going to start? Aoi asked.

It will in a few minutes. Daine replied.

Who was that?Shiori asked as she walks closer to Daine.

Leigh? Daine said as he took off his mask.

Beautiful.Aoi said smiling to her friend.

We have to start now. Leigh said as she walks closer to her friends.

You're so beautiful.Shiori said.

Thank you.You too. Leigh said and gave friend a hug.

Daine, Let’s start the party. They're waiting. Leigh said. Dainewas still glued his eyes on her.

Hey Daine.Aoi interrupt.

What? Daine asked.

We will going to start. Leigh said.

Oh! I'm so sorry. Daine said as he helped Leigh to get up to the stage to declare that the party will going to start.

Tonight Leigh and I Daine Mathew will going to play for the band. Daine said.

Hope you'll enjoy the night Thank you. Leigh said and took her guitar to start to play with the band alongside with Daine.

Can I dance you?Daine asked.

Yeah sure.Leigh replied.

Can I hold your hand?Daine asked while smiling.

Of course.Leigh replied as Daine took her hand to dance.

You're so beautiful.Daine whispered as he put his face closer.

Thank you. Leigh replied as he stroke Daine's hair.

Thank you for all the flowers and salads you sent while I'm on the hospital.Daine whispered.

How's your arm doing? Leigh asked.

I'm okay.Daine replied.


Everyone was enjoying the Homecoming Party.

What's wrong? Cassy asked Andria as she saw her best friend feeling pissed.

Look at them they're laughing. Andria said.

You're jealous?Cassy asked.

Yeah. Is he courting Leigh? Andria asked.

I don't know.Cassy timidly replied.

Am I not beautiful tonight? Andria asked.

Of course you are. Come and let’s dance.Cassy replied and grabbed her friend on the dance floor.

Kale. She's beautiful tonight. Drake interrupts as he sat down beside Kale with a glass of wine on his hand.

Yeah, she is. Kale replied.

You have the same taste with your best buddy. Drake replied.

I guess. Kale timidly replied.

I always saw Daine walking her home or at the church. Drake declared.

She's in the band with Daine. Kale replied.

It's your chance to dance with her. Drake said as he pushed his friend.

No. Kale replied.

Come on she's alone now. Drake said.

No. Kale replied with his hands shaking.

Leigh! Drake said as he calls her.

Yes? Do you need something? Leigh asked as she walks closer to Drake.

Can I ask your friend on a dance floor? Drake said talking about Aoi.

That's funny. Just ask her. Leigh laughed.

Okay thank you. Drake replied and walk towards Aoi.

He's funny. Leigh said and sat beside Kale.

Ah! That naughty boy! Kale laughed.

Why are you alone here? Have you asked someone to dance? Leigh said.

No.Kale replied and bows his head.

Excuse me I have to go. Leigh said and get up.

You're beautiful.Kales said and look at her.

Thank you. Leigh said as she turned around. Her whole body was shaking when she heard it from Kale.

If you don’t mind?. Kale said and paused.

Yeah I won’t mind. Leigh said like she doesn’t know what she's saying.

It's okay. Kale laughed.

I'm sorry. What is it? Leigh asked.

Can I dance with you? Kale asked.

Yeah. Why not. Leigh laughed trying to be plain even if her heart keeps pounding. She can't control herself shaking.

Are you okay? Kale asked.

Yeah. Leigh replied.

You're shaking. Kale said as he held Leigh's hand to a dance floor.

No, I'm okay. Leigh said trying to be plain.

How's your novel? Kale said.

It's okay. Actually I'm done with it. Leigh replied.

I'd love to read it. Kale said.

Yeah sure. Leigh said while smiling.

I like the way you sang the song earlier. Kale said with his voice shaking.

Really? Or you're trying to piss me off. Leigh laughed.

No, it's true. Kale laughed.

You look gorgeous with your suit. I can’t see a bad boy side of you. Leigh said.

I'm just a trouble maker hiding in a descent suit. Kale replied.

No one knows it's you. Trouble maker.Leigh laughed.

I look so good with mask. They think I'm an angel. Kale said.

You're having a mask or not. It doesn’t matter. Leigh said.

I am just a beast hiding behind my mask. Kale replied.

You have a good side I know. Leigh said.













Chris Daughtry


How the time passed away, all the trouble that we gave
And all those days we spent out by the lake
Has it all gone to waste? All the promises we made
One by one they vanish just the same

Of all the things I still remember
Summer's never looked the same
The years go by and time just seems to fly
But the memories remain

In the middle of September we'd still play out in the rain
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Reflecting now on how things could've been
It was worth it in the end

Now it all seems so clear, there's nothing left to fear
So we made our way by finding what was real
Now the days are so long that summer's moving on
We reach for something that's already gone, yeah

Of all the things I still remember
Summer's never looked the same
The years go by and time just seems to fly
But the memories remain

In the middle of September we'd still play out in the rain
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Reflecting now on how things could've been.







The water keeps splashing on the sand as the sky getting darker. The sun already sinks on the sea and seagull is tired of flying. Leigh keeps picking up some stones on the seashore with her barefoot.

What are you doing here? Kale asked.

Hi, just wanna finish my book. Leigh replied and smile at him while playing water on her feet.

At this hour?Kale asked.

Yeah, it's quiet and I love it. Leigh replied.

What are you doing then? Kale asked.

Just looking for some small piece of stones.Leigh replied.

For what?Kale asked.

For my aquarium. Leigh laughed.

How about this? Kale asked as he picks up a stone.

Yeah. That’s fine. Leigh replied and smile.

How many fish you have? Kale asked.

They were two Flesh and Foe. Leigh laughed.

Sweet. Kale replied.

How about you what are you doing here at this time? Leigh asked.

I got a fight. Kale said feeling down.

With who? Leigh asked as she stop looking for some stone and glance at him.

With dad. Kale replied as he took a deep breath and glued his eyes to the sky.

This is enough. Leigh said as she interrupt and go back to her stuffs at the sand.

Where do I put this? Kale asked talking about the stones.

Just put in here. Leigh said and sat down at the sand.

Okay. Kale replied and sat beside Leigh.

If you don’t mind me asking. Why you have a fight with your dad? Leigh asked.

He doesn’t care at all.Kale said and bows his head playing with the stone on his hand.

You're mad at your father because you think he doesn’t care? Leigh asked.

Yeah, since mom left us. I feel like I'm all alone with my life. Kale said with his teary eyes. I felt like everyone around me keeps leaving me because I am a not deserving to be love. They just left me all alone. I feel so lovelorn for everything. For my mom, my dad, my friends and I am around with lots of people but I can’t feel them.

It’s okay keeps going. I'm here to listen. Leigh said.

Every time I feel depressed I spent my time here since I was in middle school. I watch every wave that keep splashing on me, every time the seagull keeps flying on the air. Every time the sun slowly going down the sea. No one listen to me and no one cares what I feel. Kale said

Everything happened for a reason. You will never know the reason behind if you're going to be just like that and keep hiding behind the person they judge you. I do understand how you feel. Leigh replied.

I hate my mom for leaving me and let me suffer. Kale said and looks at Leigh in the eye.

I know that all you feel was hate for her but she's your mom. You can’t hate her without asking he what happened behind everything. She loves you and I believe that. Leigh said.

They left me all alone. Kale cried.

You deserve to be loved. Everybody does. Heal yourself and open your arms. I swore you'll be happy. Leigh replied.

Everybody says I am not a good friend, a good son and not a good person to be with. Kale said and took a deep breath.

Remember what Iain Thomas said. “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let bitterness steal you sweetness”.Leigh said.

Sweet. Kale timidly replied.

That's not true there always a good in you and they don't see that. Leigh replied as she holds Kale's face.

I am a trouble maker. Kale said with his teary eyes.

One more thing.I know the world is crazy. I know love is not always the way it's meant to be. I know sometimes, things hurt. But I also know that we well get through this. That our hearts will arrive on the other side, in one piece. That everything is beautiful, if we give it the chance to be.-Iain Thomas. Leigh said and tapped his shoulder.

Thank you. Kale replied with his teary eyes.

What happened to your face? Leigh asked wiping Kale's tears.

Dad slaps me. Kale timidly replied.

Hold on, I have a band aid here. I always clip it her at the back of my notebook. Leigh replied with a huge smile on her face.

For what?Kale laughed.

So if ever someone needed I can help them heal their wounds. Leigh replied.

That's funny. Kale laughed.

Don't move I'll put it on. Leigh said as her face get closer to Kale and put on the band aid.

I think I was been hit. Kale said and held Leigh hands on his face. Their eyes met. Leigh was shaking as Kale getting closer to her. She closed her eyes when she felt Kale's lips slowly moving on her lips. Her heart keeps pounding. They were interrupts when Leigh's phone rang.

It's mom. I have to go now. Leigh said.

I'll walk you home. Kale insisted.

I'm okay. Leigh refused.

Let me walk you home, it's so dark. Kale said and picks all the stone they took.

Ah! My stones. I almost forget it. Leigh laughed.

It’s okay let me help you with this. Kale said trying to be plain even if they feel awkwardness.

Let’s go. Leigh said and started to walk.

It's cold. Kale said and took off his jacket and put it on Leigh's shoulder.

Thank you. Leigh said and then the silence started between them.

You shouldn’t be walking at this hour alone.Kale interrupts.

It's safe here. Leigh said.

Tell me about your mom? Kale asked.

 My mom is a plain house wife, she loves to cook and loves to take good care of me and my father is an on call mechanic.

How about yours? Leigh asked.

My mom left us when I was young and I have nothing much to tell about my father. Kale replied.

So what do you want to be when you're in college? Leigh asked.

I want to be a Photographer. How about you? Kale replied and smile at her.

I want to be a writer, but I am going to study music. Leigh replied.

Sound good. Kale replied.

You will be a great writer I guess. Kale said.

I thought you're going to tell me a great musician. Leigh laughed.

Why not a writer then? Kale asked.

I need to work and save more money. Ever since mom gave birth. We never have a permanent house. I don’t have a hometown to call. It's hard sometimes but I have to adjust every time we are packing things to every town where my dad was assigned. Leigh said.

So where you want that house to be build? Kale asked.

North Pole.Leigh laughed.

Really?Kale laughed.

I'm kidding. I really want that abundant place near the beach; I want that place to be my forever home. Leigh said.

Should I pay fees if I am depressed to get in there? Kale said and smiled at her.

Of course you have to. Leigh replied.

Where's your house? Kale asked.

I'm here. Leigh interrupted with excitement.

That one? That's big. Kale said.

No, the small one bungalow. Leigh said.

That's cute. You love roses? Kale asked.

Yeah. Just come in for a while. Leigh said.

No, I'm good. Kale replied.

Come on. Leigh said and grabbed his hand to get in.

Hi mom, I'm home. Leigh said.

Hi, sweetie. Mrs. Mitchell said as she prepared the dinner on the table.

Mom, my friend Kale.Leigh said as she grabbed Kale's hand.

Hello, you didn’t tell me that we have a visitor. Mrs.Mitchell said and give them a smile.

Good evening Miss Mitchell. Kale said and give a smile he's shy.

What happened to your face sweetie?Mrs.Mitchelle said as she saw Kale's face.

He's in trouble mom. Leigh laughed.

Ah! Trouble maker.Mrs; Mitchell laughed.

Don't be shy Kale. Leigh said.

Just stay for a while, we will have a dinner in a bit. Mrs. Mitchell said.

Come here Flesh and Foe. Leigh said as she walks towards her aquarium.

That's Flesh and foe? Kale asked.

Yeah they're cute.Kale said and gives her a smile.

Are you friend with Daine too? Mrs. Mitchell asked.

Yeah mom. He's Daine's best friend. Leigh interrupts.

So Daine already visited your house? Kale asked.

Once, he helped me about math. Leigh said while putting stones on her aquarium.

Okay. Kale timidly replied as he look around it's a very happy home he can feel it. It's a simple bungalow house which equivalent to his room. Their house was too big but he never felt being with his family.

Come here I'll show you my garden. Leigh said and grabbed Kale's arm.

Beautiful. Kale said feeling amazed.

I like roses and any kinds of flowers. Leigh insisted.

This is amazing. Kale said feeling amazed.

Leigh. Kale said.

Yes.?Leigh asked.

About the uhmmm.Kale said and pause he think about the kiss.

Sweetie let’s eat now.Mrs. Mitchell calls them to get in.

Let's go. Leigh interrupts.

Yeah sure. Kale said and walked in.

Come here Kale don’t be shy. Mrs. Mitchell said.

Thank you. Kale replied with his teary eyes no one treated him that way. He's so welcome.

Don't be shy. Leigh said while putting on a mashed potato on his plates.

Just eat this.Mrs. Mitchell said and put on a steak and beans on his plates. He felt he's been spoiled. He remembers how his mom spoiled him when he's young.

Thank you so much. Kale replied with his teary eyes. He's so felt love.

Are you sure you're okay with your bruises on your face? Mrs.Mitchelle asked.

Yeah. Kale timidly replied.

You want some? Leigh asked.

Yeah sure. Kale said feeling excited having a dinner with these too beautiful and warmhearted ladies.

Don't be shy.Mrs.Mitchell said as she put on water on his glass.

Thank you. Kale said. He never ate this happy before. At their house they have a lot of food but he's eating alone and he's always eating sandwich outside or a Ramen alone.

I'm full. Kale said with an ear to ear smile on his face.

That's great. I have some cookies I bake earlier you take some.Mrs. Mitchell said as she packs some cookies.

I'd love to.Thank you so much. Kale said.

It's okay. Thank you for walking home my daughter. Mrs. Mitchell replied.

Thank you so much. Kale said.

Always welcome.Mrs. Mitchell said.

I'll walk him out mom. Leigh said.

Okay sweetie. Mrs. Mitchell said and walk in the house.

I'm sorry about my mom; she's really a talker type. Leigh laughed.

It's okay. You're lucky. Kale timidly replied.

May I see your bruises?Leigh said as she checks Kale's face. Does it hurts; when you get home just put some medicine okay.

Okay. Kale said.

Just get out of trouble. Leigh laughed.

I will. Kale timidly replied.

Just go home now and take care of yourself. Leigh said.

Thank you.Kale replied while waving and walks away with a smile on his face.








The weather was starting to act so weird and the sky getting darker this time looks like it will rain. Leigh fell asleep on the couch waiting for her mom to come home from a visit to her dad in the city. She's half awake and she can hear the phone rings many times.

Hello, Mitchell residence? Leigh said and she's rubbing her eyes she really feel sleepy.

It's me Kale, how are you? Kale said at the other line while playing a football in his hand.

