Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Star Forge P2

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



Ahsoka's POV

"Alright here's the plan. Gold Squadron, go for the left post. Shadow Squadron the right. White Squadron, you'll be with me. Were going for the middle." i said. I was standing over a holotable with the other troopers in the tactics room. "Alright Malcom. Lead Shadow Squadron." i said. Jace Malcom nodded and walked over to his squadron.

Jace was a hero. He fought in many battles everywhere. He was one of the only survivors to escape the Republic Station over Korriban, along with Satele Shan, Nico Onkar and T7-01. He had also fought alongside Satele Shan in one of the battles on Alderran. He and his squadron fought against a bigger army of sith, and won. Though he was the only survivor, and only because Satele Shan and him worked together to defeat Darth Malgus. 

"Alright now Gold Squadron. Raymond Skywalker will lead you." said. Raymond walked out from the shadows. He was wearing his signature Arf Trooper armor and his black hilted saber was on his belt. Raymond was the secret brother of Luke and Leia. Padme Amidala had actually been impregnated a year earlier but never told Anakin. She gave birth to the baby and sent him away. But Raymond eventually found out about his heritage and spent years tracking Luke and Leia down. He came close a few times, even battling through squads of Stormtroopers on Cloud City to find him.

But he never actually met him until one year after the battle of Endor. The Ewoks and the Republic were having an anniversary party to celebrate the day they beat the Empire. Raymond showed up and the 2 met. Raymond was actually the one to discover Alex Jackson and the other 4. Plus, he was one of the only ones to have a golden bladed lightsaber, besides Cody.

"Alright! lets move out!" i yelled. I heard the sound of a tie fighter. "EVERYBODY GO GO GO!" i yelled. Me and Raymond both ignited our sabers and ran out of the tactis room and out of the ship we were in. The Tie Bomber above us dropped the bombs and the whole ship exploded. The troopers escaped and we quickly split up. 

Raymond's POV.

I held my saber in a backhanded style and ran at the Sith Troopers. They fired, but it didn't matter. The shots rushed past me as i glowed gold. I spun and i was surrounded by a tornado of gold. I took down the troopers with ease and rammed at the door blocking us from the left command post for the Star Forge. 2 of the troopers fired their cannons at the ends of the metal gate, and it fell apart. We ran in and were met with force. 5 Sith Warriors appeared, 2 wielding dual bladed sabers and the other 3 wielding 2 sabers. I ran at them and fought.

I ducked and cut through the legs of one, jumpd and kicked another in the neck, killing him instantly and sliced through the shoulders of another. The 3 bodies fell and i clashed with the other 2. The troopers took cover behind the crates and fired at the nearby Eternal Destroyer Droids. I could see black HK copies rushing through the crowd before being shot down. This was gonna be easy.

Ahsoka's POV

I ran towards the gate and force pushed it back. It flew into the metal fenced off commande post and crushed 3 sith troopers. I ignited my sabers and saw 3 sith running at me. I slid and cut through the feet of all 3. They fell and the troopers quickly headshot them before taking on the others. I saw the Star Forge creation door open and a robot appear. It seemed humanlike, but more fragile and missing alot of parts.

"I am PROXY! KILLER OF GALEN MAREK! I.....AM.....ETERNAL! SCANNING! AHSOKA TANO! DEATH TO JEDI!" yelled the robot. He ignited a dual bladed saber and ran at me. He quickly flashed red, then black and then finally changed into Darth Maul, someone who i truly hated. I clashed with him and attempted to knock him back, he was only a droid.

But he predicted my attacks and countered, quickly knocking me into a crate. I had to remember, Galen told me about Proxy once. I don't know how i didn't recognize him. I tried to remember but it was all coming up blank. PROXY Maul jumped into the air and kicked me onto my back. Now i remember.

"Proxy? I kept him around. He was a friend, atleast when he wasn't trying to kill me. Right now he's on Fesno Station with Juno. But when he did try to kill me, he was TOUGH as hell. It took all my strength to take him down. Even at night he tried to kill me." said Galen. "So he tried to kill you? Howd you take him down and didn't you get tired of it?" i asked. "It depended on who he changed into. He's unique, he can change into almost anybody in his database. Shaak ti, Darth Maul, Obi Wan. But not Anakin Skywalker though. I never understood why at the time. I did get tired of it after awhile. He's weakness is his power core, just run him in in the chest. He'll go down instantly." said Galen.

I knew what i had to do now. I jumped into the air, off Proxy's head and stabbed my sabers back. Proxy sparked and flashed and stumbled away. He was shutting down. But a blast erupted from Proxy's hand and blasted me, tiring me. Proxy ran at me, still sparking with his dual bladed red lightsaber. He spun around and a red blade potruded from my chest. "REX!" i yelled. "AHSOKA!" yelled Rex. I could see Rex's blurry figure shoot Proxy in the back and the droid fall apart. The last thing i remember, was seeing Rex remove his helmet and yell "WE NEED A MEDIC!".......

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