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Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



I dont remember what time it is , even who cares when "SATAN" is standing infront of you and keep saying " NO ONE CARE , SO COME WITH ME " i want to.... you know just keep busy or confuse this bloody "SATAN" in odd things so that police will arrive soon and arrest him for what he has done . it was not the first time this "SATAN" comes to me. he always come and say some odd words from his bloody mouth everytime. 

First time when he come i was 16 and at this age you can easily be terrified from cockroach even but this satan didnt terrified me for first time he says " HI " i told my dad that i saw a satan he smiles,but on 8 october 1997 when he comes to me and saying "NO ONE CARE, SO COME WITH ME " i thought that he his saying some puzzle words everytime so i decided to write a book to merge the words which he is saying from the very begening.

but lets talk for 8 october 1997 event which happened when "SATAN" standing infront of me and saying " NO ONE CARES...... " 2 hour earlier i decided to wrote a book on him to solve this puzzle and he is now standing infront of me "NO ONE CARES..." police arrive thier siren are loud , i thought this is going to be a proud moment that i call police to arrest satan for what he has done, police comes in and point the end of rifle towards me and i say "WOH...... WOH HOLD ON " the "SATAN" did it, then i thought may be "SATAN" fooled me  police shouts "HAND IN AIR" i jumped towards floor to take the gun through which "SATAN" kills my parents, it takes only one second but police already fire bullets passes through my brain and my eye balls became dissapear , then i see my whole lifes falsh back in 5 minutes its too fast.

Then i woke up my eyes are open clear and then i thought it was only a dream how can anyone see "SATAN" i smile, then suddenly a  man came with large wings on his back his whole body is black i scare too much, he stand looking at me quitely and say " ARE YOU THE ONE WHO DO MANY SINS AND DO NOT CRY EVEN " i  am on bed and everything is white i think that i may be in dream again or may be i am having a dream in dream i shout loud " HELP ME..... " suddenly few peoples come having no eyes and put a knife through me and then i woke up again.

This time is real, my brother is sitting reading book i cried loud and asked him to hug me the suddenly my eyes blink for nano second everything is blur and then i see a red "SATAN" is standing infron fo me and keep saying "NO ONE CARE, SO COME WITH ME " i dont know what is hapening" I SHOUT LOUD AGAIN " and "HELP......." but no one listen i saw so many peoples are going towards some door i ran towards then i see "BLUE WINGS MAN" he keep saying i will not let you throught i cried loud many peoples doing the same action like me RUNNING "BLUE WINGS" told me that you are the one who insult many peoples now face the terror ......

its now i guess 2007, 19 march i am writing this short story and when "BLUE WINGS" tells me face terror , this terror means the sins i have done in my life i have to pay for this i donot know how many years and where are my parents i do not know even where they are , they break my bones every day may be tommorow or may be next day i will be free or may be next years but one day i will free .


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