I'm okay and you? She said and she walks to lie in the couch.

I never see you on the beach since the last time I walk you home. Kale asked.

Yeah, I have to help mom at the house. Leigh replied.

Can I see you this afternoon? Kale asked.

Yeah sure, if mom get home early. Leigh replied.

Thank you, I have something to tell you. At 1pm I'll wait for you there okay? I got to go I am going to a business meeting with dad.Kale replied and then hangs the phone to go out of his room. His dad waiting for him and he can resist with his dad's command to attend a meeting with other business partners of his dad's company.

Hold on Kale.Kale? Kale?.Leigh heard the phone was hanged up. She's worried about her dad and she's waiting for her mom to come home to tell her that her dad is getting better. She felt something bad and she felt like her heart beats so fast and decided to get a bottle of water in a refrigerator and check something to eat. She grabs a box of pizza and tried to relax in front of the TV.

Come on mom call me. She whispered.


A few hours later she cooks something for lunch and she's still thinking about her dad and her mom. She keeps staring at the telephone to check if her mom called. It's getting brighter outside and its looks like the weather acting really weird, the sun started to come out again. It's already 12 o'clock in the afternoon her mom doesn’t call her yet. She can't focus on something she's doing; her dad wasn’t in a good condition last night. The glass of water slipped in her hands she have to clean the broken pieces if the glass when the phone ring.

Hello good afternoon. She said

Sweetie?Her mom crying at the other line.

Mom? Why are you crying? Leigh asked to her mom at the other line she felt like something really happened.

You have to fix your thing and come to me sweetie. I need you here. Her mom said crying.

Mom tells me what happened? Is he okay?.Leigh was shaking and she can't control her tears falling from her eyes.

Your Dad is in coma.You have to come here as soon as you can. Her mom said.

Okay mom I am going to fix my stuffs and be there. She rush trudges up the stairs while her tears falling down her face. She run fast as she could to get a bus going to the city.


Kale sat down on the sand when she arrives at the beach. The sky getting darker and he thinks it will rain anytime soon. He decided to stay at the abundant house. Leigh where are you? Maybe you're going to be late. I'll wait a little more. The rain was about to fall the winds keeps getting colder and he feels like rain drops slowly dropping in his hand. He hid under the tree for a while he's trying to save the bundle of roses on his hand. He checks his wrist watch and it's already 8pm and he never heard anything from Leigh. He tried to call her many times but no answers. The rainstorm fell so hard he decided to go home. He left all the roses under the tree and left.

Where's Kale? His dad asks he is wearing her tuxedo as he entersa front door of the house.

He's not home yet sir. An old lady with her maid uniform replied.

I am in my office let me know if he's home. His dad said looks like he's really mad this time.

Okay sir. She replied.

I really hate rain. Kale whispered when he enter the door.

Sir your dad was looking for you. Change your clothes now and go to your dad's office. His nanny said and left after she fixes all the stuffs he needed.

Okay I will thank you. He replied and jumps in into the shower, thinking why Leigh didn’t come to meet him. Leigh what's wrong? Is she avoiding me after the night I kiss her?

At the next day Kale bought a bundle of flower at the flower shop again and takes a walk going to the beach. He still was hoping that Leigh will come to meet him. I knew you were coming! Instead of being upset he tried to wait a little longer. He started to lose hope, skies are turning grey it's almost twilight. Long shadows begun to spring up and he's still there waiting for something he didn’t know if it will show up. His heart has begun beating so hard. He sat very still, looking straight out. Kale closed his eyes and tears run down. He felt dark, he begun to feel the cold of the wind. The sun started to go down to the sea and seagull begun to stop flying. He can hear the waves splashing. He walks with his barefoot for a little. He decides to go to Leigh house she maybe have an important things to do. As he walk home he saw Leigh's house still fill with dark. He's wondering why it is so quiet in there. He never saw Leigh at their graduation and no one knows. He took his book and begun to start reading when someone knock on his room.

Kale? One of their maidsknocks on his door.

Come in.

Your dad wanted to talk to you sir. She said and it looks like an urgent.

He stood up and walk to his Dad's room. His father was in his room since he went home. They've always no time to talk or gives each other’s attention.


Come in son, he is sitting in his chair at the dark room.

What's going on.? Kale asks and turns on the lights. Are you crying?

I never imagine this would be happening to me son, I never been a good father to you.

Dad tells me what's going on? Kale sat down at the edge of the king size bed beside his father.

I love your mom so much, I've been so much busy and so much workaholic the reason your mom left.

Dad tells me what's going on?

We are going to London tomorrow. His father says and continues drinking his whiskey.


Come with me son. We are going to your mom.

I don't understand dad.

You know what? Your mom loves you so much and it’smy fault why she left. Mr.Blackburn said.

She's has her own family. Kale replied.

I know you really want to see her. Mr.Blackburn declared.

Okay. Kale replied.

We talk and she wants to be with you.Mr.Blackburn exclaimed.


Leigh felt a shiver on her body and a cold air through the window. She took a deep breath. Her father was lying in a small hospital bed while her mom fell asleep and her head at the bed. She hadn’t been able to sleep. She had to look for her dad. She decided to go for groceries. It's been a week that she's so focused to her father's situation. She remembered that she have to call Kale.

Hello morning this is Blackburn Residence who is this please?An old lady at the other line.

Good morning, may I speak to Kale? Leigh said.

Kale is not here but I’ll let him know that you call. An old lady says.

Yes please. Thank you. Leigh replied as she ended the call and dialled Kale's phone.

Hello its Kale please leaves me a message. An answering machine said.

Hi, it’s me Leigh. I'm so sorry last time I didn't make it. I don't have a phone right now so I dropped to call you in a telephone booth. See you soon. Take care of yourself. Leigh said and dropped the call.

I hope Kale will never get mad at me. She whispered.

Mom, I'm here. She said as she enters the room.

I have to go to the bank sweetie and withdraw some money for our daily needs. Mrs.Mitchell declared.

Okay mom, anyway I bought you a sandwich for breakfast.

Thank you sweetie, take good care of your dad.

Okay mom, take care.

She can see through the window that leaves begun to fall, almost as if the season is changing. She took all the flowers she bought and put it in a small vase at the table.

Good morning dad, autumn is coming do you remember when I was in a middle school? We used to play at the backyard during autumn. You once told me I really love playing leaves. I miss you dad. You are the strongest man and I can’t watch you here in your bed doing nothing. I want to talk to you again. I love you so much Dad. Anyway look at these flowers they're look beautiful right? I know you love it.



Dad! Dad! It's a spider. Leigh a 12 year old girl runs to her father as she saw the spider crawling unto her.

Don't be afraid sweetie. It'd just a spider okay? Her father said.

I'm afraid of it.

All right.It’s just fear, fear aren't real.Come and help me get all these dry leaves here. Mr.Mitchell declared.

Dad?Will I'll be a Princess when I get older?

Why you have to wait when you get older? You are already my little princess.

Where's my castle?

Close your eyes sweetie.Mr.Mitchell said.

Okay, I'm doing it now.

Hold on, okay now open your eyes.

Wow! She said as she open her eyes she saw bundle of flowers in her father’s hand.

Flowers for you and holdinga long twig as his sword. I will always be here to protect my highness. Mr.Mitchell declared.

The little girl can't stop laughing watching her father.

Close your eyes my highness. He father said

Okay, ready?She said while her eyes closed.

Hold on,

Ready? I can’t see anything. She said.

Okay just a minute. Now open your eyes.

Wow! Dad it's so beautiful. She said as she saw a crown made of flowers.

My highness wear you beautiful crown now. You are the most beautifulprincess of the entire kingdom.

Thank you!

If you don’t mind me asking my highness, Can I dance with you?

Sure she said with a smile. Her father carries her and then they dance like a prince and a princess.

I love you Daddy

I love you so much sweetie.

She stared at the father after the deep thinking about the past when she was still young. She kissed her father's forehead and opens her book to read.

I'm here. Her mom said as she enters the room with some fruits and dad's favourite food.

Let me take that mom.

I bought your dad his fave soup so that when he woke up he can eat. She said with tears in her eyes.

Leigh gives her a hug to comfort her mom. Mom he will be okay.

I don’t know what to do. The hospital bills was so expensive and I check our savings its not enough. Her mom cried.

Mom, don't worry I will find a job tomorrow so I can help you.

I'm so sorry sweetie, just stay here with your dad and I will find a job.

No, mom I will be okay. Dad, needs you here okay? I have a little savings here and you can take it.

Thank you sweetie.

Mom, I'll be going to church for a while just eat your lunch now and have a rest. I’ll be back sooner. She kissed her mom and leaves the room.

Okay sweetie, take care.

Leigh enters the church and sat down at the wooden chair facing the altar. She couldn’t stop her tears, she bend her knees and begun to cry. I believe that you always have a better plan than what we had for ourselves. I know you hear me, I trust in you.


Kale sat down under the tree as he glance to the leaves that begun to fall in the ground. He's still expecting Leigh will show up. It is his greatest fear leaving by someone he loves without any word to say. His heart begun to pound. As he glances to his wrist watch time clicking so fast. The sun begun to sink fireflies twinkled in the tall grass. A cold wind begun to whisper in his ears and he felt so cold. He started to walk at the shore with his barefoot. He's staring at the wristband Leigh gave him. I will always love you. I am still hoping to see you before I leave.


Leigh tried to call Aoi to ask how Kale was. She was so worried about him they didn’t have chance to see each other again.

Hello Aoi. Leigh said as she heard her friend's voice.

Leigh. Oh my god I’ve been calling you for a week.Where have you been?Aoi asked.

I lost my phone. And dad is in a comma. Leigh replied.

What? I'm sorry. Aoi replied.

I'm okay trying to be strong. Leigh replied feeling dismay.

Kale was been looking for you for a week.Aoi interrupt.

How was he? I've called him many times. He never called back. Leigh replied.

We will going to visit you at the city next week with Daine,Aoi said.

Thank you. I am looking for a job so I can help mom. Leigh replied.

Anyway. Kale is going to London tomorrow.Aoi interrupt.

What? Why? Leigh asked.

College. You know. Aoi replied.

What time will he going to leave? Leigh asked.

Drake told me it's 9am. Aoi said.

He didn’t answer my calls. Leigh said.

He's leaving.Aoi asked.

I have to go. Call you later. Leigh said and drops the call


At the next day Leigh woke up early to go to the airport. She has to talk to Kale. She run rushed to grab the taxi cab.

Come on. She whispered as she checked her wrist watch it's almost 9am. How she really wish she can still chase Kale for the last time.

Thank you. She said and pays to walk out the cab. She’s going to be late. She saw the board going to London. She saw the plane was about to take off. She's shaking and she doesn’t have a chance to see Kale or even to talk to him.

I'm sorry. She whispered.


Kale glued his eyes outside the window of the plane as it is about to take off. He never saw Leigh again since the last day he walk her home. He never felt love before since Leigh came to his life but then she showed up. Goodbye Leigh.


Leigh found a job to save money for her father. She was hired as a barrister in a small coffee shop in the city not too far from the hospital. She work there as a part time at night and she's going to stay in the hospital in the morning to help her mom. She's working in the flower shop to do some errand at the afternoon.

Leigh! Can you deliver these flowers in this address written on the list.A middle age lady, an owner of the flower shop. She's lucky that a warm-hearted woman hired her to do some job.

Yes Mrs.Wilde, just a minute, I will finish cutting the stem then I will deliver it in time. She replied.

I'll be right here in my office if you need me. A lady named Amanda Wilde said. She's a florist and also a freelance wedding coordinator. Leigh used every second of her time to do her job, she doesn’t care when her smooth long fingers will bleed causes by the torn of roses. She has to deliver it in time. She will never give up for her the sake of her father.

As she enters the hospital room she's felt shiver in her skin and hoping her dad was still there. She saw her mom staring outside the window.

I'm here mom, I just bought you a soup.

How's your job doing?

It's fine mom.

I prepared some food sweetie.

Wow! smells delicious. Have you done eating mom?

Yeah, I'm done.

Mom, you don’t have to worry about me.

I just packed you a sandwich for your night shift job, Are you sure you can take two jobs? We can switch sweetie, I can work at the morning and you can stay here.Mrs. Mitchell exclaimed.

Mom, no! I can do this okay? I want you to stay here with dad. I’ll be okay. Leigh replied.

Your dad still lying here in bed almost a month. And we don’t have any clue when will he going to wake up.

Mom, don't lose hope. We have to be strong for dad.

I decided to sell our house our last hope to pay the bills if not you know what will happen. The company already paid the half of your father's bills but still not enough. Mrs.Mitchell declared.

It's okay mom, I will find a small apartment for our stuffs. Leigh said and gave her mom a hug. Don't worry mom everything will be okay.

Thank you for being so strong sweetie.

I love you both mom and dad.

How's Daine? He mom asked.

It's been a month since I last talk to him. He has a vacation in Thailand.

How about Aoi? He mom asked.

Aoi is studying taking business. Leigh replied.

I'm so sorry. He mom cried.

For what mom?Leigh asked.

For all of this. He mom said.

You don’t have to. Its okay I can handle this mom. Leigh replied.


Leigh was so exhausted from work she's so excited to give the apples for her dad. She's wishing that he'll wake up. She really missed her dad.

Mom, I'm here. Leigh said with excitement.

Leigh. Mrs.Mitchell said crying.

Mom?What's wrong? Are you okay? Leigh asked.

Your dad.Mrs.Mitchell cried.

What mom? Leigh asked.

He's gone. Mrs.Mitchell cried.

No mom tell me it's not true. Mom tells me. Leigh cried.

Your dad.Mrs.Mitchell cried.


Leigh fell down into her knees with her tears bursting from her eyes. Its very late; all of the doctors and nurses seems to be busy with patients. How fast life change for her and for her mom. God led her into pain that makes her stronger. She lost the most precious person of her life.




Leigh was taking a musical course while she's working in a popular Black Flame Publishing Company as a secretarial assistant as a part time job..Daine was working at the same company as a Managing Director at the Layout Section.

How's your first day? Daine interrupt her as she was standing at the lamppost waiting for him.

It's fine. Leigh timidly replied.

Fine sounds not good?Daine laughed.

No it's good. Leigh replied.

So I'll treat you for your first day. Daine said.

No! I'll treat you. Leigh insisted as she grab Daine arm.

Okay. Daine replied and started walking to a near cafeteria. Daine always drive her home when he's out early.

How's Cassy? And your mom?Leigh asked.

They're fine. Cassy and Andria share a room at their college. So I won’t be worry too much.Daine replied.

