Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Training

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



Alex rose from his bed as soon as he heard a voice. He looked to the side and saw Brianna was the only one in the room. "Hey. Revan's here in one of the blockade cruisers. Cmon." said Brianna. She was already dressed so Alex quickly put on his jedi robes and grabbed his lightsaber off the bedside table. He walked outside and King was waiting for him already. "King=excited. Revan=has an announcement." said King. Alex, Brianna and King ran down the hall towards the noise.

They found themselves in a big room with 6 long tables, each lined with food and most filled with people. 4 tables were full, the 5th was half and the 6th was empty. Alex saw Lily already at the 5th talking with the girl from yesterday. The 2 sat down across from them. "So what's your name?" asked Brianna. "My names Jyn. Jyn Erso. I was involved with the old rebel alliance." said the girl. "The one to restore the republic?" asked Brianna. "Yep." said Jyn. "That was over 10 years ago!" exclaimed Lily. The conversation would have gone on longer but they looked over to the stage at the front of the room where Manixx was standing. "Everybody quiet down. Jedi Master Revan, sent by Satele Shan has been sent here." said Manixx. Manixx gestured Revan to step foward. Revan exited from the back of the room and walked to the front of the stage.

"I have dire news. Over half of the sith empire's senate have voted to break away from the alliance and join the Eternal Empire. We are at a disatvantage now. We have also learned about the survival of Darth Luxton's apprentice Ashla. She has moved to the rank of Sith Lord now and is on the sith council. I have been working to form a strike team to defeat her. But i have only discovered 5 of the 6 heroes needed. I ask the Enclave to offer one of their padawans." announced Revan. Ahnishka stepped up and looked over to one of the kids at our table. He looked to be about 14 or 15. "I choose my padawan. Julian Torres." said Ahniska.

Julian gasped and walked up to the stage. "Now we must test if he's ready. I shall choose a jedi here to dual with him." said Revan. He put his hand out and Alex felt something. His lightsaber flew from his belt and into Revan's hand. "Alex Jackson. You shall duel him." said Revan.

Alex's POV

I knew the kid was scared. I had heard most of the Enclave had heard of me after me, Cody, Lily, Shawn and Brianna had gotten alot of publicity from the Doors of Darkness Operation and the Corusant Survival Operation. I walked up to the stage and took my blade. I ignited it and the kid grabbed his sabers off his belt. He had blue robes on and had a cybernetic eye and an implant under his other eye. He ignited 2 white blades and got into a battle stance.

I swung my saber left and it took both his blades to block my attack. I spun, aimed for his leg but he was able to block one of the slashes and it hit my leg instead. I clashed with him once more and he kept blocking my attacks. But he was able to block one of my attacks temporaily and hit my arm. But my attack hit his leg and burned part of it. I sent a blast of golden lightning at him which he got hit by directly. He stumbled back and attempted to throw a punch. I grabbed his arm and knocked him into the wall. I saw him fall to the floor and his eyes closed. I was about to help him up when his eyes flickered open quick and his expression changed to scared. "Guys! Take cover!" yelled Julian. He pushed me off the stage and i saw flashes of red and black.

I got up and saw Julian was knocked out and his back was covered in burns. I looked to the stage to see Revan injured. The whole wall had gotten blown open by something. Me, Lily, Manixx, Brianna, and Jyn walked up the stage to see it. A blown apart probe droid made by the Eternal Empire. They knew we were here.

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