Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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BTW i mention someone named Kaeden in here. She is a character from the new book Star Wars: Ahsoka that came out October 11th. I already read it and decieded to mention her.

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Ahsoka vs Past Part 2

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



I rose from the ground tried to open my eyes. Everything felt cold and i felt pain in my side. I finally opened my eyes and looked around. I was in a dark cave with only a single light shining in from the ceiling. I looked to my side and saw blood streaking down my sides. I had been impaled by a blaster shot coming from some kind of ship or a Skytrooper. I pulled out my comm. "R2. R2 are you there?" i asked. No answer. I knew i couldn't escape through the ceiling. I spotted a tunnel and walked through. I saw black smoke fill the tunnel and something appeared.

It was Luke Skywalker surrounded by clone troopers, all firing at him. I then saw the jedi temple burning and it changed. There was an old temple inside of a mountain. 7 figures rushed out of the main door. Alex, Lily, Brianna, Arven, King and 2 others i didn't know. In the orangish sky through the cloud were a fleet of Eternal Warships. They were firing on the surface of the planet and transports were coming down. 20 jedi plus the 7 were outside as Skytroopers dashed towards them. About 400 Skytroopers were marching towards the temple. 1 by 1, the jedi fell until only the 7 plus 5 remained. They ran to the entrance and one of the jedi was shot in the back. "Ahnishka! Close the doors!" yelled one of the 7. He was an older jedi with a white beard. The door slammed shut as the 4 dived through. 

It then changed to a group walking through a room that seemed to fit the description Arven gave her of the Eternal Throne Room. Alex Jackson was wielding his yellow crossguard saber which was flashing like it was unstable. Brianna was next to him with her 2 blue sabers. Lily was behind with her dual bladed green saber. Shawn had his rifle and his green blade on his belt. Cody was wielding his golden lightsaber but his saber of darkness was not on his belt. "Your reign is over Arcann!" yelled Alex. The scene changed to Scorpio walking into a shuttle on the roof off a building. Several figures ran up the stairs. One she knew as Antonio Sestral, but he was different. His hair had grown a big longer like a jedi padawan she used to know in the Rebel Alliance and the boy had a lightsaber on his belt. He had 2 twin pistols and was pointing them at Scorpio. Behind them was me along with a man in a rebel pilot uniform. She knew him as the rebel pilot Zev Senesca who was believed to have perished at the Battle of Hoth awhile ago. Then there was Lily who she obviously knew. She was different. She wore a brown jacket over a white shirt and had a blaster pistol and a satchel around her. Her lightsaber was sticking out of the bag. "Scorpio! Get down here!" yelled Antonio. "Goodbye." said Scorpio. The shuttle took off into the sky and another ship came down next to the roof. It was an old rebel blockade runner very similiar to the Tantive IV. They ran in and it took off after the shuttle.

I then saw it change to me dueling Vader, then Maul blinding a jedi i used to know as Kanan Jarrus. I saw myself powning those 2 inquisitors back during the days of the rebel alliance and then escaping in a shuttle. It changed back to Vader and i saw Vader strike me down. I saw myself walking into the temple and i flew against the wall.

I looked around and saw Vader emerge from the smoke. I ignited my 2 white blades and clashed with him. I saw visions flash through my mind. The day of the temple bombing where i saved Anakin AKA the future Vader from crashing his ship. Then i saw the time we first met when i almost crushed him with a wall to save him from battle droids. It was too painful. I broke the connection and swung my sabers. They slashed through his chest and he fell back. I used the force and ceiling collapsed on him. I ran through the tunnel, seeing more visions as i ran. Tears raced down my face as i saw them. Plo Koons death, Anakin Skywalker burning on Mustafar, Kaedan getting shot. I dived out of the tunnel and collapsed. I saw myself in the shiny hilt of my saber. I looked younger. Like i was only 27 again. When i first joined the rebels. I was around my mid 30s but i looked younger now. I looked around and saw a tie fighter nearby. I climbed up the side, jumped in and took off towards the Star Forge.

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