That’s great. Leigh said.

How about your Mom? Daine asked.

He's fine with our new apartment. Leigh replied.

I'll visit him next week. Daine said.

Sure. Mom would love that. Leigh replied.

Let's eat. Daine interrupt.

Let’s eat. Leigh said.

After the dinner they spent time at the Carnival to play some games as what they always do.

Want some cotton candy?Daine asked.

Yeah sure. Leigh replied.

Great.Daine said.

Why is it so dark? Leigh replied,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Everyone scream.

Oh my!! Leigh said and paused.

Happy Birthday.Aoi said and she hugged her best friend so tight.

Shiori, Aoi and Drake?Leigh said as she saw her friends.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.Mrs. Mitchell said.

Mom! Leigh said as she was so shocked.

You think we didn’t remember? Daine said and give her a smile.

Thank you. She said and walk towards her dad.

We love you sweetie. Mrs.Mitchell said as he hugged his only girl.

Daine visited earlier at the apartment to tell me that Aoi will going to drive me here.Mrs.Mitchell said with excitement.

I love you mom. Leigh said with her teary eyes.

Let's share this food now.Daine interrupted.

Thank you so much for coming guys. Leigh said and hug her friends Shiori and Aoi.

No worries, we love you. Shiori replied.

Thank you Drake. Leigh said.

Welcome. Drake said and gives her a smile.

You! Come here. Leigh said as he givesDaine a look.

What? Daine laughed.

You're a liar! Leigh laughed.

I lie for good. White lies.Daine laughed.

What happened to your arm? Leigh asked.

I already met my doctor. Daine replied.

Let me see. Are they still hurting? Leigh asked as she checksDaines arm under his blue long sleeve.

I'm okay.Daine replied and get up to help Mr. Mitchell with his wheelchair.

Are you okay?Daine asked Mrs.Mitchell.

Yeah, thank you.Mrs. Mitchell replied.

Let me know if you want to rest, I'll drive you home.Daine said.

It's okay you prepared all of this, just enjoy. Mr.Mitchell replied busied herself having a long conversation with Shiori.

 She's so special to me. Daine said.

Mom are you okay? Leigh interrupts.

Yeah. Sweetie.Mrs.Mitchell replied and gives his daughter a kiss.

Thank you for all of this. Leigh said.

Aoi and Shiori planned to make these all a surprise. Daine laughed.

Come here! Leigh said as she asked her friend to come over.

I'm sorry; I really want to surprise you. Aioi replied and hug her friend and she saw Shiori was still laughing with her mom.

I already told you both. Don’t spoil me. Leigh said and gives them a smile.

I'm not! Daine do that. Aoi said as she looks at Daine.

Why me?Daine replied.

I think I have to take mom home. Leigh said as she glances to her mom having deep conversation with Shiori who can’t stop laughing.

I'll drive you home. Daine said.

Okay, Shiori will stay with us.Aoi said.

Thank you so much, Shiori and Drake again and again.Leigh declared and gives them both a hug.

You can visit me in our apartment.Mrs.Mitchell said as she gave Shiori a hug.

Yeah, I will always. Shiori laughed.

Take care of the ladies dude.Daine said to Drake as he give it a tap on his shoulder.

I will dude. Drake replied.

Stay safe guys. Leigh said.

Let me help you mom. Leigh said as she saw her mom walked in the car.

Mrs. Mitchell are you okay?Daine said as he took Mrs.Mitchell's hand to get in to his car.

I'm good. Thank you. Mrs.Mitchell replied.

Mom? Are you tired? Leigh asked.

I'm okay sweetie. Mrs. Mitchell replied and gave her a hug..

Daine started to drive it's been a couple of years since Daine taking good care of them too as his own mother.

Can I ask you a favorDaine? Leigh said.

Sure. What is it? Daine asked.

Can you pull over? I'll bough some apple for so mom can bake her apple pie tomorrow. Leigh said.

Sure. Do you want me to come with you? Daine asked.

No, I'm ok. I'll do it quick. Leigh replied.

Okay, I'll park here. Daine said.

Look for mom for a while. Leigh said and walk towards the retail store.

Okay.Daine replied and leaned his head.

How was your job? Mrs.Mitchell asked.

I was promoted as a Managing Director in a Layout section.Daine said and give her a smile.

You're doing well.Mrs.Mitchelle replied.

I am going to Wales next month for a meeting. It's been a lot of travel.Daine said.

Well that’s very good news, take good care of yourself .Mrs.Mitchel declared.

Yeah, sometimes it's a lot of work to do and travel.Daine insisted. As she turned around to check Mrs.Mitchell.

I'm tired.Mrs.Mitchelle said.

You're okay?Daine said.

I'm okay, I am getting older. Mrs.Mitchell said.

I'll call Leigh now so we can go home. Daine said and dialed Leigh's number.


Leigh walked in into the retail store to check some fresh fruits for her mom. Her mom loves to bake an apple pie. She was checking some milk and bread for breakfast tomorrow.

I have to make it fast. She whispered as she took some apples and other fruits. She was interrupt when Daine calling on her phone.

Hello Daine? Leigh asked.

Are you done? I guess your mom really needs to go to bed. She's tired.Daine replied.

Yeah almost, I am going to pay now. Stay there. Leigh said and took all the stuff she bought. She's wearing her office uniform a mini skirt matching a 5inches heels and a white polo shirt as she took off her sweater. Her long blonde shiny hair flew every time she wall. She has the most beautiful eyes.

Are you there?Daine asked.

Yeah, I'm leaving the store now. She said and when she's about to go out the glass door a guy with a white polo long sleeves folded on his shoulder about 6feet tall just bumped her.

I'm sorry. The guy said and waited her to walk by before he walks in the store.

I'm sorry. She said with a phone on her ear without talking as she rushed walked away.

Someone just bumped me when I walk out the store. Leigh said and checks her mom.

Are you okay.Daine asked.

Yeah.I'm fine. Leigh replied.

Mom, Are you okay? Leigh asked.

Yeah.Mr. Mitchell timidly replied.


Kale walked out the store when he recognizes the girl he bumped was look familiar Leigh? He whispered looking around, run around the street to look for Leigh. He was really sure it was Leigh.

Leigh! Leigh! Kale said as he keeps looking around. He keep walking and running around hoping he will see Leigh again. He stayed under the lamppost hoping the girl he bumped will come back.


At the next day Leigh was in a rush to get in to her table. She's late this morning as she fell asleep doing her homework last night. She slowly rubbed her eyes and directed to go to the washroom and put on her make up.

Good morning. Chloe said.

Hi, morning. Leigh replied while fixing her messy hair.

You're late. What happened? Chloe asked.

Traffic sucks. Leigh laughed.

So bad.Chloe replied.

Do you know what's new? Meaghan interrupted.

What? Chloe asked.

I've heard that the company's CEO will going to visit? Meaghan said while giggling.

Really?Chloe said.

Yeah. They said he's so handsome. Meaghan giggled.

Handsome as Daine? Chloe said and gave Leigh a naughty look who's busied herself with her hair.

Yeah handsome and hot.Meaghan giggled.

Hot as fire. He maybe looks like Jaime Dornam. Chloe declared.

Have you watch him at the Once upon a time TV show? He's so hot there. Meaghan said.

Yeah. Huntsman so perfect. Chloe replied.

How about you Leigh? What’d you think he looks like? That can make you impressed? Meaghan asked.

How I wish he looks like Chris Evans. Leigh laughed.

Oh my gosh! No. Chloe exclaimed.

Or maybe Ashton Kutcher! Leigh said and glued her eyes to her laptop.

No way! Meaghan giggled.

Girls! Manager Stark interrupts them as they all pretended working.

Good morning manager. Chloe said.

Morning.Manager Stark replied as he glued his eyes to Leigh. He's wearing a black tuxedo he's about 5feet 5inches tall.

How's your day Ms.Mitchell? Manager Stark interrupts Leigh on her table.

Good Manager Stark. Leigh timidly replied.

I want all the printed papers on my office. Manager Stark declared and walks away and enters his office.

Ms.Mitchell someone just sent you a flower. Clyde said while pointing the flower on his hand. He's one of the staff at the publishing section.

From who?Leigh asked wondering who sent this.

I don’t know. Clyde said

Girl, I like your hair. You should colour it more I guess. Meaghan said as she saw the flower trying to tease her.

This is embarrassing. Leigh said.

From manager Stark.Maybe.Meaghan whispered.

When will you get married? Chloe laughed.

Maybe he's the Ashton Kutcher you're waiting. Meaghan said as she burst into laughed.

That's an evil laughed. Leigh said with her wry face.

He's already forties. Chloe whispered.

Behave. I have to go to the washroom. Leigh interrupts and walked into the washroom. She dialledDaine's number.

Hello?Daine answered.

Did you send me a flower? Leigh asked.

No, why?Daine asked.

I thought you did, they said manager. Leigh replied.

Manager from what section?Daine asked.

I don’t know. Leigh said.

How are you?Daine asked.

I'm okay I have to go. Leigh said and dropped the call and fix herself and walk towards her table.

Omg! He's so handsome. Chloe giggled.

Who? Leigh asked

The CEO, he just walked by when you're in the washroom. Meaghan replied.

I can't believe he's so young. Chloe said.

What does he looks like? Leigh asked.

Jamie Dornam! Chloe and Meaghan they both said.

Not Ashton Kutcher or Chris Evans? Leigh asked.

Nah! So not your type. Chloe laughed.

I'm out then. Leigh laughed trying to play with them.

They said he's only 27? Meaghan replied.

Aren't you in interested? Chloe asked as she keeps looking to Leigh.

How can she be interested?She has Daine. Who looks like Chico. Meaghan laughed.

I saw you both at the cafeteria last time.Chloe insisted.

I have to work. Leigh said and busied herself printing files.

Believe me he's handsome as Christian Grey. Chloe laughed.

Unlucky you. You never had a chance to glance at hi. He's inside his office. Meaghan said.



Kale just stays under the lamppost not too far from the store where he bumped Leigh. He really wants to see her. He's wearing his white polo long sleeve and folded on his shoulder matching his ripped jeans. He wasn’t really sure if it was Leigh but he's still hoping.He was waiting there almost four hours standing under the lamppost. Leigh still doesn’tshow up. He's doing that almost a week every night.

Come on Leigh. Kale whispered. As he walk in inside his car and drive. He's been in the city almost a month and every day he's hoping to see Leigh.

Leigh was interrupt when her phone rang. She check her phone and she saw it was Daine calling. She knew that Daine was from Wales and she though Dainewon’t wait for her.

Where are you? Daine asked.

I'm walking going to the retail store for an apples. Leigh replied.

Are you home from trip? Leigh asked and she was shocked when someone covered her eyes.

I'm back. Daine said.

You almost killed me. Leigh said feeling pissed.

How are you? Daine asked and give her a bundle of roses.

I'm good. I missed you. Leigh replied and givesDaine a hug.

I missed you too.Daine said and grab her arms.

I have to buy applesfor mom she keeps asking me to. She will bake apple pie again. Leigh said and walks in to the retail store.

She enjoyed baking.Daine laughed.

Yeah. So after this where we going? Leigh asked.

Okay, thenlet’s ride into the Ferris wheel?Daine said

You missed it? Leigh laughed.

Yeah.Daine replied.

Okay. I only have one hour then I'll go home. Leigh said.

After they bought the apple Daine grab Leigh's hand and ran into the carnival. They both ride at the Ferris wheel where they can see the whole city up above. It was a very beautiful view which you can see the lights of the city. They both loved to spent time after work before going home if Daine wasn’t at the trip. Daine obviously was in love with Leigh for almost a couple of years since they were young. It's unbearable that Leigh doesn’t feel the same way. Leigh treated him as her only brother and her only very best friend.

Leigh, please give me a chance. Daine said and slowly kneed in front of her.

Daine, we've already talk about this. Leigh said looks upset.

Give me a chance to court you. I want you to be my girlfriend.Daine said with his teary eyes.

Daine.Please don't make all of this to be complicated. Leigh replied.

Why? Daine asked.

Get up now. Leigh demanded and gives him a hug.

Why can't you just give me a chance? Daine asked. He never gave up even if he was been rejected so many times.

I told you right? I don’t want to hurt you. Leigh replied and hugs her friend.

I'm sorry. Daine said feeling upset with his teary eyes.

Let’s go home and rest.  Leigh said and walks out the door.

I'll go get a cotton candy. Daine said to cheer her up he felt like Leigh was really disappointed for what he did.

I'm going home. Leigh replied.

Leigh I'm sorry. Daine said as he grabbed Leigh hand and hug her so tight. I don’t wanna lost you. He slowly whispered with his tears running down his cheeks.

Daine. I'm sorry I can't be the right girl for you. Leigh replied tried to escape from his hug.

I know you still love him. Daine whispered.

Daine. Leigh replied and hugs him tight.
















Black Fame Publishing was one of the most popular publishing companies of the city of Brisbane. Everybody was gossiping to each other when a man who was about 6feet with his ripped jeans, wearing a white long sleeve and a black suit. Most of the girls in the company called him Christian Grey. He's arrogant, quiet and good looking and hot as hell. His eyes, his hair and his bad guy image that make girls giggled.

He's here! Meaghan giggled.

I thought you're not interested. Chloe said as she walks closer to Leigh who look so shocked.

What was his name? Leigh asked while her hands and knees were shaking.

Meaghan what was his name? Chloe asked.

Kale! Meaghan whispered. and glued his eyes to a good looking guy walking with Manager Stark

Leigh, are you okay? Chloe asked.

He's handsome I told you.JamieDornam. Meaghan giggled.

Kale what? Leigh asked while her feet were numb.

Kale Blackburn. Meaghan replied.

Why? Have you seen him before? Chloe asked.

No! Leigh said and sat down on her table feeling shock.

Are you okay? Chloe asked.

Yeah. She said and her phone rang.

Hello Leigh?Daine asked.

Yeah. Leigh timidly replied.

Have you seen him?Daine asked.

Yeah. Leigh timidly replied and can't still believe.

Are you okay?Daine asked.

Why you didn’t told me he's the CEO of the company. Leigh said.

I thought you knew? Daine said.

Nevermind. Leigh said.

I'm sorry. I didn’t know he didn’t told you.Daine replied.

I have to go and back to work. Leigh said.

Kale was standing at the CEO office thinking what to do. He saw Leigh it was unbelievable for what she saw. He’s thinking what to do. He almost walked in and out of the company but never saw Leigh even once. He only stayed at the office when he's not busy at the trips.

I'll ask someone, temporarily to be your secretary Mr. CEO. Manager Stark said.

