Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Battle of Mettalia P1

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



Alex's POV

The Skytroopers, Sith Troopers, Knights and Sith Warriors stopped marching at the bottom of the hill. They fired a missle which flew right at us. Manixx put his hand out and the missle smashed into the ground in front of them, without exploding. A hologram appeared on the missle. A hologram, of Arcann.

"Manixx... leader of the Enclave.... hero to many.... enemy to us." said Arcann. "What is it you want Arcann?" asked Manixx. "To destroy you. The galaxy will be mine and mine only. I shall let some people close to me stay safe. But the rest shall die!" said Arcann. "Fine then. Attack, and watch your troopers fall." said Manixx. "They are only droids. They can easily be remade. But none of you can't. You've spent thousands of years training and fighting. But if you fall, you can never get it back." said Arcann. Manixx ignited a blue lightsaber next to him. "I will not."

The Skytroopers charged and fired. We each drew our sabers. My yellow shining crossguard, Brianna and her twin blue, Arven and his yellow and blue thexan plus yellow blue backup, Manixx his blue and Cody his gold. The others drew their lightsabers and ran into battle. Brianna cut down 4 in a flash of blue. I cut down 3 and force pushed 10 away. But shots raced past us. Several jedi rushed out and were immediantly killed. I saw Ahnishka and Eugrob fighting off the troopers near the door with HK-47 and Manixx dueling 10 Sith at once. 3 bodies fell in a single slash and another right after. 

I knew we wouldn't survive if we stayed. The troopers just kept on coming. It was almost endless. After 20 minutes i stared to tire, my swings not being as swift. I still felt the main of a shot i sustained about 8 minutes ago. I quickly ran back up the door and found King and T7 waiting next to Jyn, who was firing at the troopers. "King! Contact Luke, we need reinforcements." i said. I saw a flashing light behind me and i saw it. Cody was dashing through the crowd, golden and each of his swings cut down 30 Skytroopers. 30 by 30 the bodies fell and exploded. I then saw a Tie Bomber approaching the temple. "GET DOWN!" i yelled. The ceiling exploded and i dived out of the way.

Shawn's POV

I tried to get up, it hurt. I rose from my bed and looked around. I saw a body of a jedi covered in blood on the ground. Next to it was a Skytrooper head. The Eternal Empire was here. I got out off bed and almost collapsed. I grabbed my rifle and saber and stumbled out of the medical bay. I passed Lily, she was alive but hurt.

I walked out and saw the wall blown open. I stumbled out and saw 3 Skytroopers. I fired and the 3 bodies exploded, flying off the end of the mountain and into the tall grass. Behind them was a Jedi T-16 shuttle, sitting peacefully on the landing pad.. I trotted over to it and climbed up the boarding pad. I hit the button to close the door and spotted something on the table in the main room. A bacta vial.

Alex's POV

When i get up i saw the casualties. 3 bodies of jedi, under the rubble. All dead. 2 unkown jedi i hadn't seen before, and Eugrob. "Alex...... i may have.... fallen..... but... you can.... avenge.............. me............" said Eugrob. I used the force and kept him alive. ShooShoo ran up the hill to find the rubble. "ShooShoo, take him to the guild ship." i said. She nodded and carried Eugrob down the hall before dissapearing through a door. 

I ran out of the room and saw the battle going on. Manixx was dueling 20 sith, no 18.... no 17... no 14... whatever. Everybody was being pushed back. I realized their plan. To corner us in the temple and collapse the mountain, causing the hangar bay and guild ship to be destroyed. I had to do something. I got an idea. "Everybody! Cmon! Fall back to the main door!" i yelled. All the jedi retreated to the door and continued fighting.

I ran towards the landing pad outside the Enclave temple. On it was a T-16 jedi shuttle, ready to roll. King was behind me but the others were still at the temple. I ran in, dashed into the cockpit and the Defender took off into the sky. King plugged into the turret and got ready to battle. The shuttle took off and flew into the air. If i took down atleast 2 of those Warships. We could survive.

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