Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - A New Mission

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



Alex's POV


I felt like apart of me, had been destroyed, killed, like it was.... gone.

And it was.

Shawn had been apart of our team since we survived the curse Vader casted on us on Endor. We had survived Vader's wrath, fought Darth Luxton, Defeated Darth Lucian, survived Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren and destroyed them all, survived the Force Storm and we had beaten Arcann, Voldemort and Kronos combined. Well i did that last one with Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.

Now he was gone. Because of the Eternal Empire.

"Alex wake up." said a voice. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in one of the rooms in the Sunriders Destiny. Above me was Arven. "We made it to Yavin 4. Luke's holding an emergency meeting." said Arven. I rose from my bed, grabbed my saber and walked out the room. The sunrider's destiny was empty, i'm guessing everybody was at the meeting. We strode down the stairs. Yavin 4 was a mess.

Trees were burnt, craters were being filled in by jedi knights. The Temple had a huge hole in the side. We ran up the stairs and into the temple. I could see some of the Enclave jedi walking around, talking with the other young jedi. The Enclave's padawans and students had made up for most of the students we lost during the invasion. Me and Arven entered the council room and i was shocked. The council seats had only 8 out of 12 filled. Luke, Raymond, Starkiller, Revan, Emily, Manixx, The White Guardian and Arven. Lily, Cody and Brianna were on the side  sitting with Ahniska. 

"Where are the other council members?" i asked. "Windu was killed when the Eternal Empire attacked our Fesno operation. Kit Fisto was there as well. He barely escaped, him and Shaak ti both." said Luke

"General Windu! There are too many!" yelled one of the clone troopers. They were hiding behind crates as Skytroopers approached. Windu ignited his purple blade and delfected 3 shots back at the Skytroopers. He force pushed 18 Skytroopers away and they exploded. Windu looked to the side and saw something. A clone general answering a hologram. A hologram of Scorpio. "Execute Order 66." said Scorpio. "No! Not again! Fisto! Take out your clone!" yelled Windu. Kit Fisto, who was in another corrider realized what he meant. He quickly swung his green blade and took out 4 clones. There were too many Skytroopers. Mace, Fisto and 8 Republic Troopers ran from their post to the pods. Shaak ti was waiting. One of the troopers fired a rocket at the 11. The room exploded. Kit had his arm burnt but he climbed into a pod with several other Republic Troopers. Shaak ti climbed into another. She peeked out of the pod. Near several Skytroopers was a burnt body. The body of Mace Windu. His mechanical arm was broken open and burnt and his face was blank. She jettsioned the escape pod and into hyperspace.

The room fell silent for a few minutes. "So what now?" i asked. "Well i have different assignments for you for awhile. Each of you will split up for awhile." said Raymond. "What?" we all said. Split up?

"You must temporarily seperate. Our forces are scattered and having 4 jedi together is not the best move right now. If your attacked and overrun we lose all 4 of you. Lily, you are to stay here and help us train more students. Brianna is to stay and continue training. She is still a student and must have a little time away from the battlefield. Cody, you must go to Nar Shaddaa to assist Jacen and Anakin Solo. Alex, i have a special assignement for you." said Raymond. The other 4 left the room and Raymond walked me into another.

"Do you know the sith girl Ashla?" asked Raymond. "Yes, she was a sith padawan who i think was killed by someone on that battle in the Uncharted Galaxy. The one that started my adventure." i answered. "Yes, but she is still alive. She is one of the 6 leaders of this war, alongside Arcann, Scorpio, Vaylin, Vader and Darth Zhane." said Raymond. "So what do i need to do?" i asked. "Well i need you, to find and recruit 5 other induviduals. Form a squadron if you would, an elite squadron." said Raymond. "Who?" i asked. He threw 5 folders onto the table. "Each one holds 3 people. Choose one from each folder." said Raymond. I opened the folder and chose them. "So... Julian, Spencer, Isrreal, Andrew and Coty. Alright." i said. "and our name. We will be called...



Phantom Squadron

A Star Wars Fanfic Story


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