Okay. Kale replied.

I have someone who's a hardworking staff here. Manager Stark insisted.

I have lots of things to do. Kale said.

Okay sir. The manager replied.

Just send her in and I'll start some papers. Kale demanded.

I'll tell her to Mr.CEO. Manager Stark said and walked out the door.

Ms. Mitchell I want you to do your job and I'll assign you to the CEO office for a while. Manager Stark.

Why me? Leigh asked.

You're a hardworking. Manager Stark replied.

Yes sir, I've everything and it's ready. Leigh replied.

You'll be temporarily assigned into the CEO office. The manager said.

Why me? Leigh asked.

Just go now and do your job. He's an arrogant and very strict. He's a beast so beware. Manager Stark said sound frightening her.

Really? Leigh asked.

Yeah don't worry. I’ll save you. The Manager Stark said and give her a naughty look.

Do I have to start now? Leigh asked while shaking.

Omg! Beware. Chloe said.

He's hot anyway. Meaghan insisted.

He's a beast. The Manager Stark whispered.

You have unlucky day girl. Chloe said.

Just go! Meaghan said.

I got to go. Leigh said as she walked towards the door.

Come in. Kale said as she saw Leigh.

Good morning. Leigh said trying to be plain.

Uhmmm. Kale said and he was shocked to see Leigh walked in.

Manager Stark sends me here. Leigh timidly replied.

What's your name? Kale said while glued his eyes on his laptop pretending he's doing something.

Leigh Mitchell Mr.CEO. Leigh timidly replied while waiting for Kale.

Okay Leigh it's your first day working with me.Kale said and gets up to take off his suit and starting to roll his white long sleeve.

You can start working some files for me now. Kale said and sat down back to his chair and look up to give her a glance.

What should I do sir?. Leigh timidly replied and she notice a wristband Kale was wearing it was from her.

I want to get to know you before we start working to each other.Kale said and gives her a serious look.

I'm Leigh, 25 years old. Leigh replied while her hands shaking.

Why you work here as secretarial? Kale asked as he glued his eyes to her fingers checking if she might be a married woman.

I am a part timer and I am studying at weekend. Leigh replied and their eyes met.

Great. Do you know how to make coffee? Kale asked still with his tiger look.

Yes. Leigh timidly replied.

I'll start my paperwork. Kale replied and glued his eyes to the laptop.

Here's your coffee. Leigh said and poured it down to his cup.

From now on, you'll going to check my schedules, meeting and etc. Kale said.

Yes I will. Leigh replied while her knees still shaking. She saw a different Kale from the past. He's more serious and more untouchable this time.

Kale glued his eyes while Leigh was busied herself with all the paperwork she's doing. An awkward moment between them. Leigh was still shaking trying to work.


Daine started to fix his stuff on his table and give Leigh a call. He's thinking about Leigh knowing that Kale is back in her life.

Hello Leigh?Daine asked.

Hello Daine, I'm sorry I have a lot of things to do. Leigh said.

I'll wait you down stairs.Daine said.

Okay. See you. Leigh replied.

I'll wait.Daine said and grabbed his bag to go out.

Kale was interrupt when a manager walks in his office and hand him some files to sign.

I'm leaving now sir. Leigh said and grabbed her shoulder bag.

Okay. Kale timidly replied.

Ms.Mitchell?Manager Stark asked.

Anything you need sir? Leigh asked.

 I'll drive you home. Manager Stark said.

Kale looks at the manager with his questioning look. The manager was around forties who's interested to younger girls in their office. He felt something different knowing there is someone who's interested in her. He might felt jealous.

You can leave now. Ms. Mitchell. Kale said and the manager looks at him.

Thank you. Leigh said and walk out the door.

I'll do it tomorrow. Kale said.

Okay sir. Manager Stark replied.

I have to leave early.Kale said and grabs his tux and walk out the office like he's on a rush. He's waiting for the elevator but it's taking too long. So he decided to trudges down the stair. He run fast and walks out the building. When he's about to run going to where Leigh was about to go he saw Leigh hugged someone under the lamppost.

Daine? Kale whispered. He was felt dismay seeing Leigh with Daine looks so happy. He's thinking that they're together.

Daine took off his tux and put it on to Leigh's shoulder. He put his arms around Leigh.

How are you?Daine asked and give her a smile.

It's been a tough day. Leigh laughed.

Why?Daine asked.

I don’t know how to be calm in front of him. Leigh replied.

He's different and more serious this time. Daine said.

Yeah, he's more arrogant this time. Leigh laughed.

It will be okay. Daine said and messes her hair.

So how about your trip again? Leigh asked while she's trying to hang and turn around under the lamppost.

Well it's a nice trip. And I have something for you.Daine said as he hand a book.

Wow. Nikita Gill book. Leigh replied with excitement.

I know you love her poetry.Daine replied and give her a smile.

Yeah I love her words. Leigh replied with excitement.

You are unexplored, unusual and frighteningly beautiful. And only a few will understand the way to love you without breaking you and making you dangerous. Daine said and give her a smirk.

You've done reading it. Leigh replied.

One more thing.Daine stopped and there is something he's hiding behind him.

Daine? What's that? Leigh laughed.

Tadah! Daine said as he showed up another book.

Lang Leav book. Leigh replied with an ear to ear smile.

“You know,”she said. “Missing someone can sometimes be the best thing for a writer.Daine said while he's trying to do a female voice.

Gosh.that's from Sad Girls? Leigh asked.

Yep. Daine replied.

I love Lang Leav. Leigh declared and hugged her new book.

So how was my fiction doing, did you read it? Leigh asked.

Fantastic. I read it when I was on the plane. Daine insisted.

That's a brilliant compliment. Leigh laughed and they both headed to a restaurant for dinner and spent time at the carnival as usual.


Kale just stood up under the other lamppost watching them laughing and being happy together. He felt so upset knowing that there is someone who's doing his part. Maybe they're really together since he left. He felt having no chance to have Leigh again so he walked away and drive home.

A week later Leigh was still working as Kale's secretary. Kale's wasn't at the office all the time attending trips and meetings to the other cities and other country. Since that day he saw Daine and Leigh he started ignoring Leigh.

I need coffee. Kale said holding his head feeling exhausted early in the morning.

Okay sir. Leigh said and get up to make some coffee.

Can you make it fast? Kale raised his voice sounds irritated.

Okay. Leigh said while her hands shaking and she can't believe her boss was terror.

Ops. Watch out! Kale said feeling pissed when the coffee spilled on his suit.

Oh my gosh. I am so sorry. Leigh said while his hands shaking. She's trying to clean his white long sleeve with a tissue.

No matter how you rubbed it nothing will change. Kale said with his angry look. He took off his tux and walk closer to his closet.

I have a meeting and this sucks. Kale said. He took off his polo and his sexy body showed off. Heis hot as hell with a six pack.

Oh my!.Leigh whispered as she glued her eyes on his sexy body while wearing his white plain t-shirt. She was magnetized and she feels like she's out of the universe floating.

Leigh! You can leave now.Kale said and looks at her with his arrogant look. Leigh was still standing there staring at him.

Leigh! Kale said sounds pissed.

Yes. Leigh replied and looks at him a questioning look.

I said you can leave. Kale said and got back to his seat.

If you need something sir you can call me. Leigh said and walked out the door.

Uhmm. Kale replied feeling really pissed and his mood wasn’t normal today. He has a fight with his dad and he's so exhausted with all the things at work. He's doing all the job he don’t want. He wants to be a photographer.

What happened? Chloe as she sat beside Leigh.

He's not in a good mood. Leigh timidly replied while doing some paper works.

Leigh. I need my schedule. Kale said as he walks towards her. He’s wearing white plain t-shirt that looks him hotter.

Yes sir. Leigh replied.

I want that in my office now! Kale said and walk in his office.

Coming.Leigh replied and get up to follow him.

Just try to use our new copying machine there. Kale said pointing the new arrival machine for copying.

I don’t know how to use this. Leigh whispered as she tried the machine, she's shaking. Where's the f***ng manual. She whispered.

Are you having trouble there? Kale asked with a smile on his face.

No, uhmmm yes. Leigh replied while her voice shaking.

Hold on. Kale said and walk towards her.

Don't come closer to me. Leigh whispered while she's shaking.She felt like Kale was walking towards him.

You look tense. Kale said as he stood behind her trying to help her with the machine.

I think I..Leigh said trying to make thing comfortable.

Stay there. Why are you shaking? Kale asked with his naughty smile.

No.I'm not. She replied as she can smell Kale's male perfume and she can feel electricity between them.

Really?Kale asked as he saw Leigh hand was shaking. He held Leigh's shoulder. Leighturn around trying to escape but Kale grabbed her hands.

I have to go. Leigh said trying to escape.

Stay. Kale briefly said.

What are you doing? Leigh asked.

You look so beautiful with your office uniform. Kale said and gives her a smirk as he leaned Leigh against the wall.

I have to go. Leigh said trying to escape again.

Why are you always ignoring me? Kale asked.

You're ignoring me. Leigh replied.

So you missed me? Kale said and he move closer to her face and slowly kiss her lips while he's holding her waist and pull her closer to him. She closed her eyes and she found her hands at Kale's shoulder. Her lips slowly feel the taste as Kale's lips gently moving. She opened her eyes when Kale's phone rang. She was left standing leaning at the wall.

Hello? Kale said sounds pissed.

Sir.Ms. Mei Aihara wanted to talk to you. Do you have scheduled meeting with her? Manager Maeda said on the line.

Send her to my office. Kale said.

Uhmm. Call me when you need something. Leigh said when she's about to walked out she saw a model type of girl about 5 feet to 6 or 7 inches tall. She's wearing ripped jeans and walk like a model with her red stiletto heels. She may be around 22 years old. She's wearing a plain white V-neck shirt and with her red lips. Her shiny black and those eyes were perfect on her. Everyone in the office was staring at her. She's kind of head turner beautiful girl.

I'm sorry. Leigh said when she's about to bumped the girl when she walked out the office.

It's okay. Mei said and gives her a look.

How are you? Kale said and gives her a hug.

I'm fine. I like your office. Mei replied.

Good to see you here. Kale said and grabbed the flower he bought earlier.

So you're coming with me. Mei said and sat down for a while.

Yeah. Wait for me. Kale said and waked out his office.

Leigh. Just cancel all my meetings and I'll be leaving early. Kale said and looking at her beautiful eyes.

Okay sir. Leigh timidly replied looks like she's jealous.

Thank you. Kale replied and walk in his office.

Who's that girl who almost bumped me? Mei asked and gives him a smile.

Why? Kale asked.

Is there something? Mei asked and trying to tease him.

Let's go mom might be waiting for us. Kale replied.

Kale opened the door Mei as they walked out the door everyone was staring at them. He's holding at her waist line trying to guide her way out.

That girl was so gorgeous. Meaghan said.

His girlfriend? Chloe said.

Maybe she's a model. Meaghan replied.

What do you think Leigh? Chloe asked..

Maybe.Leigh timidly replied and gets up to go to the washroom.

She opens her make up kit and tried to put on lipstick and fix her make up. She's feeling something she doesn’t understand.

She's too beautiful! Leigh said talking to herself. Look at you! You're nothing compare to her. She whispered. She's a model or maybe a celebrity and I am just his secretary. What am I talking about? She whispered found herself feeling insecure and she thinks she might be jealous. Why does he kissed me if he's has a girlfriend?Come on Leigh he's playing game. She finally whispered and walk towards her table.

Where you from? Chloe asked.

Washroom. Leigh timidly replied and starts her unfinished work.

Well no wonder Kale has a beautiful girlfriend. Meaghan said.

I wish I was her. Chloe said with amazement.

Lucky girl.Meaghan replied.


Kale was in his table, he's thinking about Leigh. He never saw Leigh almost a week. He decided to walk out his office to check if Leigh was there. He's not in the office for almost a week. He spent his vacation with his mom's family.

Good morning sir. Meaghan said.

Good morning. Kale said and gave the lady a smile.

Is there something you need sir? Meaghan asked while she glued her eyes on him.

I am wondering why Ms.Mitchell wasn’t here? Kale asked.

She's not going to work this week due to an important matter sir. Meaghan replied.

I didn’t know. No one informed me. Kale said.

She's having a fever. Meaghan said.

Okay. Thank you. Kale timidly replied and walks in into his office. He was thinking about what happened to Leigh. He didn’t saw Leigh for almost a week but he felt like he really missed her. He noticed the entire flower was sent run dry on her table. He decided to leave the building and drive his car going to the abundant place near the beach where he always stays when they were an in high school. He walks barefooted on the sand and he pick up some stones and keep throwing it into the water. The waves splashing the same way and the seagull was still there flying in the sky. Everything seems so quiet he remembered everything while he's with Leigh. Leigh changes his life. He realize what Leigh was right about his mother, you will never know what the reason behind if you hate the person without asking. When he left to London he found his mother and talks to her. It's been 5 years passed by and he's fine with his mom and to the family and his step sister. They lived in London. He's been with so many girls. He's been with model girls his step sister's friends and other girls in London. He never met someone who cared for him the way Leigh accept him for who he really was. He's still in love with Leigh.


Daine visited Leigh in their apartment where she lives with her mom. He decided to drop by to the retail store to buy some apple for Leigh's mom and some fruits for Leigh. He just walks out to the flower shop and bought some roses for her as usual as he always does.

Good evening. Daine said when the door opens.

Evening Daine.Mrs. Mitchell said and gave him a look.

How are you Mrs.Mitchell? Daine asked.

I'm okay. Mrs.Mitchell said as she hugged him so tight and let him in.

I bought some apples.Daine said and took all the groceries he bought.

Thank you Daine.Have you eaten your dinner?Mrs. Mitchell asked.

Yeah I just ate dinner with Drake and Aoi.Daine replied.

Shiori and Aoi visited her this morning.Mrs.Mitchell said.

Yeah, Aoi just told me.Daine replied.

She’s in her room now, giving her a knock.Mrs.Mitchell replied while fixing some stuffs in the kitchen.

I will. Thank you. Daine replied and gave an old lady a smile.

Sweetie?Daine is here. Mrs.Mitchell said as she knocks Leigh room.

Come in mom. Leigh replied while she's under her blanket.

Hello, how are you? Daine asked and put the roses on her vase in a small table beside her bed.

I'm sorry; I've been so exhausted at school. Leigh replied.

You should balance yourself. Daine said and sat at her bed.

I'll be okay. So how was work? Leigh asked.

Lot of things to do but I left early. Daine said.

So you're leaving tomorrow? Leigh asked.

