Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Star Forge Launch P3

Submitted: October 21, 2016

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Submitted: October 21, 2016



Captain Rex's POV

My best friend was dead. Most of my squad was dead. The Republic, was dead. I had nothing else to lose. Only me, Fives, Echo, Kelbo and Glu were alive. "Alright! Get ready to run. Get to the elevator. We can take an elevator to the power room and set off the bombs there. We can probadly hitch a ride up there as well!" i yelled. I loaded my pistols and we ran. Shots raced past us, but we kept running. I felt a burning sensation in my side, i probadly got hit. But i was determined, i wouldn't fall. Not yet. I saw the Elevator. It was so close. I heard the scream of one of us. We all sounded the same, so i didn't know who it was. We ran in and i slammed my fist on the button to close the door. 

I looked around. There were only 4 of us now. Fives, Echo and Glu. "Kelbo... is down. He got sticky grenaded." said Fives. "He will be remembered. He should be proud to have survived this long. We will avenge his death." i said. We rode the rest of the ride in silence. I knew what we were all thinking. Would any of us make it?

The door opened and we walked out. The elevator had lead us to a huge ring around the engine room on the outside of the Star Forge. Wind flowed across our bodies and i saw something guarding the door. A sith warrior. "Well hello troopers. I see you actually made it this far. All your little friends lie in pools of blood below us. You will join them." said the sith. Fives fired and the sith deflected the shot back at us. It missed and hit the elevator button. The elevator broke and flew down the shaft. We couldn't run now, not even if we wanted to. 

The sith ran at us with speed. Fives ducked, Echo dived and i jumped. Glu pulled out his blaster and grabbed the sith's arm. He threw the sith off the side, who grabbed onto the edge and swung back up. He landed on glu and rose his saber to strike him down. Fives tackled him but the sith threw him off and he rolled away. Me and Echo fired at him, he deflected 3 of the shots back at us, hitting Echo but missing me. One of the shots hit him and Glu scrambled away. We all fired at him as he slowly walked towards us, deflecting all the shots.

Glu then threw down his blaster. "Guys! Do this! For me!" yelled Glu. "NO! GLU!" i yelled. Glu ran the sith. He gasped and the sith ran him through. Glu tackled the sith off the side and the 2 plummeted to the bottom. They smashed into a crate which exploded apart, leaving nothing but a burnt helmet. 

"Cmon. Were almost there." said Echo. The 3 of us ran into the power room. There was a huge golden sphere inside, probadly the power source to the Star Forge. Rex opened his bandelier and pulled out an extreme proton grenade. Fives and Echo pulled out theirs. "Alright Rex. Since i'm a robot, i'll take the risk and-"

A shot hit Echo in the back and he collapsed. Sparks erupted from his back. Echo was a robot after he was killed on the mission to save Even Piell from the Citadel. He had attempted to help us all escape in our escape shuttle, but a cannon had blown the shuttle apart and killed Echo. But he had survived and been revived by the confederacy. Rex and Anakin had gone their on a mission to rescue him nearing the end of the Clone Wars. 

I looked for the shooter and saw it. A black and gold HK assasin droid with a blaster rifle. Me and Fives pulled out blaster pistols and dived behind some crates. We fired shots and they raced past the HK droid. It flipped over the crates and grabbed Five's neck from the back. I shot HK and it's blaster blew apart. He threw Fives off the edge of the ring inside the sphere around the power sphere. He fell.... and fell..... and eventually.... his screaming faded away. I kicked the HK droid in the waist and i fired 3 shots at the HK droid's head. Sparks erupted from the head and the droid plummeted off the side. I was the only one left.

I pulled out the extreme proton grenade and threw it. It flew through the air and hit a pillar around the power sphere. The grenade flashed red and i ran. I ran towards the door was fast i could. But it started to close. I dived under the door as it smashed against the ground. Flames and smoke erupted out of the door and i plummeted off the edge of the ring. I fell through the air and felt the wind rushing across my body.

Raymond's POV

I looked into the sky and saw it. The metal sphere containing the energy source burst apart and flames and smoke erupted from it. But something was wrong. Only half of the sphere was destroyed. The Star Forge rose into the sky and into space. We had failed. But where was Rex. I saw something smash into the water. A white figure. "REX!" i yelled. I dashed to the body as fast i could. He couldn't die. Not now.

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