Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Scouting gone Wrong

Submitted: October 19, 2016

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Submitted: October 19, 2016



Alex's POV once again

I felt bad. I had no idea about the exploding probe droid on the other side of the wall. The droid had blown apart the stage, leaving only a small portion left. Revan was lying on that portion but I hadn't been. I was right next to the wall. If Julian hadn't pushed me away, i would have been killed. Ahniska and Zuria had taken him to the blockade runner to heal. Revan was gone now, probadly working on the mission Julian had been recruited to do. I was now lying in bed, thinking about what had happened. The door opened and i spotted a familiar face. "Cody!" I exclaimed. Cody walked into the room followed by Shawn. "What happened to you guys?" i asked. "Oh yeah. Well the Eternal Empire had control of the moon and they shot us down, almost caused Shawn to freeze to death, damaged HK-47, sprained my leg and killed Captain Blue." explained Cody. "Seriously?" i asked. "Yep. Now cmon. Lily wants us all outside, she wanted us to do scouting for more of those probes." said Cody. I quickly grabbed my saber and ran outside.

i strode outside and the light flashed through my eyes as i took in the sunlight. Once my vision cleared i could make out several figures at the bottom of the hill. I ran down and found Shawn, Lily, Cody, Brianna, King and HK-47 waiting. "Alright what are we doing?" i asked. "Scouting out near Mettalia mountain." said Lily. "Whys the place called Mettalia anyways?" asked Cody. "Because most of the planet is metal." said Lily. "Since when?" asked Brianna. "You'll see." said Lily.

It was long and boring, atleast until we found it. We kept walking down the same path with our macrobinoculars. "Ugh this is so frickin boring!" Shawn yelled. "Fine. Me and Cody will go a different way and you guys can stay here." said Lily. She walked off into the tall grass with Cody behind her. "Cmon. Lets go into one of the bushes and watch tv on the datapads." said Brianna. Brianna walked into one of the bushes then dissapeared. "AHHH!" yelled Brianna. We were about to run through when we realized something. On the other side of the bush was a huge hole. I sliced the bush out of the way and found a huge hole. In the bush were 2 small items. Brianna's sabers. "ALEX!" yelled a voice from the bottom of the hole. I had to save Brianna.

I ignited my saber and jumped down the hole. Shawn shrugged and jumped down with me. We tumbled down the hole and landed in a small tunnel. The stone on the wall wasn't normal. Slash marks were cut across the walls, looking like someone cut then with a saber. I quickly rose and ignited my saber once more. I could make out a figure lying on the ground. "Oh god! Shawn get over here!" i said. Shawn walked over and we stared at the figure. It was a young boy, with a lightsaber in his hand. There was a slash across his chest and blood was leaking from it. "Alex. Were not alone!" said Shawn.

I heard a thump and turned around, slashing my saber. I almost took off HK's head. "Apology: I apologize for scaring you master." said HK. King fell down right next to him. "King=scared. Cave=contains 4 living people." said King. "So me, you, Brianna and.... who else?" said Shawn. King activated his light and Shawn loaded his rifle. He rolled down the tunnel and we followed, our weapons ready. The slash marks continued, all down the tunnel. Atleast till we reached the end.

We finally made it to the end, where we found something horrid. A huge room, filled with several bodies of jedi. In the middle was Briannna rope tied, mouth taped and knocked out. There was blood streaking across her leg along with a few scars and marks. A robed figure stood over here. I ran at the figure and saw a blast of blue fly at me. I was knocked away and saw i had been blasted by force lightning. I blocked the lightning away and it blew through a wall. The figure was wearing black and red robes and was holding a red blade. "I am Darth Scizon! Now die!" yelled the figure.

He sent a wave of force lightning at me, who blocked it with his saber. Shawn loaded his rifle and fired a shot. It blasted Scizon in the side and blood exploded from his body. Scizon roared in pain and sent a small blast at Shawn, who flew into a wall. HK and King ran at him to help but he sent another blast at them, shorting them out. I was alone, weakened. "I ain't going down!" i yelled. Scizon threw his saber which knocked me away. Scizon then used the force and the ceiling started to collapse. Several huge boulders fell from the ceiling and onto me.

My legs were crushed under the force of the boulders, i couldn't move. I looked around and spotted the figure removing his hood and hitting buttons on a console in the wall. The sith had red skin, black eyes and short black hair. Scizon smashed a red button on the console and the floor opened up. A rocket appeared from the floor opening. "A transmitter... NO! Don't do it!" i yelled. If he sent the transmitter into space, it would send a signal to the Eternal Empire, signaling them to come here. "I have to. It is my duty. You killed my father, but me and my sister will live!" yelled Scizon. "What are you..... no!" i said. I didn't know till now, his father was Darth Luxton.

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