Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ambushed

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



"Send 6 squads to defend the bridge! Don't let the Skytroopers in!" yelled Alex. He stood at the door to the bridge alone. King and HK-47 were in his room deactivated and the others were in the other Flagship. He was in one of the 3 Flagships of his fleet. It consisted of 2 hangar bay ships, 3 Thranta Class Cruisers, 2 hammerheads and a fleet of A-Wings, X-Wings and Y-Wings. The Thranta cruisers were the flagships Alpha, Omega and Delta. He was in Delta while his friends were in Omega. They were on route to Yavin 4 where Luke Skywalker had called the jedi to meet when Arcann sent a small part of his Eternal Fleet to attack them. Skytroopers turned the corner and fired at him. He ignited his yellow crossguard lightsaber and jumped into battle. He blocked 2 shots from Skytroopers and they deflected off his saber and through the head of the droids. Alex then kicked on of the Skytrooper's heads off while cutting another 3 down. He then fired a blast of golden and black force lightning. It zapped the remaining Skytroopers and they collapsed. 6 squads of Republic Troopers then came around. "You called for us sir?" asked the leader of them. "Yeah. I gotta get to the ship and help the others. Guard the bridge Captain Blue." said Alex.

He ran down the hall to where the Skytroopers had come from and found the hangar bay. The Thranta Class Cruisers couldn't fit all their ships so Alex usually kept only his personal ship the Defender inside here and had the other ships in the hangar bay cruisers. But he watched as 40 Skytroopers blasted the landing gear off his ship. He ignited his saber and ran at them. 2 of Emperor Arcann's servants, Knights of Zakuul, attacked him with their blue blades. They clashed with him and he was driven away from the troopers. They pushed the Defender out the side of the hangar bay and it floated through space. "HEY! THATS MY SHIP!" Alex yelled. He zapped the knights of Zakuul and they flew out of the hangar bay and died once they flew into the deep cold darkness of space. Another jedi then entered the room. He threw his saber and it cut through the remaining Skytroopers. It was Arven Sestral, one of Alex's friends.

"Dude what happened to our ship?" asked Arven as he stared at the Defender floating in space without a pilot. The Defender used to be Arven's ship when he got it 4,000 years ago. But after he defeated the Sith Emperor, defeated the Eternal Empire he went missing and was frozen in carbonite. He had recently returned after he heard of the Death Star 2's destruction and joined Luke's jedi academy. But after Alex and his 4 friends completed their mission to find the Golden Saber and defeat Darth Luxton he gave them his ship. He had a replica starship but Alex's friend Shawn accidentally blew it up a few weeks ago when they fought Arcann, Voldemort and Kronos alongside Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Jason Grace and Arcann shot it down. Long story.

"Oh. Skytroopers." said Alex. Arven groaned and put his saber back on his belt. He then walked backwards and ran towards the end of the bay where the forcefield blocked air from escaping. He jumped through the blue light and used the force to push himself towards the Defender. Alex could see him turning blue and frost covering his body. He would never make it. The cold would kill him. Alex used the force to give him a boost and he floated into the ship. Arven quickly hit the button to close the door and yelled for his droid. "T7! TURN ON THE HEAT AND FILL THIS PLACE WITH AIR!" yelled Arven as he gasped for breath. 

Alex knew the fleet wouldn't make it if one of the 5 ships Arcann sent wasn't destroyed. 2 already were but the 3 had them cornered. If he could get a ship he could destroy one of them. "Captain Blue. Tell the commander to dock with the hangar bay cruiser." Alex said into his comm set. "Understood sir." said Captain Blue through the comm. The ship sent a docking tunnel out of the side and it connected to the Hangar bay ship. He quickly ran through the tunnel and dived through. "Alex!" yelled a voice. His apprentice Brianna was fighting off 3 knights of Zakuul. She finished them off with a single strike which cut through the torsos of all 3. "Lily, Cody and Shawn are in the Millenium Falcon. They're out there trying to expose the core so they can destroy the enemy Flagship. They got an opening but the Falcon is too big." said Brianna. "Brianna have them fly by and pick you up. I'm taking an A-Wing and destroying that thing." said Alex. He dashed towards his personal A-Wing he used a few years back and jumped in. It flew out of the hangar bay and towards the flagship.

4 Eternal Fighters spun by and fired at him. The shots missed except one which hit the side of his. Smoke trailed from the side as the spun the fighter, trying to dodge the shots. The Millenium Falcon flew by next to him and the turret on the top manuevered towards the fighters. It fired and several shots blew the Eternal Fighters apart. "Now go get em!" yelled Shawn through the comm set. He blasted off towards the flagship where he spotted a small crack in the hull. He flew through and found another 2 Eternal Fighters on his tail. They fired at him and he couldn't spin around because of the cramped space. He saw the end of the tunnel and sped up. He was in a big room and in the middle was a green energy orb. He tried to fire but the fighters lasers were jammed. He then realized a plan. He sped towards the green ball and the Eternal Fighters fired at him. He swerved to the side to avoid colliding with it but the lasers couldn't. They smashed into the green orb and the whole room exploded. Alex manuerved the A-Wing out through the same crack and he flew through with the explosion behind him. He blew out the side of the ship as the explosion blew it to pieces and it fell apart. "Sir. The commander says we are ready for hyperspace." said Blue through the comm. "Do it!" yelled Alex. "Wait. Luke says it's time. Go to the Uncharted Galaxy. Fesno." said Arven. The Fleet blasted into hyperspace, leaving 2 Eternal Cruisers alone besides the wreckage of the other 3.

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