Love Poem 101

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How to write a love poem

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



It’s challenging to permeate

Love through words to be read

Other than the worldwide couplets

Violets rose blue and red. 


“Eyes beautiful, drawing me in

Your smile gives my world light”

Or devices and symbols that

Use metaphors to height.


Meter, rhyme, and syllable count 

Opens path to smooth flow

Rhythm and rhymes within this poem

Enchants words as a show.


The use of right analogies

Here fuses soul and heart

Among the classical verse of 

Neat “thy”s and “thou art”.


“Years and decades I’ll always love”

Or talk of burning stars

Utilize “surpass life and death

Distance of near and far”.


Each foremost letter here connects

Varying line to line

Eloquent words reveal themselves

Resonates thoughts of mine.


Know your imagery deeply down

No matter moon or sun.

Oh, my words of guiding love poems

Within a love poem’s done.

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