Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Quick note, the last few chapters depicting Alex, Arven, Brianna and Lily on one moon and Shawn and Cody on the other had some mistakes. I made half on friday and the other half on sunday so i may have messed up with the 2 planets. To be clear. Alex, Arven, Lily, Brianna and King all went to Fesno2 and Shawn and Cody crashed on Fesnus

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Ahsoka vs Past

Submitted: October 11, 2016

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Submitted: October 11, 2016



Still Ahsoka's POV

I knew i was in trouble from the minute i landed. Well if you call crashing into the ocean, landing. I watched as water flooded the room and R2 rolled out of the cockpit. I ignited my twin white blades and used the force to open the boarding pad. I jumped off the wall of the flooded room and swam to the surface. She reached the top and looked down. R2 used his jets and blasted himself out of the water. He landed on the sand and I followed. I looked around. There wasn't too many weird things. The usual flora and fauna and the sandy beaches and sun filled area. But there was the matter of the sith and Eternal Empire Warships in the sky and a few on the ground. There was something in the water though. It looked like a huge floating tower. Well like 4 different weirdly shaped towers and near the top in the middle was a sphere. Like a space station.

"R2=no idea what it is." said R2. An astromech beep then came from the water. I looked behind me and saw the Ebon Hawk had floated to the surface. The door opened and a droid rolled out. The droid of Revan, T3-M4. "T3= been here before. Station= Star Forge." said T3. I had heard about the Star Forge when Revan told me about his adventures. It was basically a giant machine. Using the force and energy from nearby stars it could create anything. It could create Star Fleets, war droids, astromechs, HK units, tanks, starfighters, anything! I then realized that it was supposed to be in space. I then saw that the tip of one of the 4 points wasn't completed. It was being rebuilt after Revan destroyed it. "R2. How much time until production is complete?" i asked. "Time=30 minutes." said R2. "Alright T3 stay here. R2 cmon, we got a station to destroy." i said. I took off towards the station with R2 behind me.

I saw the entrance was an elevator at the bottom of one of the spikes, touching the edge of the beach. I ran into the fenced production area and the battle began. Everywhere there was Skytroopers, Sith and Rakata Warriors. They were being mind controled into building the Star Forge. I ignited the blades and ran into battle. I cut down 4 sith with ease and stabbed a Knight of Zakuul in the waist. I kicked away 2 Rakata Warriors and force pushed another into a crate. I didn't want to hurt them. They probadly wouldn't do the same if they weren't being mind controled. "Star Forge=creating something. Ahsoka+R2=in trouble." said R2 from behind Ahsoka. 3 Eternal Warships then flew down towards us. It fired a few shots, blasting sand into the air and blowing rocks apart. I then saw part of the Star Forge open to reveal 20 identical droids. 20 identical HK unit droids. They were all black and gold and were holding rifles. "HK-99s! ATTACK AND KILL THE JEDI!" yelled the sith in charge. The units charged and i got a bad feeling.

I ran at them with my sabers gripped tight. They were moving in a 5 by 4 formation. 4 rows with 5 each. I threw my sabers in opposite directions, cutting down 2 of the droids in the corners. I kicked off from the one in the front and flew into the air. The droids crowded around where i had jumped and fired. Several shots hit me but i took the pain. I caught my sabers and smashed into the ground, sending a shockwave of energy around the area. 8 of the droids exploded and the pieces flew into the air. R2 beeped and rolled near one of the consoles. R2 plugged in and the Star Forge opened to reveal a grenade. I summoned it to her and cut down thr last of the droids. I ran to the elevator and dived in. It took me almost to the top till the elevator exploded. I jumped into the air and climbed up the elevator shaft. 

When i reached the top i was on a metal ring going through the 4 spikes around the circle. A huge turret mounted on the top of the control sphere aimed and fired at me. I dived out of the way and it blew apart the ring. Part of it was blown apart and Skytroopers landed on the other side. I used the force and each of them flew off the side. 4 Sith jumped down and clashed with me. I cut down one and kicked another off the side. I was able to impale another and blasted the other away with a force push. R2 appeared on the other side of the bridge inside the spike and turret aimed. "R2!" i yelled. The turret fired and the whole room exploded. Metal and wreckage flew out of the smoke and flames. I couldn't make out any of the figures inside but i knew i had to save R2. I ran and jumped over the broken ring. A blasted me in the shoulder, everything spun and everything turned black.

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