Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Metalia

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



The Defender came out of hyperspace containing 4 jedi and a droid. "Alright we made it to Metalia." said Arven. He was currently piloting the ship alone as Lily had fallen asleep. Jyn Erso was also asleep and Alex and Brianna were sparring in the other room and King was doing 360's in the doorway. "King=excited. King=wondering where T7 is." said King. A beep was heard and King rolled in from downstairs. "He was down there the whole time working on the hyperdrive." said Arven. King beeped and the 2 started coversing in droid speak. They flew near Metalia and the ship shook. Brianna fell against the wall and Alex fell on her. They kissed for a second before another hit knocked them away from eachother. The 2 ran into the cockpit and saw what was going on. Several explosive probes were surrounding the planet and several were firing lasers at him. He spun the Defender to the side as a laser hit the hull and caused smoke to trail.

"Ahnishka! Someone is attempting to land!" said a jedi at the console. Ahniska was a totruga who had recently become a knight. "I'll go see. Don't try to kill them yet Topirth." said Ahniska. "Got it." said Topirth. Ahniska ran outside and looked into the sky. She coud see the ship had made it into the atmosphere but was still struggling with the explosive probes. "Wait... is that? Manixx! Manixx! He's here!" yelled Ahniska before she ran inside. An old jedi walked into her. "Manixx! The Defender in the sky! Arven's here!" yelled Ahniska. The 2 ran out the door and saw the Defender's engine burst into flames from a probe. "Topirth! Stop trying to destroy it!" yelled Manixx. 

"Guys! They stopped firing." said Arven. Alex sat down in the copilots seat and Brianna sat on his lap. "I see something. A temple in the side of a mountain! Look!" yelled Arven. Below them the 3 could see 2 figures outside the temple, one jumping and waving. The Defender landed near the temple and Arven exited quickly. The planet looked similiar to Voss, Quesh or Balmorra. The orangish sandy ground with patches of grass and the rough terrian. A figure quickly knocked him over.

"Arven! Your alive!" yelled Ahniska. "Oh hey. Yeah i'm alive." said Arven. He helped her get up and Alex and Brianna walked out with King and T7 behind them. T7 was carrying the Gizka cage. "Wait a minute why is my Gizka in a cage?" asked Arven. "We found it on the Eternal Warship." said Alex. "This is my pet Gizka! Gizzy!" yelled Arven before he let the Gizka out and hugged him. "Aw. I remember you." said Ahniska. She looked over to the other 2. "He used to bring this little guy to all the Enclave missions." said Ahniska. "Oh yeah Ahniska. This is Alex Jackson and Brianna Skyshot. and this is their astromech King." said Arven referring to the 3. "Nice to meet you. Cmon Manixx probadly wants to see you." said Ahniska.

She walked up the hill with the 3 plus the droids behind them. Several jedi were waiting at the top. Arven recognized them all. Manixx, the guildmaster AKA the Jedi Grandmaster of the Enclave. Eugrob one of the senior members of the jedi Enclave. Adesrri one of the other members of the guild. Indevan was another senior member. "Arven! Your alive!" exclaimed Eugrob. "Hey just because my brother crashed the Defender and all the communication items i had into Manaan a few years back doesn't mean i'm dead." said Arven. "What about the guildship?" asked Arven not knowing where their flagship was. "The guildship is in a secret hangar in the mountain behind us." said Indevan.

After a half hour of meeting the group was escorted to their rooms. Alex, Brianna and King were given a room with 6 beds in case. It fit them well knowing Jyn Erso and Lily were in the Defender and Shawn and Cody were on their way. Arven went to his old room. The temple was enchanted with the force from being built by Satele Shan. Manixx was given the power to instantly dismantle or rebuild the temple anywhere instantly. All he had to do was place down the grand holocron statue in the middle of the area and place one of the holocrons he had taken out back inside it's slot.

Arven found his room how he left it. His bed was made and 2 of his old sabers were lying on it. His armor stand was still on the wall holding his old red Republic Trooper armor. His 4 footlockers held some medpacks, grenades and clothes. One of them actually held all his old droids. Including his old probe droid he used for security. Arven laid on his bed, knowing he was home again. 

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