Yeah. Maybe 2 to 3 days. Daine replied.

Just stay safe. I'm okay. Just take a rest now so you can leave early tomorrow. Leigh said.

Okay. Get well soon okay. Goodnight. Daine said and gave her a hug.

Night. Thank you for visiting. Leigh said.

No worries. I have to go.Daine replied and walked out the door.

Daine you're leaving.Mrs.Mitchell said.

Yeah. I have an early flight tomorrow. Daine replied.

Take care for you flight. Mrs.Mitchell said and gave Daine a hugged.

Thank you so much for the visit.Daine said and walked out the door and leave the building and drive home.


Leigh walked up early and prepared herself so she won’t be late. After she was sick she has a lot of stuffs to do at the office.

Good morning. Leigh said and sat beside Chloe.

Morning. How are you? Chloe asked.

I'm fine so far. Leigh said trying to fix her stuffs.

Traffic sucks. Meaghan said. She just arrived at the office.

Morning Meaghan.Leigh said and give her a smile.

Morning.Meaghan replied.


Leigh just enters Kale's office to check his schedule. She was surprise when she saw Kale was on his chair and his head on the table. How long is he sleeping here. Leigh whispered. She decides to make a coffee for Kale. She started printing all the files she has to do.

You're back. Kale said while rubbing his eyes.

How long are you sleeping in your table? Leigh asked.

I don’t know I just fell. Maybe an hour or two.Kale replied with his eyes close and leaned his head on the chair.

Here's your coffee so you'll be okay. Leigh said and give him a cup of coffee.

Thank you. How was you? Kale asked.

I'm good. I just got a fever. Leigh said.

Glad to see you back. Kale said replied.

What happened to your face?Leigh asked as she saw some bruises on his right face.

It's nothing. Kale timidly replied.

Trouble maker. Leigh said and checks the pocket of her skirt. She's looking for a band aid. She walks closer to Kale and checks his right face with a bruise.

What are you doing? Kale asked.

I'll put some band aid so it won’t bleed. Leigh said while holding his face.

Why do you have band aid on your pocket? Kale asked while smiling. 

I'm always ready. My heels hurt sometimes so I put band aid on my ankle. Leigh laughed.

Really? Kale laughed.

You can sleep there for a while if you want. I'll be going to finish some papers here. Leigh said.

No, I'm good. I'll go shower. Kale said and walks in into the washroom inside his office.

Call me outside if you need something. Leigh said a walked out the office.

Okay. Kale replied.

Get well soon. Leigh replied.

Thank you. Kale replied and gives her a look.

Kale started the shower and let the water flow on his skin. His heart keeps pounding and he can slowly hear it. He can feel that Leigh still care for him the way she touch his face and the way her hands touch his skin.  He's beautiful with her white polo shirt and an above the knee skirt wear her high heels. She maybe not a super models her dated before no one ever replaced Leigh in his heart. He walked out the shower and put on his white polo shirt and his ripped jeans and a white rubber shoes. As he combed his hair and looking at his face he saw the band aid he never took it off.

Did I bother you? Leigh asked as he enters the door and took some files she left.

No, I'm done. Kale said and walked closer to her.

You need something. Leigh asked she can clearly smell a male perfume. That's smell so sexy.

Can you do me a favor? Kale asked.

Yeah sure.Leigh timidly replied.

Can you fold my sleeve? Kale asked and gave her a smile.

Okay. Leigh replied and fold his sleeve till in his elbow.

Great. Kale said while he glued his eyes to Leigh.

Does your supermodel girlfriend always did this? Leigh said and smile.

Are you jealous? Kale laughed.

Why should I? I'm not a supermodel. Leigh replied.

You are jealous. Kale replied trying to pissed her.

Why should I? I'm not a supermodel. And you're not going todate a secretary right? Leigh said and took some files and when she's about to leave the room Kale grabbed her hand.

Stay! Kale said as their eyes met.

I have a lot of things to do. Leigh timidly replied and leaves the room

Kale was left alone standing while thinking what’s wrong. He's thinking that Leigh must be jealous about Mei and he burst into laugh. Leigh was thinking that Mei was his girlfriend.

She's jealous. Kale whispered and play tennis ball on his hand.


Leigh started her unfinished work she left when she's gone.  She notice a rose on her table she think it maybe been there for a week. She tried to focus herself but Kale was always there crossing her mind. He has a girlfriend why is he still flirting. He checked her phone and a message from Daine. Daine will be leaving the city this early morning for some meeting in other branches. She checked her face in the mirror and then put her make up on and then her lipstick. She was holding a mirror when Kale walked out his office and he saw Leigh was putting on her lipstick. She was shocked. She gave Kale an irritating look when she saw him smiling at her like he's trying to piss her off.

I like the color of your lipstick. Kale said trying to tease her.

Oh my god, he's gay. Meaghan whispered to Chloe when she heard it.

I didn’t notice that. Chloe replied trying to lower her voice.

Do you need something? Leigh asked look so pissed and their eyes met.

I need to know my schedule this afternoon. Kale declared and walked out while smiling.

Okay. Leigh timidly replied and open her monitor.

Anyway. I suggested that you look much better if you don't tied up your blonde hair. Kale declared and gave her a smile.

OMG! Chloe whispered.

Confirmed. Meaghan said.

Leigh, is it true? Chloe said while she pushed her chair closer to Leigh.

True? The what? Leigh asked.

He's gay? Meaghan whispered.

No. Leigh laughed.

Can't believe.Chloe whispered struggling to lower her voice.

He has a girlfriend. Have you seen that model girl visited him? Leigh declared.

I need my schedule now.Kale interrupts.

Okay coming. Leigh replied and put on her high heels shoes on.

What take you so long? Kale asked.

Double checking. Leigh replied.

Keep going. Kale said while sitting on his chair waiting for Leigh to start.

You have a four consecutive meetings this afternoon. I will list them here so you won’t forget. Leigh said while reviewing her notes of schedule.

Hold on. Cancel the two meetings and schedule it for tomorrow I am leaving early tonight. Kale insisted.

Okay. I'll call them after this. Leigh replied.

I have a scheduled date tonight. Kale said while glued his eyes on his laptop.

Okay. Leigh timidly replied she don’t know why she's a bit irritated. She might feel jealous.

I want you to call the flower shop. I need a bundle of red roses for tonight. Kale declared.

Okay, noted. Leigh replied.

One more thing. I want you to call the restaurant for the dinner. Kale said and check his phone.

Okay. Leigh timidly replied.

That's all thank you. Kale said.

Okay. Leigh replied and when she's about to walk out.

Hold on. I want you to make sure the roses are fresh as beautiful as her. She loves roses and no torn I don’t want her to get hurt. Kale insisted with a smile on his face trying to tease Leigh. He can smell jealousy.

I will. Leigh replied and walked out the door.

Make sure it's beautiful as her. Leigh whispered while imitating Kale's expressions.



Leigh started to fix everything Kale just told her. It's her job and she's a bit pissed how Kale treated her sometimes. She called everything she needed to and she leaves the office to personally buy the roses at the flower shop. She was once a florist so she knew what kind of roses Kale needs.

Leigh, I need the roses before I leave. Kale said as he walked out his office.

Okay coming. Leigh said and fixed her stuff so she can leave early she notice it's almost dark outside. She took the bundle of roses and get in to Kale's office.

Do you think she will like those roses? Kale asked.

Of course she will. Leigh replied and smile at him.

How about my look? Kale asked.

Come here let me fix your sleeves. Leigh said and walk close to fold it neatly. He don't usually use necktie.

Thank you. Kale replied while he glued his eyes to Leigh.

Are you proposing? Leigh asked.

Not yet. Kale timidly replied as he saw Leigh eyes looks sad knowing he's happy with someone else.

Okay. Here's the roses and your jacket. Leigh said with a smile.

You can leave early as I leave. Kale said and walked out the door.

Leigh started to fix her stuffs on the table so she can leave early. She has no plan for tonight so she's going to drop by at the retail store for apples. She put on her high heels shoes and fixes her uniform skirt and her white long sleeve and grabbed her sweater to leave. She wore her scarf and leaves the room.

Good evening Ms.Mitchell. A janitor wearing his uniform and carrying a mop said as she walked by at the lobby.

Good evening. Mr.Bethell. She replied and gives him a smile.

Stay safe on your way home. Mr.Bethell replied.

Thank you so much. Leigh replied and walks away.


Leigh walks out the building and walk at the same street under the lamppost that gives light. She was interrupted when there's a guy standing at the last lamppost before the retail store. Daine wasn’t going to be with her as she knew he has a trip.

Mr.Blackburn ?what are you here? I thought you have a date? Leigh asked.

Yeah I have. Kale timidly replied.

So why are you still here? Leigh asked.

Just call me Kale. Kale declared.

Actually I am waiting for her. Kale said and gives her the bundle of roses.

What's this? Leigh asked.

Roses.Kale said with his serious look.

I know. This is roses. Leigh laughed.

It's all for you. Kale said.

For me?Leigh asked while she's feeling uncomfortable.

I am asking you for a date. Kale said.

I can't believe it. Leigh laughed.

I'm serious. Kale said with his teary eyes.

Do I have to cancel the reservation in the restaurant? Kale asked.

That was a very expensive restaurant. Leigh said. She knew it was really expensive as she calls a luxurious restaurant earlier for his date.

Come with me. Kale said as he open his mustang door.

Why? I can't be in that restaurant. Look at me I look like so cheap. Leigh replied.

I promised it's not in there. Kale said as he walked in the car.

Where we going? Leigh asked.

You'll know. Kale said as he took off his jacket and starts to drive.

So where?Leigh said and she trust Kale and he knew him since they were high school. He has a beast attitude sometimes but deep inside he's a very loving and nice person.

Trust me and I'll take you there. Kale and started to drive and glue his eyes to the road.

Thank you for the roses. Leigh breaks the silence.

Do you love it? Kale asked.

Yeah I love it. It's too expensive. Leigh laughed.

So how are your studies? Kale asked.

It's good and I am going to graduate next week. Leigh replied.

Really?Sounds good. Kale declared.

I want to apologize. Leigh said.

For what? Kale asked.

The day I never showed up. Leigh said with her teary eyes.

Why you never showed up? Because you're already with Daine? Kale asked.

No, I leave the town. Dad was in comma and he died after a month. Leigh said.

I didn’t receive any messages from you. I though you're ignoring me. Kale replied.

I've tried so many times to reach you but then I knew you were leaving. Leigh said.

But you didn’t tried to showed up and let me stay. Kale insisted.

I was there at the airport the time you left. Leigh replied.

Is Daine your boyfriend? Kale asked.

No, he's not and I never been with any guy. Leigh replied.

I'm sorry. Kale said and pulled over.

It's okay. It's in the past. Leigh replied and wipes her tears.

Then let’s make a brand new start?Kale said and holds Leigh face.

Why did you stop the car? Leigh asked.

Were here.Kale said and walks out the care to open the door for her.

I missed this place. Leigh said with excitement.

Hold on I'll take the carpet and the tent. Kale said and opens the trunk of the car for their things needed.

We will going to stay here? Leigh asked.

Yeah just for tonight. Kale said and took the tent and grabbed her hand unto the backyard of the abundant place.

The same place so beautiful and quiet.Leigh declared as she took off her shoes and run towards the water with her barefoot.

Be careful. Kale said as he keep setting the tent and the cover.

Are we going to do the bon fire? Leigh asked with excitement.

Yeah. Stay here and I'll get some woods. Kale said.

Let me help you. Leigh said and run towards him and grab his arm. They’re both barefoot walk on the sand.

Just be careful you might step on the sharp woods. Kale said and took some woods.

Aw.Hold on.Leigh said and sat down at the ground.

Be careful. Kale said and run towards her and checks her foot.

I think I stepped on a torn. Leigh said.

Don't move. Kale replied and trying to took the torn on her foot.

That hurts so badly. Leigh replied.

It's bleeding but it will be okay. Kale replied.

I can't walk, it hurts. Leigh replied.

Hold on, stay there. Kale said and took some woods and walks closer to her and kneed down.

What are you doing? Leigh asked.

Just ride at my back. Kale insisted.

I'm too heavy. Leigh replied.

Let’s go just ride. It's okay. Kale said and took her hands to ride at his back.

Are you sure? Leigh asked.

Yeah. Kale replied and started to walk holding some woods at the other hand.

Are you okay? Kale asked.

Yeah, thank you. Leigh replied.


Kale started to create for their bon fire. And the waves from the sea started to splash towards the sand.

Come here. Kale said as he saw Leigh outside the tent.

It's so quiet and it's so refreshing. Leigh said as she tried to walk closer to Kale and leaned on his shoulder.

Are you cold?Kale asked and gives her a hug.

Yeah a little bit. She replied and glued her eyes on the fire.

Did you call your mom that you're not going home? Kale asked.

Yeah. She said she's okay with dad. Leigh replied.

That's great hope to see Mrs.Mitchell. Kale said.

Does your girlfriend know you were here? Leigh replied with a sarcastic voice.

Who's girl? Kale laughed.

How many girls do you have? Leigh replied feeling pissed and took off Kale's arm around her.

I don't know you're a jealous type. Kale laughed.

Well I'm not like them a model type of girl. Leigh replied with a wry face.

Mei? The girl who visited me in the office? Kale said.

Yeah. She's a model right? Leigh declared.

Yeah. Kale laughed.

I don’t know you're a two timer. Leigh said and when she's about to get up Kale grabbed her hand then she fall in Kale's chest.

You're so cute when you get mad. Kale said with his silly look.

Let me go. Leigh said trying to escape with Kale's arm wrapped around her waist.

She's my little sister. Kale laughed.

Sister? Leigh asked.

Yeah. She's my mom's daughter. My step sister.Kale laughed.

Why you didn’t tell me? Leigh said feeling abashed.

Why? You're too jealous? Kale asked.

You're making fun of me. Leigh said with a wry face.

She's my sister. You're still the one. Kale said with his serious look. He slowly held her neck and kisses her lips. Leigh slowly close her eyes when Kale put her down at the carpet and Kale move closer on her top. She can feel Kale's lips slowly touching with her lips. Every touch on her skin keeps burning her. She keeps carving Kale's back when she feels Kale's kiss moving down on her neck. She continues moving and slowly found herself burning in every touch Kale's doing. She can hear the waves splashing into the sand, the cricket that creating a noise in a quiet seashore. The night getting deeper and the touch keeps that keeps burning her. Everything was so intimate when Kale slowly making love with her. She all knowsits a one true love while he dark grey sky and the stars watching them.














