Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Star Forge Launch P1

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



Ahsoka's POV

I was bleeding from the arm. My lightsabers were on the floor. But it wasn't over. I stumbled into the cockpit and got into the pilots seat. The ship shook and i saw a tie fighter come over us. "R2! Use the turret!" i yelled. R2 beeped and rolled towards the turret in the back. He plugged into the astromech port and the turret spun around and lit up. He aimed at the 3 ties firing at us. He fired, the shots plunging into the cockpits of the tie fighter. A Sith Fighter flew through the smoke of the tie fighters and fired at the Ebon Hawk. Several shots blew the turrets apart and the back burst into flames. I knew the Hawk was done for. I ran out of the cockpit and R2 ran out of the turret room. I opened the exit and dived out. The Ebon Hawk burst into flames and smashed into the ocean below. R2 flew out with his jets and I followed. 

We landed at the sand on the beach and i could see the battles. Republic and Clone troopers firing at the Sith Troopers and Skytroopers. X-Wings, Tie Advanceds, Tie Fighters, A-Wings, Y-Wings, Tie Bombers, Eternal Fighters, Z9-headhunters, Sith Fighters and Republic Fighters. All in the sky, blasting at eachother and fighting. I saw several familiar figures in the distance next to some rocks near the beach. I ran over and R2 followed.

Leia had a saber. She was wielding a silver blade and fighting off Ashla. I could see where she got it. Next them was a dead jedi, a young boy splattered with blood. Leia had several cuts on her arm and a huge slash across her chest. Ashla had the injuries i gave her along with a slash on her leg. Ashla swung her saber at Leia's head, but she ducked and slashed at Ashla's waist. It hit and blood spurted from the injury. Ashla force pushed Leia and she flew back onto the side of a crashed X-Wing. Ashla then levitated a blaster in the air and pointed it at the energy cell panel on the X-Wing. "NO!" i yelled. I attempted to stop her, but she threw her saber and knocked me back.

I heard 3 shots and one make contact with something. I then heard an explosion. I opened my eyes and saw 5 clones. They had shot Ashla. The sith girl threw her saber and murdered one of them. I looked over to the X-Wing and saw another clone had saved Leia from the explosion. A familiar clone. "Commander Tano! Fives, Sting, Shock, Echo! Kill the Sith!" Rex yelled to me. I ignited my sabers and slashed at Ashla. She dodged and started to turn red. Several other clones ran up and fired at her. The shots dissapeared when it got near her body. "GET DOWN!" i yelled. I felt heat, i heard screams and it was all over.

I looked up to see several clones had been desintegrated. 4 remained along with Rex and Leia. I saw Ashla running to a sith shuttle. Another sith was on the boarding pad helping her up. She took his hand, he pulled her up, and she pushed the sith off the shuttle. The sith fell onto a sharp rock and blood exploded from his back. Ashla was cruel. The 4 clones ran up to me with Rex. "Ahsoka. I see you made it through the war so far." said Rex. "Yep. I ain't going down yet." i said. "You are now!"

2 of the clones aimed their blasters are me and fired. I felt the pain of the 2 shots at me and collapsed. "AHSOKA!" yelled Rex. I heard 2 more shots and 2 more bodies dropped. I flickered my eyes open. Rex and the other 2 clones had killed the rouge clones. "Why aren't you killing me?" i asked. "We all removed our chips. Remember during the Clone Wars?" said Fives. I stared at the clone bodies on the ground. If they had tried to kill me. What about all the other clones. I looked around and saw the chaos. Jedi and Republic Troopers being surrounded. A-Wings and X-Wings being shot down by the Arc Fighters. Chaos. Complete Chaos. I stared at the Star Forge. "Rex, Fives, Echo... gather the troopers. The Republic troops. Gather them. We must prepare to take down this station. We must take down the Star Forge."

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