Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Battle of Mettalia P3

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



Alex's POV

I thought the rest of the battle would go fine. We would escape from the Eternal Empire with most of us safe. 

Yeah that didn't happen. Not at all.


The jedi shuttle spun past several shots flying at it. The cockpit was burning, the wing was smoking. And the engine had already exploded. I saw several Eternal Fighters behind me, shooting. I fired several rockets blowing the Eternal Fighters apart. But one of them had survived. A black fighter. A Sith Fighter. I could sense someone inside. Scizon. 

He fired 3 rockets at the shuttle. One missed, another hit the wing, blowing it to pieces and the last hit the engine. I lost complete control of the shuttle and spiraled towards the hull of a ship. "King! Do something!" i yelled. "King=needs to tell you something" yelled King. The whole shuttle turned black, the ship exploded and i felt metal.

I felt the feel of cold metal on my face. I rose from the ground and saw that i had crashed into the corrider of the Eternal Warship. It was a dark hallway, but lights lit up most of it. I looked back and saw the shuttle was still smashed into the wall. King rolled out and looked around. "King+Alex=trapped." said King. "Not for long. King call the Defender. Have it dock at the nearest airlock." i said. King beeped and it's eye flashed gold. "Defender=on it's way." said the droid.

I felt a pull on my arm. And on my belt. I looked up and saw it. A supermagnet. My saber flew onto the magnet and them i did. My hand was magnetically attached to the ceiling. Now all i could do was dangle. King flew up too. He looked around being upside down. "King+Alex=not alone." said King. I looked to the side and saw 2 Skytroopers walk over to us. They pointed their blasters at us and their eyes turned red. "Execution, Jedi and astromech." said one of them. Their blasters powered up and i braced for death.

I was soooo glad it didn't come. I heard 2 shots get fired, but none hit me. I opened my eyes and saw the 2 Skytroopers with holes in them, lying on the cold metal floor. In the cockpit of the ship smashed into the wall, was a man with a brown jacket, long brown hair and a blaster rifle. "Shawn!" i yelled. He shot the keypad on the wall and i fell to the ground. King came down behind me and my lightsaber fell next to me. I summoned it to my hand and i felt the room shake.

"Get down!" Shawn yelled. He knocked me down and i heard an explosion. Behind us was a huge hole in the wall. Someone had blown a hole in the wall. "Cmon! The Defender is on the way to the airlock!" i said. We ran down the corrider towards the nearest airlock.

We ran to the end of the corrider and looked in. We were in one of the trashed up hangar bays. None of the Eternal Fighters could launch as a crashed eternal fighter was blocking the ray shield seperating the hangar from the sky. We ran into the hangar bay and i heard shots fired.

Several blaster bolts flew past us and i deflected any that tried to hit us. They deflected away and hit Skytroopers firing at us. I saw a crashed ship near the Eternal Fighter. A black ship. Scizon's sith fighter. And right next to is was it's owner.

Scizon ran at me and ignited his blade as he leaped into the air. He landed next to me and clashed with me. He slashed a cut in my leg and i jumped back. I sent a wave of golden force lightning at him. He glowed gold for a split second before he flew into an open crate. I used the force and the crate above him opened. Out rolled about 8,000 beeping frag grenades. All about to go off.

"NOOOOO! RUN!" yelled Shawn. He force pushed me and King towards the airlock and force jumped to it. He ripped the doors open and ran in. I ran into the cockpit and took control. The Defender unlocked from the airlock and flew from the ship at top speed. I looked back and saw the Eternal Warship explode and burst into flames. I looked forward and saw the Sunriders Destiny attempting to escape into the sky. But one of the Eternal Warships was chasing at it and firing. The Sunriders destiny was going down. "We gotta help!" I yelled. The Defender flew into space, leaving Scizon to die. 



The Defender flew past the Eternal Warship chasing the Sunriders destiny. It changed targets and fired several shots at the Defender before changing back. The side of the Defender was hit but it didn't lose control. "Dock with the Sunriders Destiny." said Shawn. We flew to the jedi ship and i docked with the airlock.

The door swung open and i was knocked onto the floor. "Oh i thought you were dead!" yelled Brianna. She was hugging me as hard as she could. "Okay okay! I'm fine." i said. King rolled out behind me and Shawn followed. We ran into the main room. "The ship is too damaged. Unless that warship is destroyed in the next minute we are dead!" yelled Manixx. I heard something and looked behind me. Shawn was gone and the airlock was closed. Me, Lily, Cody and Brianna all noticed. We ran over to the airlock and saw Shawn through the window. He had a bag. He pulled something out. A detonator.

"SHAWN! What are you doing?!" yelled Cody. "What i have to do. It's better if one jedi falls, then have them all go down." said Shawn. He set the detonator to go off at the nearest rupture. "I already got tons of rydonium in the cargo bay. This one is extreme rydonium." said Shawn. He hit the detonator button and ran into the cockpit. "Guys. Remember me." said Shawn. "NOOOOO!" we all yelled. The Defender deactivated and dettached from the sunriders destiny. It spun through space as it fastily floated towards the Eternal Warship. It smashed into the hull and everything turned purple. The Eternal Warship exploded and waves of rydonium aftershock knocked the ship around. "Hyperspace!" yelled Lily. HK-47 ran over to the console and pulled the lever. The Sunriders Destiny flew into hyperspace, and it was gone.

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