Kale dropped her early in the morning at her apartment. She rushed jump in to the shower to take a bath. She can still feel every touch on her skin. She love Kale so much and she can't stop it anymore.

Sweetie? I prepared breakfast for you. Mrs. Mitchell said.

I'm about to finish mom. Leigh said and took her towel to start preparing herself.

Good morning. Mr. Mitchell said.

Hi, daddy. Leigh said and gives her dad a kiss.

Mom. I'll pack this sandwich. I'm going to be late. Leigh said and took her bag.

Take care of yourself.Mrs.Mitchelle said.

I will mom. I love you mom. Leigh replied and walked out the door and run to the lobby.

She slowly runs unto the elevator as she arrived at the building. She's fixing her skirt when Kale and Manager Maeda walk in into the elevator. She stopped for a while and stand still.

Good morning Ms.Micthell. Manager Maeda said with her old style uniform she's about forties a manager at the publishing section.

Good morning. She replied trying to fix her messed hair. She saw Kale was still serious talking with manager. As the elevator stop she waited the two to walked out and she slowly walk in into the publishing section.

You're late. Chloe whispered.

Yeah. I have to fix myself first. Leigh said and took off her make up kit and lipstick on her bag. She saw Kale passed by so she didn’t continue doing it.

He's been asking you. He's too early today. Meaghan whispered.

I was stuck in traffic. Leigh replied. She took her sandwich and took a huge bite she's so hungry. She was chewing it when Kale walks towards her.

I need my files. Kale timidly and trying not to laugh as he saw Leigh with her full mouth.

Uhmmm.She nodded with her mouth full.

Okay. Kale said trying to be serious and smile when he turn around.

That's so embarrassing. Chloe laughed.

I don’t know he'll show up while I'm chewing my sandwich. Leigh said with her wry face.

You almost choke everything. Meaghan laughed.

Leigh fixes herself and then walks in Kale's office and then makes a coffee for him.

Good morning. Kale said with a huge smile.

Good morning. Leigh replied and trying to be plain and she still can taste Kale's lips on her lips.

I need files you did yesterday. Kale said and glued his eyes on the laptop.

Okay. I'll make a copy. Leigh replied and walks out the office.

When she's about to sit down she saw a bundle of roses on her table. She looks around and she saw Meaghan.

Where this from? Leigh whispered.

I don't know. Meaghan replied.

Maybe from Manager Stark again. Chloe whispered.

She goes back to her table and opens her laptop. And she's curious about the flower she took the card and read it. You're as beautiful as the roses every morning. Be careful running on the lobby with your high heels you might fall. And don't bite to huge on your sandwich you might choke. You're still beautiful with or without make up on. Have a nice day ahead. I love you. -Kale

That silly.Leigh whispered with an ear to ear smile on her face.

She opens the files and print it out so she can send it to Kale. Suddenly the printer was acting so bad.

Do you have a problem? Manager Stark asked.

My printer acting bad. I need to print out some files. Leigh replied.

 Let me see.Manager stark said trying to fix it.

 I guess I should a technician for that. Leigh insisted.

 I can do this.Manager stark said trying to impress her.

Are you okay in there? Leigh said.

 I need the files. Kale walked out his office and his face change when he saw Manager Stark talking and laughing with Leigh.

 I guess we should call the technician to make it fast. Leigh insisted and as she turns around she saw Kale looking at them with his tiger look.

 My printer just acting so bad. Leigh insisted.

Just print in out in my office.Kale said sounds mad.

Excuse me Manager stark I have to print this out inside. Leigh said and walks in into the CEO office.

There's a lot of technician to call. Kale said when she walks in.

He insisted. Leigh timidly replied and starts the printer on.

Trying to impress you. Kale said sounds really mad.

Why sounds pissed. Anything happened? Leigh asked as she keeps printing the files.

Is he courting you? Kale said.

Who? Leigh asked and looks around to face him.

Manager Stark? Kale asked with his jealous face.

No. Leigh timidly replied.

Can you stay away from him? Kale said.

You're jealous. Leigh laughed.

I'm not. Kale said.

Okay. Leigh replied and checks all the files she printed out.

Ouch. Kale said as the hot water spilled on is finger.

What are you doing? Leigh asked.

Making a coffee for you. Kale said.

You don’t have to; I'm done with my sandwich. Leigh said and took his hand.

That hurts. Kale said.

Stay there. Leigh said as she walks closer to the fridge to take some ice cubes inside.

What are you doing? Kale asked.

Give me your hand. Leigh said and put on the ice cubes on his palm that was hurting.

Are you okay? Kale asked.

Yeah don’t worry making coffee for me you don’t know how to. Leigh laughed.

I can. Kale insisted.

A golden spoon guy doesn’t know how to cook, don’t know how to clean and don’t know how to wash their clothes. Leigh declared.

Fine.Kale timidly replied.

See, just hold it till the pain gone. Leigh said and go back to the papers she's sorting.


At graduation day Leigh woke up early and prepared her parents so she can take them.

Good morning mom. Leigh said as she saw her woke up so early.

How do I look? Leigh said.

Beautiful.Let’s go you'll be late. Mrs.Mitchell said and walks out the apartment.

I'm so excited. Leigh said.

Me too.Mrs. Mitchell replied.









Daine was waiting down stairs to drive them to the hotel where Leigh will going to perform with her classmates. She's the one with the piano.

Good morning. Daine said as he gave Leigh a hug.

Thank you for waiting. Leigh said.

It's okay.Daine replied as he open the door for Mr.Ms.Mitchell.

Do I have to give Aoi a ring? Leigh asked.

She's with Drake at the hotel already.Daine said and give her a smile.

Really?Leigh asked.

Yeah, You know your best friend is always excited as you.Daine laughed.

Yeah as always. Leigh replied.

Did you invite Kale? Daine asked with a smile on his face.

Yeah, but I guess he's not coming. Leigh replied.

Should I call him? Daine said.

No, it's okay. He's busy. Leigh replied and the silence starts between them.


Leigh rush herself to prepare at the backstage. Daine stays with Leigh parents and with Aoi. She was a bit shaking and she's the one at the piano. She's standing beside her piano and she saw Diane clapping and she saw her parents looking so happy. She was looking around hoping Kale was there. She started to sing with a piano.











Natasha Bedingfield


I am unwritten, can’t read my mind, I’m undefined

I’m just beginning, the en’s my hand. Ending unplanned


Staring at the blank age before you

Open u the dirty window

Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find


Reaching for something in the distance

So close you can almost taste it

Release you inhabitations

Feel the rain on your skin

No one else, no one else

Can speak the words on your lips

Drench yourself in words unspoken

Live your life with arms wide open

Today is where your book begins

The rest is still unwritten


I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines

We’ve been conditioned to not make mistake, but I can’t live that way


Staring at the blank page

Open up the dirty window

Let the sun illuminate the words that could not find.
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips


After she performed she stood up and takes a vow and people around her keeps clapping. She felt like her heart won't stop to pound when she saw Kale was standing at the edge clapping his hands with red roses. He's wearing his white plain t-shirt and a black coat. He looks so handsome. She smile when she saw Kale show her a sign I love you. She can read his lips. She has her friends, her family and Kale. She couldn’t ask for more. She felt like her tears slowly flowing down her cheeks.


You're the best.Aoi said and give her best friend a hug when they arrive at their old bungalow house.

Thank you. Leigh replied and gives her a tight hug.

Where's your mom?Aoi asked.

Mom?Leigh said as she looks around.

She's at the garden with Shiori. Daine replied.

She's having fun. Leigh replied and she saw Kale was standing alone at the door watching her.

What are you doing here?Why don't you join them? Leigh asked and hold his face feeling worried.

I'm okay. Kale said and kisses her lips.

Are you sure you're okay here? Leigh asked.

Yeah. Kale replied.

I'll be back okay?.Leigh said and walk towards her mom she saw Daine was staring.

Slowdown.Daine said as he held Leigh hand to slowly go down the garden.

I know you want to talk with him. Leigh said as she gave Daine a look, she's talking about Kale. She always long for both of them to be okay.

Okay. Daine replied and walk towards Kale and hand over the glass of wine.

Thank you. Kale timidly replied.

How are you?Daine asked.

Doing fine. How about you? Kale said.

Good.Daine timidly replied as he noticed Kale glued his eyes on Leigh.

Hows your mom? Kale asked.

She's fine and getting older. How about your mom?Daine replied.

We met in London and I met my siblings in my mother’s side. Kale replied like he's not afraid to open up.

That’s great everything okay. Daine replied.

Yeah. Kale asked.

She's beautiful and lovely. Daine said as he saw Kale glued his eyes with Leigh.

Yeah. The only girl I've dream. Kale replied.

So bad, we both love the same girl.Daine laughed.

You know we always have the same interest in everything. Kale replied.

I don’t her to get hurt.Daine declared.

I love her. Kale timidly replied.

I know. Daine said.

I'll do anything for her. Kale replied.

The same thing I want to do for her. Just take good care if her. Once you'll hurt her you can’t have a chance to get closer to her anymore.Daine warned him and he's serious.

You're both having serious talks. Leigh interrupts them.

Yeah. Daine replied.

Glad you both. Leigh said and she looks so really happy.

Let’s celebrate. Drake interrupts.

Trouble makers.Aoi replied as she saw the three boys together.

They're together again. Shiori laughed.

Let's celebrate. Leigh laughed.

While they're all busy having a conversation Kale walk towards Mrs.Mitchell at the garden. She's spending alone.

Good evening.  It's cold outside. Kale said as he sat beside Mrs.Mitchell.

Kale, why don’t you join them? Mrs.Mitchell replied.

I just saw you being alone here. Kale replied.

I missed this place so much. Mrs.Mitchell replied.

How are you? Kale interrupts.

I'm good, thank you for asking. How about you? Mrs.Mitchell replied.

I'm good Mrs. Mitchell.Kale replied and looks around the garden.

Years passed by so fast.Mrs.Mitchell said and hugged herself.

Are you cold?Kale asked and takes off his jacket to wrapped it to Mrs.Mitchell's shoulder.

Thank you. So how about your mom?Mrs.Mitchell asked.

I met my mom back in London. I thought I could never see her again. I've hated her without asking. Then I just knocked her door one morning. I thought she don’t care, I thought she don’t love me. Kale said and vows his head.

I know what you feel. You did right for giving her another chance. She's still your mother. Mother's love will always stay. I am happy for you that you've became brave to face it all.Mrs. Mitchell replied and tapped his shoulder.

Leigh changes my life. She taught me how to patient in love. I was been buried by hate before she came. Then one day she approached me without hesitation and told me that I need to heal and I need to forgive. I realize that life will be delighted if I'll learn to forgive. Kale said. There will always be one person will see the good in you. No matter how distressing other people think about you. Mrs. Mitchell said trying to cheer him up.

I am glad that she never judges me for being me. Kale said and gives.Mrs. Mitchell a look.

If you really love her don't ever give up no matter what. Mrs. Mitchell replied.

I won’t. Kale replied.

You know what Dean her father was the trouble maker when we were young. He's always in trouble and always having a fight with anyone else. He's going home with his face bleeding. He's always sent in jail.Mrs. Mitchell said with a smile in her face.

What happened? Kale asked with excitement to know.

That time he was sent in jail. He's was caught of stealing a piece of bread for his little sister. “He said I just stole that bread just to feed my little sister she's been starving. He said that while his face bleeding.Mrs. Mitchell declared.

You visited him at the jail? Kale asked.

Yeah I did and I bail him out. He was my only friend I have since my classmate bullied me. Mrs.Mitchell laughed.

So he's your knight in shining armor. Kale laughed.

Yeah, kind of and other girls laughing at me. They always asked me why I am having a skimpy grimy friend in town. I still keep defending him from other. Mrs. Mitchell continued. I told them I can choose my friend no matter whom or what they are.

I can see where Leigh got her kind heart.Kale interrupts.

Leigh was really a kind and sweet girl. Mrs. Mitchell laughed.

She's funny sometime. Kale laughed.

Like her father who loves to be a funny clown. Mrs.Mitchell replied.

I admire you Mrs.Mitchell for not giving up on him. Kale said and gave her a smile

Yeah, I lived my life with love, happiness and contentment. I want that to happen to my only girl. Someone who will love her and will never give up on her. If you love someone you should accept that one person no what what. Mrs. Mitchell said.

Can I interrupt? Leigh said as she stood beside Kale.

Hey. Kale said and stood up to give her the seat.

Thank you. She replied as she hold his face.

Mom are you okay? Leigh asked.

Yeah, I am having a story telling with Kale. Mrs. Mitchell said.

Your fairy-tale story with dad? Leigh laughed.

I can tell mother's like daughter. Kale interrupts.




Leigh arrived at the office early in the morning she remembered that Kale has an early meeting so she walk slowly at the lobby.

Good Morning. You’re too early. Mr.Bethell their janitor at the building

Good Morning. Yeah having some unfinished workShe replied with a smile.

Have a nice day ahead. Mr.Bethell said and go back to his work mopping the floor.

Thank you. You too Mr.Bethell.She replied and walk in in to the publishing section. She checks her notes and she was shocked when Kale walks out the door.

You're early. Kale asked.

Yeah. Just checking your schedule. Leigh replied and walk closer to him.

Breakfast? Kale asked.

I'll make you a coffee. Leigh said and walk in the door and make him a coffee.

Thank you. I have sandwich here at the fridge. Kale said as she took the sandwich.

Okay. Leigh replied holding a cup of coffee.

Should I warm this? Kale asked as he holds up the sandwich.

Give me that I'll do it. Leigh insisted and put on the sandwich at the warmer device.

Thank you. What would be the nice tie should I wear? Kale asked.

Come closer, black will be look good. Leigh said and tried to help him fix his neck tie like she's a real wife.

You look so beautiful. Kale said.

This will be good. But you should wear black shoes not a white rubber shoes. Leigh declared.

Okay. Kale replied.

I have a vegetable salad I brought. Mom made it for us. Leigh said and walked out the room.

Argghh...Damn. Kale whispered.

What happened? Leigh asked as she enters the door.

I tried to take the sandwich out of the warmer. It burns my finger. Kale declared feeling pissed.

Let me see? Leigh said and took his finger.

It hurts. Kale replied.

Stay there and sit down I'll do this. Leigh said and took the sandwich and salad for their breakfast.

Thank you for all of this. Kale said as he kissed her on her lips.

It's okay. Leigh replied and holds his face.

I'm so excited for the salad. Kale said with excitement.

Eat your breakfast now, you'll be late. Leigh said.

They both enjoy their breakfast; it was a quiet morning in the office. Some of employees haven’tarrived yet.

