Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Rescued

Submitted: October 20, 2016

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Submitted: October 20, 2016



Lily's POV

"They have to be down here." i said. Cody stood next to me, staring at the hole. "Where's the proof?" asked Cody. "We searched the whole forest. Plus this bush was cut in half." i said. I jumped down the hole and my cape flew up from the wind flowing past me. I landed perfectly at the bottom and Cody landed behind me. "Alright lets do this." said Cody. He ignited the golden saber and the light lit the cave perfectly. "This thing just gets better and better." said Cody. We strode down the hall slowly as the sound got closer. I could hear someone, Alex maybe. I heard someone yell NO!..... who was it. 

"Look!" said Cody. He lead me over to a small opening in the tunnel. On the other side was a huge room and inside was several people. Alex was lying under rubble near some bodies of dead jedi. Shawn was knocked out against the wall and i could see blood pouring down his back. HK-47 and King were deactivated and a red skinned black robed figure was at a wall console. In the middle of the room was a huge rocket. "That things a transmitter. If it goes off, then the Eternal Empire will find this planet and invade it." said Cody.

I then saw someone enter the room. A young jed girl. Maybe 16 or 17. "Come to die?" asked the sith. "I know your plans!" yelled the jedi girl. She ignited a blue blade and ran at the sith. She quickly used the force to take his saber. He used a blast of force lightning and knocked them both away. She used the force and hold him in place. He attempted to reach for his saber but she used the force and crushed it with a boulder. "You will pay for attempting to destroy us!" yelled the girl. I saw the sith put his hand behind his back. A small black sphere was forming in his hand. The death sphere technique. Basically if you are skilled enough you can form a force sphere that can instantly kill someone.

I had to help her. If i don't the sphere will kill her. I reached for my saber on my belt but felt a tug. My saber was moving on it's own.

"WATCH OUT!" i yelled. My saber ignited and spun through the stone. We plummeted out of the opening and into the big room. The lightsaber flew at the girl and she screamed. As soon as i hit the ground i heard a gross slashing, squishy sound. I saw a body fall to the ground, my saber next to it. The body was covered in blood and so was the saber. "NO!" i yelled. Cody ignited his saber and ran at the sith. He smiled and Cody ran up to him. "NO CODY!" i yelled. He still had the death sphere. I used the force and Cody flew away from the sith. He flew against a boulder and was out. The death sphere dissapeared from his hand. "I shall use it later. I won't need it to kill you." said the sith.

He smashed his hand against a button on the console and another lightsaber flew from the console and into his hand. "I am Darth Scizon and you will now die!" said the sith. He ran at me and ignited his red blade. I used the force and my bloody hilt flew to my hand. The 2 green blades exploded from the ends and i ran at him. We jumped into the air and clashed. I ducked, dived and slashed at him. The duel was graceful, each of us jumping, using the force and using hand to hand combat abilities along with our saber abilities. I finally got the chance and force pushed him against a boulder. He smashed into it and the whole wall exploded. I watched as a force push flew out of the explosion and hit a button on the console. The ceiling above me exploded and i dived out of the room.

Using the force Alex and Cody flew to me. I quickly grabbed Shawn as the rocks and stone collapsed in the room. The only things left were 2 sandy droids and the rocket. I saw a lever on the console move, and the rocket took off. "NO!" i yelled. I ran back into the room with Alex behind me. He used his saber and cut through the rubble to reveal Brianna. I put my saber on my belt and jumped off one of the taller boulders and onto the rocket. I hung from the edge of the handle on it and i used my other hand to grip my saber.

I swung it back and swung it at the rocket. A shot hit the saber and it broke into 2, falling down to the planet below. "HEY!" i yelled. I looked back and saw it. A Sith Fighter, with Scizon on top. "YOU! I WON'T LET YOU WIN!" yelled the sith. I pulled my DL-44 blaster pistol our of my leg holster and fired it at the control panel. 3 shots blew the door off, leaving the panel exposed. "Your plan failed!" i yelled. "Not exactly." said the sith. I looked at the fighter. A black astromech was flying it and the sith was on top the fighter. The fighter fired and i quickly dodged. I flew off the side and gripped a handle on the bottom of the rocket. I could feel the flames coming from the rocket on my front and i knew i couldn't stop it. The sith threw his saber at me. I screamed, red flashed and i fell.

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