Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A Secret Awakening

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The Fleet came out of hyperspace in the Uncharted Galaxy. Alex looked through the window of the A-Wing and was amazed. He had been over Fesno once, about 2 years ago when he was given his first mission. Alex, Lily, Cody and Shawn had just found the Golden Saber with the help of Rey, HK-47, King his astromech and T3-M4. But Boba Fett ambushed them, stole it and took it to Darth Luxton's fleet here. Alex was alone then but had been rescued by Raymond Skywalker who found and repaired his ship. Together the 2 destroyed Darth Luxton's fleet, saved his friends and got back the golden saber. But Fesno stilled looked the same. Rey had said it was all snowy and was kinda like the surface of Starkiller base. Before it got turned into a superweapon. But besides Fesno there were many other planets in the Uncharted Galaxy. There was Zenaria, the planet where Alex's adventure got started when Luke and Revan were ambushed by Sith and they had to escape. Then there was Odessen where the Alliance Headquarters was. Then Zakuul where the Eternal Empire was based. Alex then noticed it.

Where Luxton's fleet had been stationed 2 years ago was a space station. The Eternal Fleet was floating next to it besides Delta which was docked with it. Alex landed the A-Wing inside the hangar bay ship, then walked through the docking tunnels to the station. Lily, Shawn, Cody and Brianna were next to one of the shuttles inside talking to Arven. They had all grown alot over the past 2 years. Lily was taller and had a streak of white in her now brown ponytail. She wore a creme colored shirt with a brown vest over it. Her dual bladed black hilted green lightsaber hung at her belt. Cody had definently grown. He had creme colored jedi robes like a jedi he heard of named Qui Gon Ginn. He kept only one lightsaber on him, his golden one. His black crossguard one wasn't with him. He usually left it in the Defender after an incident a week ago. He had a huge scar across his face after he almost died during the 2nd battle of Hogwarts. His hair was still messy and colored red.

Shawn wasn't too different. He was tough with decently good muscles. He was able to hold and throw an A-Wing. He rifle was attached to his bandelier around his body and his green lightsaber was on his belt. Brianna was kinda different. She had a tight brown top on like Ahsoka Tano used to have and brown shorts on. Her twin blue lightsabers hung at her belt. Her hair was long and her breasts were a bit bigger. HK-47 was also next to them. He had been given some upgrades. His rifle was now black with gold highlights and had a scope. He also had some gold highlights and a vibroknife. King was next to Shawn in his BB unit body. It was mainly purple with gold highlights to make it look cool. 

"Oh hey guys. Why are we here?" asked Alex. "To find the Enclave. The Enclave of Jedi." said Arven. "Who?" asked Lily. "The Enclave of Jedi is a group that has lived since the time of the old Republic. Satele Shan asked Jedi Master Manixx to found it and it has grown alot. They still live on one of these moons." said Arven. "Alright well lets go." said Shawn. "Wait. Which moon. There's 2 different moons over Fesno." said Cody. "Thats the thing. I've been out of contact with them for the past 5 years. I don't know which moon. So we gotta split up. Cody, HK-47 and Shawn will go to the moon Fesnus. I will go with Alex, Brianna, King and Lily to the moon Fesnus 2." said Arven. Cody and Lily ran towards the millenium Falcon where Captain Blue was waiting for them. "Sir. It is ready." said Blue. They walked into the ship which floated up. It blasted out of the side of the hangar and towards one of the moons. Arven, Alex, Brianna, Lily and King walked into the Defender which floated up and blasted out of the hangar bay. This time the Defender went to a different moon.

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