I'm full. Kale declared as he bites the last piece of a sandwich.

Just fix your things now. So you can leave for your meeting. Leigh said and trying to help Kale put on his tux.

I'll be leaving now. Kale said.

Good luck. Leigh replied.

She walked out the room as Kale leaves his office. She fixed her things on the table and checks some unfinished work on her laptop.

Oh my gosh. He's so handsome. Meaghan said as she giggled going to the table.

We almost bumped him. Chloe giggled.

Good Morning. Leigh declared.

You're early. Chloe said.

Yeah I have to do some files. Leigh replied.

I have good news for you. Meaghan said.

What? Leigh asked.

I can still smell his male perfume when he bumped me. Meaghan said while she's blushing. She's talking about Kale.

He's so handsome. Chloe declared.

Don’t you smell his male perfume? I almost painted overloaded hotness.Meaghan giggled.

That's funny. Leigh laughed and glued her eyes on her laptop and sorted some printed files. She was interrupted when Mr.Bethell enter the room.

Ms.Mitchell someone send you these roses. Mr.Bethell said.

Thank you .Mr.Bethell. Leigh replied and glued her eyes to their building janitor.

Flowers?Chloe and Meaghan asked.

Beautiful. Where this from? Leigh whispered.

From who? Chloe asked.

You have so many admirers. Meaghan said.

I have to go back to work. Leigh replied.

You're keeping secrets. Are you dating Manager Stark? Meaghan asked.

No. Leigh replied and trying not to laugh. She opens the card inside and her heart keeps pounding reading message on the card. Hello beautiful. Always smile. I already missed you as I leave. I love you. -Kale.


Leigh printed out all the papers she needed tomorrow. She enters Kale's office and fixes some stuff needed for tomorrow. She took her back and slowly walks at the lobby. She walks out the building. She saw Kale standing under the lamppost smiling.

How long you've been here? Leigh asked and holds his face.

Just a minute.He replied and walks closer to her and Leigh touch his face. Every touch of her makes his heart melt.

Dinner?My treat. Leigh said with a very huge smile.

Okay. Kale timidly replied and fit his fingers to her fingers.

How's your day? Leigh asked.

It's okay. Kale replied and they walk slowly under the lamppost. She's like a little girl trying to hang her other hand.

Tell me more. Leigh said as she's excited to know.

I have something for you. Kale interrupted and gave her a book.

Omg! Leigh said as she was amazed what she saw.

I know, you're longing for this. Kale declared.

Iain Thomas books. Did you meet him in book signing? Leigh asked while her eyes has a full of excitement.

Yep. Kale timidly replied.

Oooh my goooood! I wrote this for you. Only for you. Leigh said.

Look I got a pic with him. Kale said and showed her the picture on his phone trying to tease her.

So bad! I'm so jealous. Leigh said with her wry face.

I wrote this for you. Kale said like they both have their own interest of book.

If you are lucky, one day you'll get the chance to have your life defined by how much you loved and were loved by someone else. Leigh said.

The Stone Make Sand Slowly.I wrote this for you. Kale replied.

Yeah you got it. Leigh laughed.

They enjoyed their dinner together and decided to drop by at the carnival.

Do you want a cotton candy? Leigh said as she bought one.

Okay, Aah!Kale said and opens his mouth wider.

Sweet. Leigh laughed.

Let me. Kale replied as he's waiting Leigh to feed him

Do you like it? Leigh asked and grabs his arm to walk around.

Yeah. Kale laughed.

Naughty! Leigh replied.

So where do you want to go next? Kale asked while they're walking.

Let’s visit the abundant place? I missed the beach. Leigh said.

Sure.Kale said and opens the door of the car for her.

I miss the windows down ride. Leigh said with excitement on her face. It's only one hour travel going to their old house. When they arrived at the abundant place Leigh walk out the car like a little girl running towards the beach as she took off her high heeled shoes.

Be careful. Kale said.

I really love it here. I wish I live here. Leigh said and keep running with her barefooted at the sand.

I love you! Kale screamed at the top of his lungs.

I love you too. Leigh screamed facing the beach. They were like little kids playing at the seashore.

You break upon the shore. I will rise with the tide. Kale said.

The coming wave. I wrote this for you by Iain Thomas. Leigh replied.

Yeah! Kale replied and walk towards her to give a kiss.

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went."oh there you are, I've been looking for you. Leigh said trying to do the male voice.

If you want to know his soul, look at where his eyes are when you catch him smiling. Kale replied doing a female voice and pretended to be Lang Leav.

Nice to meet you Lang Leav.Leigh said trying to be a male.

Nice to meet you too Iain Thomas. Kale replied doing a sexy voice. And they both burst into laugh.

That's enough Michael Faudet will get jealous. Leigh laughed.

Put your hands on my knees, she said, and thinks of me as a book you've been dying to read. Kale said with a silly smile.

Aah! Michael Faudet. Leigh laughed.

Someday you'll going to be the best write as them.Kale interrupts.


Kale sat down beside Leigh on the sad. He smiled when Leigh slowly lean her head on his shoulder. Listening to the splashing waves under the dark grey sky and the stars are watching them. They can clearly hear the sound of the cricket. How romantic to be with the person you really love watching stars that was in love with the dark.

 I never thought that I could have you. Kale whispered.

Why? Leigh asked.

I never thought someone will love me the way you do. Kale replied.

I will always be here for you. Always ready to listen no matter what. Leigh replied.

Stay there and close your eyes..Kale interrupts and then stood up to light all the torches around.

Kale what are you doing? Leigh asked with her eyes close.

One step, two steps. Open your eyes. Kale said.

Oh my gosh! Leigh said as she was shocked. She saw a heart shaped torches around her. She saw Kale kneed down on the sand.

What are you doing?Leigh asked.

I was so excited to ask you and I am sorry I am not good in surprises.Kale asked whiles his hand shaking.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Kale said.

Leigh was amazed when she saw a heart shaped fireworks slowly showed up in the sky. And it light up with a different colour lamppost style around them. She felt like her whole body was shivering. She looksaround and burst into tears when Kale started to sing. She saw Daine playing drums and Aoi with a piano and Shiori with a violin and Drake with the guitar. She can't stop her tears from falling. She saw her mom sitting not too far with tears in her eyes. She can't believe what was happening around her. Kale took the ring box out of his pocket and asked me to be his wife. He was shaking a little. The proposal was a little silly but perfect, just like him.

Leigh will you marry me? Kale asked whiles his hands shaking.

Yes. Leigh replied.

I love you. Kale said and hugged her with his tears slowly falling.

I love you. Leigh replied and she saw her friends were so happy for her and her mom.

I love the way you love me



I like the feel of your name on my lips
And I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss
The way that your fingers run through my hair
And how your scent lingers even when you're not there
And I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
And how you enjoy your two-hour bath
And how you've convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild, slow and easy
Heart and soul so completely
I love the way you love me

And I like the sound of old R 'n' B
And you roll your eyes when I'm slightly off key
And I like the innocent way that you cry
At sappy old movies you've seen thousands of times


(Listen to me now..)
And I could list a million things
I love to like about you
But they could all come down to one reason
I could never live without you..


Kale starts the engine and they left the house. He saw Leigh enjoying the windows down travel. It's been a long night. They say goodbye to their friends and to her mom.

Are you okay? Kale asked.

Yeah. Just a bit tired. Leigh replied.

Are you starting to start teaching piano next week? Kale asked.

Yeah. I'm so excited. And I want to publish my book. Leigh replied with excitement.

I will miss your coffee at the office. Kale replied.

Don't be sad, I'll be going to make one every time you visit me in my apartment. And don’t dare to make for yourself. I know you can't.  Leigh said and burst into laugh.

Really? You're making fun of me. Kale laughed.

I'll make coffee for you, I'll cook for you and I'll wash your clothes. Leigh declared.

Then be my wife. Kale said

Soon.Leigh replied.

I want many kids. Kale laughed.

You're not kidding right. Leigh said.

I'm sorry I can't wait to have a happy family. Kale laughed.

You planned all of it? Leigh asked.

Yeah. Kale replied.

Romantic. Leigh replied while sobbing.

I need my coffee early in the morning tomorrow. Kale laughed.

I will no worries. Leigh replied.

So you'll the one to cook for us. Kale said.

Yeah I will. I know you don’t know how to cook, you don’t know how to wash dishes or even wash your clothes. Leigh asked.

You can teach me how then. Kale said with a smile.

You don’t have to. I can do it. Leigh replied with a smile.


Kale was interrupt when a very bright light through the shield popped up. It was a delivery truck losing control at the road. He tried to pull over but the truck bumped through them and he loses control with his car. The impact was really fatal to survive. Kale was slowly crawling towards Leigh.

Leigh!Kale cried and keeps trying his best to move. She keeps on bleeding. Kale tried his best to get closer and hold her hands he tried to save Leigh but he's too weak to. Kale was putting the pain of his injuries out of the way as he struggled to save the one person that he cared most about. His right leg and his forehead burning with pain. Kale’s fear was dissipated for only a moment when he saw that Leigh’s eyes were open and were looking at him, but the fear and sorrow returned twice as bad when he heard the three most heart-breaking words in the whole world.

Kale, I'm dying. Leigh said. She was unconscious with cuts all over her face and was struggling to breath. The beautiful face covered with blood.

Kale was blaming his self for what happened to Leigh. He keeps suffering overnight. He can't go to the office because he wanted to stay in his room all day. As the day passed by he tried his very best to start a day. He tried his best to start again and get u with his knees. He saw a post it on his laptop. He remembers how Leigh makes his morning alive. He tried to hide his tears that keep hurting his eyes as he read the post it. It's been a couple of months after the tragic incident.

I'm not complicated girl. I just want to run away with you, have coffee in the morning, fall in love and eat ice creams under the lamppost.-Leigh

Good Morning Mr. Blackburn. Manager Stark said.

Morning. Kale timidly replied.

Sorry to disturbed you. I would like to remind you about the papers you need to sign. Manager Stark said.

Okay. Kale replied.

Thank you sir.Manager Stark replied and leaves the room.

Kale leaned his head on his office chair trying to clear his mind. His tears finally exploded. It's been so painful for him what had happened. He keeps staring to the ring on his finger.

NO!!!!Kale cried and keeps hitting the wall of his office till it bleeds.

Come back to me. Kale cried while hugging his self.

He left the building and look for some place to get drunk and get wasted the whole night. He walk on the street being wasted and like his whole world exploded into pieces.

Kale?Drake its Kale.Aoi said and she saw Kale under the lamppost so wasted.

Dude? Are you okay? Drake asked as he helps him get up.

Kale you should go home. Aoi said trying to help Drake to get up.

I should call Daine. Drake said and dials his phone.

Where is he?Aoi asked.

He's not answering. Drake replied.

What happened? Daine said behind them.

I'm calling you. Drake replied.

Look at him. He's wasted. Aoi declared.

Kale, get up!Daine said and help him.

Kale! Drake shakes him up.

Help me get him in my car. I'll drive him home.Daine said.

Leave me alone. Kale said trying to escape from the.

You have to go home. Aoi said.

I want to go somewhere. Just better leave me alone. Kale said and trying to walk straight away from them.

Kale! Drake said trying to stop him.

Kale walks away as they can't stop him for doing what he wants. They all know how hard for him what had happened to Leigh.

































Daine drive fast and he remembered where to find Kale. He's pretty sure that he's at the shore at the beach. That's the only place he knew where Kale spent her time when he's depressed or down.

Kale!Daine said as he saw Kale trying to drown his self.

I've been looking for you. Daine said and run to stop him.

What are you doing? Kale asked.

Saving you!Daine said.

Let me go!Kale trying to escape from Daine.

Are you insane?Daine stop him and drag him out the water.

Let me go! Kale cried trying to go back to the water.

Kale! Stop it!Daine said and hit him so hard so he can't escape.

I wanna die! Kale replied laying on the sand with his face bleeding.

Kale! Get up! Daine said.

It's all my fault! Kale replied.

She won’t be happy happy if you keep blaming yourself. Daine said panting.

This is all my fault. Kale cried as he vowed down his head.

All she wants is you to get up and be strong. Daine said.

I just can't live without her. Kale said.

You have to do something more. Daine replied.

I missed her so much. Kale cried and covered his face with his hands.

I know it's painful. You don’t know how painful everything for us too.Daine replied trying to stop his tears.

The weather change so fast and it's autumn outside. The leaves keeps falling from the tree. Kale woke up so early and open his window pane. He check the wall clock in his room and it's almost 10 am in the morning. He rushed jump in into the shower and fix all his stuff needed. He dialedDaine's number on his phone.

Hello Daine. Kale said.

Hey dude, hold on I'm on a meeting.Daine replied.

I'll wait for you.

Okay, I'm done here in 30mins. Daine replied.

Okay, I'll be there.

See you later. Daine replied and ended the call.


Kale walk in into the building he saw Kale walking towards him.He's holding a printed manuscript of Leigh's novel.

How are you? Daine asked.

I'm fine. Enjoying the fresh air in my new house. Kale laughed.

I'm glad that you reside in your new house. Daine replied.

I love it. Kale said.

So you have the manuscript?Daine asked.

Yeah. I'll be busy this month so I want you to do this for me. Kale said.

I'm glad you're back. Daine declared.

Yeah. I am trying to be stronger. Kale replied.

Good Luck for your new life. I know you can do it.Dained said and tapped his best friend's shoulder.

Call me anytime. Kale said.

I will dude. Enjoy your vacation. Daine said.

I still hope that everything will be okay. Kale replied.

Don't lose hope. We are always here for you.Daine replied.

Kale.Aoi said and gave Kale a hug.

Aoi.Looking good. Kale replied.

Thank you. Aoi said and gave him a smile.

Glad your back dude. Drake declared.

Thank you. Kale replied.

I like your new house.Aoi insisted.

You can visit sometimes. Kale insisted.

We would love to. Drake replied.

It's been a couple of months late when he started to bought the property at the abundant place where you can clearly see through the window that the waves slowly flashing towards the sand. The seagull keeps flying. Their dream house was built. They have a room with full of book collections. The house is a few steps from the beach. Everything around has a beautiful garden with beautiful roses. There is a bench on the garden where you can taste the salty wind from the ocean. He always spent his time walking at the sand wishing he's with Leigh. Everything was been there and the only thing he's waiting was Leigh.


Kale woke up in the morning and checked his schedule for today. He jump out of his bed and go for shower.

Aoi. How are you? Kale asked and givesAomi a hug as he walked in the hospital room.

I'm good and you?Aoi asked.

