Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Battle of Mettalia P2

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



Alex's POV

The shuttle spun through the air like a top before a shot pierced the shield. Part of the wing exploded and fire and smoke trailed from the damage. I flew as fast as the ship could go towards the first warship. I quickly pushed my fingers on the attack buttons and the ship fired. The shots hit the hull of the warship and explosions erupted from the hull. Another shot hit the side of the cockpit and i saw some of the plating had been blasted off, leaving a hole in the side of the ship

I thought i was close enough so i activated the torpedo launcher. I flew past the side of the ship. The bridge was in sight. I fired the torpedos and they flew at the bridge. They burst through the glass and i swore i could hear the screams of the Eternal Soldiers in the bridge. The bridge was on fire and smoking and it was slowly falling down to the planet. I then raced for the next one.

2 more had gotten close enough and were firing on the temple. I watched as towers fell as shots blew them apart. The temple was crumbling. Soon it would be no more. I felt the ship shake and i noticed it. The shot that hit the wing had done more damage then i had thought. One of the tri engines was burnt and smoke was trailing for it. I watched as 3 more shots flew at the ship. One hit the wing, the other missed and the last hit the side of the cockpit. 

I spun out of control as i spiraled towards the bridge of the next warship. I fired the torpedos and tried to regain control. The bridge exploded and the wing burst into flames. The ship started to glow as the spiraling got faster. I was going straight for the bridge of another warship. I braced for pain as the ship smashed into the bridge. It came out the side. I had taken down 2 warships already. I quickly flew out of the way as 3 other Eternal Fighters went after me.

Brianna's POV

I could see Alex's "magestic" flying up the sky. He had gotten his shuttle almost blown apart but managed to keep it flying. But i had more worries. "Alright! Everybody inside the temple! Retreat now!" i yelled. The Skytroopers had already murdered several jedi that had gone out to fight. Most of them hadn't been padawans, but knights or masters. Most of them i didn't recognize, but i did one. Laucian Cremor was lying on the ground, blood covered and mangled.

"Ahniska! Laucian's still out there!" yelled Lily. Ahniska ran into battle. She ignited 2 blue blades cut down the Skytroopers surrounding the jedi. She dragged the armless Laucian into the temple and i quickly slammed the doors shut. I heard the screams of several jedi who hadn't made it being killed. "Alright. We have to get to the sunriders destiny! I will go with Indevan, Laucian's body, ShooShoo and Sraath." said Manixx. He ran off in one direction. Me, Lily, Cody, Ahniska and 3 other jedi went in another. I heard the building get hit and the halls shake as we ran down them. 

We were almost there. I could see the huge door at the end of the hall. I watched as the wall explodes and we get knocked back. Several Skytroopers enter and fire. Me and Lily duck and Cody dives, but the other jedi aren't so lucky. One gets shot in the head and another gets hit in the arm. The other jedi ducked. Ahniska dived away, but a shot still hit her shoulder.

The togruta gasped in pain as the shot burned through her arm. Cody quickly ignited his golden saber and cut down all 4 Skytroopers with a single swing. Me and Cody grabbed Ahniska and helped her as we ran down the hall while Lily ran behind us with the other jedi.

The roof exploded and a war droid burst through. Cody attempted to kill it but was pinned against the wall. I was hit in the stomach and the war droid fired at us. Lily was hit in the arm and the other jedi was hit in the chest. He flew against a wall and stopped all movement. Ahniska was next as the droid aimed for her.

A shot blasted through the droid and it fell apart. Behind it, was HK-47. "Non meatbags shall not hurt meatbag jedi! The enclave of meatbags shall live forever!" yelled HK-47. "Why is he calling us that?" asked Ahniska tiredly. "No idea. It's Revan's droid anyways." i said. We quickly ran through the droid and was amazed. There it was, a huge starship floating in a closed up hangar bay.

I saw the ceiling of the cave break open and the ship start to float into the sky. We ran as fast as we could, Ahniska now on her feet. Lily jumped and made it with grace. Cody climbed on and I was next. I jumped into the air and onto the long platform area coming out of the side of the ship. Ahniska jumped next but something happened. When she hit the metal, it creaked and i saw several shots had hit it sometime before. The platform broke and Ahniska's half broke off. I used the force and she floated in the air. She floated towards me, almost ready to grab my arm.

"BRIANNA!" i heard a voice yell. Everything stopped, it was in slo motion. I turned my head and saw something. A sniper. A shot hit my back and blood exploded out of my body as i fell foward. Ahniska screamed and i reached out for her. I collapsed and felt the pain surge through my body. I heard another shot go off, but this time coming from near me. I looked up and off the side of the metal platform. Ahniska's broken body was lying on metal plating covering the hangar bay's floor. She had fallen. She had lost her life, because of me. I burst into tears and felt the warm body of Cody comforting me. 

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