Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Escape from the Fesno2

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



I wandered in the cold, not knowing if i would survive or make it back. Cody was still in the falcon, counting on me to get back. "HK!" i yelled. I reached for my saber and ignited the green blade. If HK-47's sound scanners were destroyed maybe he could spot the green light. I looked back and could not see the ravine. All i could see was snow, more snow and snow! I knew it. I had failed. I fell to my knees, released my grip on the lightsaber and fell into the snow. I could feel the cold freezing over my jacket. I closed my eyes and let myself die. "Emergecy: meatbag jedi should awaken."

I opened my eyes and found myself not dead. It was cold but a familiar bronze droid was nearby. "Hk.... HK your alive.... Cody's at the falcon. He said you ha.... have power cells?" i asked. "Answer: i do have the cells. I will continue to the falcon and i will hope you follow." said HK-47. I rose from the ground and put my cold as ice saber back on my belt. I slowly walked with HK next to me through the snow. I felt the wind blowing against my skin and the lack of air in my lungs. I could barely breath. I then saw it. I could see the Millenium Falcon.... at the bottom..... of... cliff.... 

I collapsed and HK-47 continued. I crawled down the path and i saw a light. I saw Scorpio. 

Scorpio pulled out a datapad. A hologram of a clone trooper. "Clone Captain Blue. Execute Order 66." said Scorpio. "I...i will. Wait! The falcon is gonna... NO!" yelled Blue before the hologram was filled with smoke. It then changed to me and Cody discovering Blue. "Send a Cruiser to the planet and kill the jedi." said Scorpio. Arcann was in his throne and hit a button on the arm. "All clone troopers on Yavin 4, execute order 66. Kill all jedi!" yelled Arcann.

"CODY!" i yelled. I rose from the ground quickly and saw it. I could just barely make out the shape of a Eternal Cruiser in the sky and 20 Skytroopers were at the Falcon. HK-47 was firing at them and Cody was on one foot, against the side of the ship deflecting shots away. I ran as fast as i could down the path. Another minute and Cody would be dead. I watched as a shot pierced his shoulder and he screamed in pain. The golden saber flew into the air and landed in the snow 10 feet away. Cody fell onto the snow and HK-47 was shot and knocked over as well. I ignited my saber and spun into battle. 

I cut down 3 troopers immediantly and ran to Cody. His heartbeat was fading and his skin was turning pale. I screamed and the force erupted from me, blasting every Skytrooper away. I stopped and dragged Cody into the falcon. I laid him on the bed and then dragged in HK-47. I put him on the floor and took the power cells out of his backpack. I quickly put them into the holder and the Falcon's power turned on. The lights flashed on and i ran to the cockpit. I could hear shots being fired at us but i didn't care. I got into the cockpit and the Falcon floated into the air. Shots hit the side but it didn't matter. "DIE!" yelled Shawn.

The turret spun into action and blew several of the Skytroopers apart. I quickly turned on the auto hover and ran to the edge of the boarding pad. I used the force and the golden saber flew from the snowy ground and into my hand. I closed it up, ran to the cockpit and took off into the sky. I activated the comm and Arven appeared. "Oh hey-"
"WHAT PLANET!?" I yelled. "Um.... Metalia." said Arven. I turned off the comm, tapped in the cordinates and pulled the hyperdrive lever. The Millenium Falcon blasted into hyperspace, and it was gone.

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