I'm good. I just brought some roses. Kale said and put it on the flower vase at the small table beside the hospital bed.

How are you Kale? Mrs.Mitchellinterrupts.

Hello Mrs.Mitchell.Kale replied and gives the old woman a tight hug.

Hello, Kale. Mrs. Mitchell said with her teary eyes.

You're okay? Kale asked.

Yeah. I'm okay. Mrs. Mitchell replied.

I missed the apple pie you bake. Kale said and gives her a smile.

I have some in the fridge. Mrs. Mitchell replied.

Kale?Shiori said as she run towards Kale and give him a hug.

How are you? Kale asked.

I like your new house.Shiori said and took some water on the fridge and gave it to Mrs.Mitchell.

It's been a year. Mrs.Mitchell said.

She'll be happy to see you here. Aomi interrupted.

You know she's always waiting for you. Mrs.Mitchell declared.

Good morning. I brought you flowers. I hope you will like it. I have a surprise for you. We've been waiting for you to wake up. Do you remember about your dreams house? It's all down and I am waiting for you to go home. I know you don't remember everything. I still believe that love never forgets. I know you hear me. I am so excited to go home with you. I will take good care of you. With everything that I can. Kale said with his tears and kissed Leigh in her forehead. Leigh was in a comma after a tragic car accident. She was lying in bed struggling to breath for almost a year. She's half dead but they never gave up hoping that one she'll wake up and will come back to them.






Kale and Leigh's family decided to bring her home. Kale insisted to take good care of his fiance in their new house. He;'s the one doing all the house hold chores.

Kale? Let me do that?Mrs. Mitchell asked as she saw Kale hanging all his laundry outside their house.

It will be done in a minute. Kale replied and gave the old woman a smile.

I bought some groceries.Mrs. Mitchell said.

Thank you mom.Kale replied and run towards Mrs.Mitchell and helps her with the groceries.

I'll cook for lunch. Mrs. Mitchell insisted.

I'm so excited. Kale replied as he always eating a sandwich. He don’t know how to cook he's still learning.

You're too excited.Mrs.Mitchell laughed.

Baby, mom is here. Kale said as he enter the door and walk towards Leigh. She's sitting on her wheel chair staring outside through the window.

Hello sweetie. Mrs Leigh said and give her daughter a kiss.

She's enjoying the view. Kale said and helpsMrs. Leigh cutting the vegetables for the salad.

I baked apple pie.Mrs.Mitchell insisted.

Really? Can I taste it? Kale replied.

At the fridge.Mrs. Mitchell said.

I missed apple pie.Kale said and opens the fridge with excitement. He was interrupt when he saw Leigh pee on her wheelchair. He rushed run towards her.

Baby? Stay there okay?.Kale said and took a towel.

Are you okay there Kale?Mrs.Mitchell asked.

Yeah mom I'm okay. She just pees. Kale replied and rushed back to wipe Leigh.

Did I miss something?Aoi interrupt as she enters the door.

Aoi.Kale said and gives her a hug.

Hi mom. Shiori said and run towards Mrs.Mitchell. She's been treating her as her own mom.

How are you Shiori? Mrs.Mitchell asked.

I'm okay. Shiori replied with a smile.

You're getting married. Kale laughed.

Leigh! I missed you so much. Shiori said and hugged her.

Leigh! I missed you.Aoi said and kissed her head and trying to combed her hair.

Dude how are you?, Drake asked.

I'm good. And you? Kale replied.

I'm sorry, I'm late .Daine interrupt as he entered the door.

Hi Daine. Mrs Mitchell said.

Hello. Mrs. Mitchell Daine said and gives a smile.

Let me help you mom.Shiori said and help her to cook.


Kale opens the window pane in their room. He saw Leigh sleeping beside him. He has to walk her for a morning routine. The wind is so fresh and he can see leaves falling down from the trees. He trudges down the stairs to get some fresh flowers from the garden. While he's arranging the flowers he noticed Leigh inside the room.

Good Morning. Kale said and gave her a smile. It doesn’t matter to him if Leigh will respond or not.

It's a good day, you have to clean up and I'll show you the beach. Kale said while smiling at her.

Uhmmm.Leigh trying so hard to talk to him and so far Kale trying to understand her as she nodded.

Ah! You'll love it. Kale said.

Kale started to wash her up and put her on the wheelchair. He pushes her unto the kitchen so he can watch for her while he's cooking the breakfast. He smiled as he keeps watching Leigh with her eyes glued outside.

Ouch! He whispered as his finger cut by a knife. He was alarmed. He's making coffee, cooking an omelet that always burn. He missed Leigh so much. He remembers when the time Leigh taught him to cook and his finger was cut Leigh rushed gives him a first aid.

Okay! Ah breakfast! He said with a smile. He’s the only one doing everything for Leigh. At the morning he's going to clean her up, feed her, doing the lessons, her therapy routine and stroll her out.

Okay, take a bite with your sandwich now. Kale said and feed her.

I'll do anything for you. Kale said and trying his best to be patient. I can make you a coffee, I can cook for you and I can wash our clothes. Kale said trying not to burst into tears.

Okay, breakfast done. It's time for beach walking. Kale said with excitement. He pushes her wheelchair till they reach the shore. The wind touches their skin. He slowly bends his knees and took some pebbles.

Do you like it here? Kale asked. Leigh nodded and smile at him.

I want you to be strong and get well as quick as you can. I know someday you'll gonna be the best writer in the world. Kale said as he open his arm.

I don’t care if you can't talk at least you're there to listen. Do you remember when we were in high school we use to run and play here. The first time I met you I know you're different. You change me into someone better. You taught me how to be the person to understand that love don’t have to be rational, love is patient and love is unconditional. You loved me when the time I am down and nowhere to go. You see the bad in me but still believes that there is a good inside me. You're there when I needed someone. You don’t care if I keep pushing you away but still you have patience to stay. I will always be here for you. Kale said with his tears keep running down his face.


Never apologize for how you feel. No one can control how they feel. The sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. The rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. Feelings just are.”-Iain Thomas. Remember? Kale laughed trying to be strong.

After the morning beach walking Kale took Leigh to her room to have her medicine and have a rest. He put on all the laundry on the washing machine and cleans some dishes on the kitchen sink. He was interrupt when someone knocks on the door.

Good morning.Daine said as he walked in the door.

Hey. Kale said as he greeted his friend.

I just walked in as I saw that your gate is open. Daine said.

How's Leigh?Daine said

She's done with her medicine I have to take her to her room to rest. Kale replied.

Do you need help? Daine said while pointing the dishes.

I'm good. Kale laughed.

So how are you? Kale asked as he walks towards his friend.

I'm good. How about you?Daine asked.

I'm fine. Just done the chores.. Kale replied.

That's great and I am happy that she's going fine so far.Dainesaid.

We all know she's slowly losing her memory and anytime she'll totally forget everything.Daine said.

I will never leave her, she might forget everything about us but I still believe that love never forgets. Kaled replied with his teary eyes.

Time runs too fast.Daine said as he pick some pebbles and throw it to the sea.

Yeah, a lot of things happened and some things we can't control. Kale replied as he steps on the sand.

Just always be strong for her.Daine said.

I will always protect her. Kale said and glued his eyes on the water.

I missed Leigh. She's there but it feels like she's not there. Daine said.

I know everything will be just going to be fine. Kale said trying to be tough.


Kale woke up early and open the curtain at the glass window so Leigh will clearly see everything outside. The sun is going up so bright.

Good Morning. Kale whispered and gave her a kiss on her nose. He walked out the room and took the prying pan to cook an omelet and put on the bread on the toaster. He's doing this every morning but he always burn his fingers with the prying pan or cut off his finger with a knife. He prepared breakfast and hang some of his finish laundry at the backyard. He rush walk in when he saw Leigh woke up in their room.

Hows your morning? Kale said while touching her face. Are you hungry? He pushed her wheelchair to their table. It's been a quiet morning and the birds chirping outside the window.

I made omelette. Kale boasted as he gave her a smile while putting on the bread on her plate. You should eat more so you'll be going to get well soon. Leigh just smiled at her and that's enough for him every day.


After their breakfast Kale took Leigh into the beach and help her walk with barefoot on the sand. The seagull started to keep flying into the sea. The sun is rising up and it is brighter this day. He can see the Leigh enjoying the water at the sea she played the water in her feet like a little girl. Every things wasn’t easy for Leigh or for Kale and for both of them. He really loves Leigh no matter what.

You love the water. Kale said with a huge smile on his face. He's enjoying everything he's doing for Leigh. He picks up some pebbles and showed it to Leigh.

Do you remember this? Foe and Flesh would love it. Kale said with a smile.


He has to work and keep his self-busied with his unfinished work. He gave her the scheduled medicine and took her to her room to sleep. He was interrupt when he saw his phone ringing.

Hello? He said.

Mr.Blackburn we need the all the files tomorrow. Manager Maeda said at the other line.

I am going to review all of them tonight. Kale replied.

Thank you. We are looking for that. Manager Maeda replied.

Thank you. Kale said and dropped the call.

A car engine stops in front of their house. He walk towards the door to open he saw Aoi walking towards him.

How are you? Aoi said.

I'm fine. She's inside. Kale replied.

I have some flowers and fruits for her. Aoi said.

Thank you. Feel at home. I'll be going to hang my laundry. Kale said and took a basket of his laundry.

Okay.Aoi replied and walk towards Leigh's room

How are you Leigh. I missed you so much Aoi said and hug her.

Aoi.Can you do me a favor. Kale said as he enters the room.

Sure what is it? Aoi asked.

I have to go to buy our groceries. Can you look for Leigh for a while? Kale said.

Sure. I would love to. We will stay at the garden. Aoi said and pushed the wheelchair.

Nice idea. So I have to go. Kale said and gives Leigh a kissed on her forehead.

Stay safe.Aoi said.

Thank you. Enjoy the garden. Kale replied and walks away.


Aoi stayed at the garden with Leigh. She sat down at the old swing hanging there. The garden was full of flowers around and the veins of bougainvillaea crawling at the paradise garden.

Leigh, I missed you. I missed our conversation. Those laughs.Aoi said while she glued her eyes on the beach. It is a few steps from the garden.

You know what? Drake proposed to me last night. Look at my ring. Aoi said and show her ring to Leigh.

I know I am just crazy talking alone here. I know you can hear me. I know you're happy for me. I want to see your silly reaction.Aoi cried. You don’t know how much I missed you.

You should be helping me for my wedding gown and everything. Aoi said and glued her eyes to the ring on her finger. She turns around to check Leigh she saw tears running on her cheeks.

Leigh?Aoi said and hugged her best friend. I believe you're there. Leigh slowly touches her head that leaned on her shoulder. Aoi felt her best friend trying to comfort her. Just comeback.Aoi whispered.












Kale fixes all the stuff inside the fridge as Aoi left early. He cooks the dinner and feed Leigh so she can take her medicine. He really exhausted but he never gave up. He keeps fighter for Leigh. He took Leigh in her room early so he can start to review the entire file for the company.

You have to go to sleep now okay? Kale said and gave her a kiss. I'll be back after all the files I am going to finish.

He started to open his laptop and starts reviewing everything. His eyes would like to fall but he's trying to open it to finish everything. He's really busy the whole day and these file are needed for tomorrow. He fell at sleep with his head on the table.

Leigh woke up at the middle of the night. She turned around but Kale wasn't there. She tried her best to reach her wheelchair. Suddenly she fell down on the floor. She crawls and crawls till she reached her wheelchair. She trilled her wheelchair and she saw Kale fell asleep. She trilled it towards him and strokes his hair that messes on his face. She wants to talk but she can’t. With her wheelchair she went to the kitchen. As she tried to reach the coffee everything fell down and it cause a loud sound. Everything fell down on the floor.

Leigh? Kale said when he woke up. He was alarmed and ran to their room. He felt like he's shivering Leigh wasn’t there. He ran like he don’t know where to go and he found Leigh at the kitchen pieces of cup that fell down and coffee that scattered on the floor.

Baby, what are you doing here? Kale asked and pick up all the pieces of cup. He notice Leigh's finger was bleeding.

Baby do you need something? Kale asked.

Ca...Ca..She said trying to talk but no words come out on.

It's okay. I'm no mad. Kale replied and wipe Leigh's finger with his t-shirt. Co...ffee.. Leigh said while pointing him.

You want to make coffee for me? Kale said with his teary eyes.

Uhmmm. Leigh nodded with her tears. She really wants to help him as she saw everything was getting harder for Kale.

It's okay. Don’t worry about me I am okay. I can make one for me. All I want is you to be okay. Kale replied while his tears running down his face while trying to be tough. He felt like he's slowly melting. The pain inside he felt slowly fade away. He can feel that Leigh trying to help him. Leigh tried to hold his face and wipe his tears.

I missed you so much. Kale cried while Leigh wiped his tears.




























Someday if all your memories went back I want you to continue writing. You are the best writer I ever know. I will never leave you no matter what. With all the sacrifices we both did for each other. God gave us challenges we don't expect to happen and we still there standing and ready to fight no matter what. If you really love someone you should have patient to wait, patient to be there and patient to trust.  Love never hurts. Love is the most beautiful thing to cherish and it is the most beautiful thing to embrace. There will always be someone destined for us. If love comes you can do whatever things you don’t expect to do. There will be someone who will stick with you, someone will wait and fight for you no matter what. Someone who will be the huge part of your life. Someone change your life from being lovelorn to someone being love. Someone who will bring smile in your face.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.


Kale was standing under the lamppost while the snow keeps falling from the sky. It was a cold evening. He's holding a bundle of roses. He has a huge smile on his face when he saw a beautiful woman walking towards him. He stands straight waiting for her to get closer.

How long you been waiting here? Leigh asked with a smile on her face wearing a huge coat wrapping around her body with a scarf on her neck.

Just a min. Kale replied and gave her the roses.

Thank you for waiting. Leigh replied and touches his face and tightens his scarf a little bit on his neck.

How was the book signing? Kale asked.

It's fun. Really fun.Leigh replied with a huge smile on her face and they start walking.

You didn’t sign the book I bought. I am your number one fan but I guess Leigh Mitchell ignores to sign it. Kale said with his wry face with pouting lips.

Give it to me? Leigh replied.

I bought it at the bookstore earlier. Kale took the book on his back and give it her.

I'll treat you for tonight. Leigh asked.

Sounds good.Let’s go. Kale laughed with excitement and hold Leigh’s hand at the street.


The snow keeps falling down from the sky. The night was getting darker and colder while the lamp post getting brighter as the moon lights up through the whole city.

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