Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - A Message

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



Alex's POV.

I opened the door to the medical bay and i heard her speak. "Alex. Come here." said Brianna. Cody and Brianna were sititng on a hospital bed. But Lily and Shawn were out. Lily had broken her leg when she fell from the rocket transmitter. She felt like a dissapointment. Darth Scizon escaped as well, so she felt worst. "It's all my fault!" yelled Lily. "The Eternal Empire isn't here. I told you, you didn't destroy it but you disabled it. So you bought us enough time." said Cody. Lily just laid back down and fell asleep once more.

Shawn was worse. His lungs had gotten burnt up from Scizon deflecting his blaster bolt at him. Plus his back was broken from being slammed into a wall. He had taken alot of damage. At the moment, he was out. He only woke up maybe once or twice every few hours and muttered something before falling back asleep. I sat next to Brianna and put my arm around her. She put her head on my shoulder and i knew she fell asleep.

I heard the holotable beep and Cody rushed over to it. "There's an incoming call. From... Captain Rex." said Cody. "Good. We haven't made contact with anyone for days!" i said. I laid Brianna down on the bed and walked over. Cody answered the hologram just as King and HK-47 entered the room. "The meatbag jedi do not like it when i shoot them during practice." said HK. A hologram of Rex appeared. Him and Fives along with a few more troopers cut out of the hologram were crouched behind several big crates crates, firing at something on the other side.

"Alex! Nobodies been able to make contact with you since Revan left!" said Rex. "Well the 5 of us plus Arven and some girl called Jyn Erso are all here. We've been here for a week about." said Cody. We saw a trooper go down and a grenade get tossed and Rex kick it away. "What's going on? Where are you?" i asked. "Were on Rakata Prime. Ahsoka, Leia and Raymond are leading a mission here. The Eternal Empire and the Sith have rebuilt the Star Forge and are going to launch it into space in 30 minutes! They've given it emense power. It can destroy planets, like the Death Star. Raymond and Jace Malcom have completed their mission to set the bombs. But we've been overrun and most of us are down." said Rex. "Where's Ahsoka?" Cody asked. "She.... she's fallen. She's gone." said Rex.

I felt like my heart had died. Ahsoka was one of my favorite heroes. Besides Revan. "Alright. We'll be there soon." i said. "What?" exclaimed Cody. "Well we got to do something!" i yelled. "Guys! I have to go." said Rex. The call ended, but another hologram appeared. It was Raymond. "Raymond. How long have you been here?" asked Cody. "The whole time. I know how to save Ahsoka. Remember the story you heard, about Maul and that one padawan combining holocrons?" said Raymond. "Yeah the jedi and sith holocrons. Whats that got to do with the Star Forge?" i answered.

"Well there's a 3rd type. A Grey Holocron. For grey jedi. There are only a few in existance, and Ahsoka had one." said Raymond. "Whats the difference?" Cody asked. "Well they hold secrets from the light and dark. Force lightning, but not evil. Battle Meditating, but not too light. There is a secret inside it. If you combine the grey holocron with a jedi and sith holocron......... It can save her." said Raymond.

The room shook and Raymond's hologram started to fade away. "Guys! I'm losing the signal, whats happ-"

The room shook once more and the lights flashed red. An alarm went off and the holotable turned back on. We could make out a hologram on it. "Miss me?" asked Scorpio. "NO! HOW ARE YOU HERE!?" i yelled. "Scizon repaired the transmitter. We are already in orbit. Ready to die?" asked Scorpio. Brianna woke up and got up. The room shook and we ran out of the medical bay. We saw the maind doors were open. Manixx, Ahnishka, Eurgrob, ShooShoo, Jyn, Zuria and Indevan were in the doorway. We looked up into the sky. The whole sky was filled with Eternal Warships. Maybe 15 of them. An army of Skytroopers marched towards the Enclave Temple, lead by Knights of Zakuul and Sith Warriors. "Enclave! Prepare for battle! Indevan.... prepare the ship for takeoff. We may have to leave." said Manixx. The battle had begun

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