Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Invasion on Rakata Prime

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



Nobodies POV

Ahsoka had to get lucky. The turrets on the Star Forge aimed and fired. She concentrated on the force and dodged. The tie fighter did a barrel roll past a few shots and spun past another few. The main turret slowly turned around towards the tie fighter. When it finally got there, it fired.

A plasma shot hit the tie fighter and it spun out of control. Ahsoka used the force and the top flew off. She climbed out and jumped off the tie fighter and onto the ring around the top of the Star Forge. The turrets aimed at her and fired. She quickly threw one of her sabers which cut through the rest of the turrets. She spotted Skytroopers coming from behind and threw her other saber at them.

A sith fighter flew over the Star Forge and something jumped out. A robed sith landed next to them and ignited a dual bladed saber. The sith wore black robes with some red and had a mask on. She looked familiar. But she wasn't any ordinary sith, she was part of the dark council. "You won't win. You will fall like the others." said Ahsoka. "Well lets see!" said the sith.

She spun her saber and clashed with Ahsoka who blocked one with saber and got a hit with the other. The sith girl stumbled back. "Hahaha! You think it's over don't you!" yelled the sith. She sent a blast of pitch black force lightning at her. Ahsoka flew backwards and hit the metal wall. The sith disconnected her sabers into 2 and walked towards her, her sabers cutting through the floor as she walked. Ahsoka had an idea, but it was hopeless. Ahsoka threw her saber at the girl, who deflected it away. It flew behind the girl and cut another line through the floor, creating almost a whole rectangle of cuts. Ahsoka ignited her other blade and cut another line where the girl was walking. "NO!" yelled the girl.

The sith girl flew through the floor and down to her death. Ahsoka watched and body smash into the security area below. She had lost R2 because of these sith. Now they were going to pay.

Suddenly she spotted several ships coming out of hyperspace. 6 blockade runner ships like the tantive IV, 2 hammerhead cruisers, 2 thranta cruisers and 2 Republic Warships. They were firing at the Star Forge mainly, as it exploded and sparked. She saw a shot hit the room behind her, and she knew she had to run. She spotted a small landing platform containing a tie fighter. Ahsoka ran to it as fast as she could. She ran across the ring and watched as the main turret exploded from the shots coming from a nearby A-wing. She dived to the landing platform and watched as the supports broke and the platform tumbled to the ground, bringing the tie with it.

It hit the ground and exploded into flames. Ahsoka was dead. The whole part of the ring she was on exploded and Ahsoka watched as a light appeared nearby. "Daughter.... take me... Mortis..." said Ahsoka. "R2=not daughter." said a voice. Ahsoka opened her eyes to see the lights coming from the Ebon Hawk and R2 on the boarding pad. Ahsoka rose from the ground and jumped onto the boarding pad, which closed up once she was inside. Ahsoka saw a jedi fighting off 3 sith. One of the sith was the girl, the other was Leia.

"R2 get us down there! We have to help her!" yelled Ahsoka.

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