Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Disaster on Fesnus

Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



"Alright lets go!" yelled Shawn. The Millenium Falcon touched down on Fesnus and they looked around. It seemed like a freezing wasteland. Burnt trees, snowy land. "I don't think this is the right place." said Cody. The ground then started to shake. "Earthquake?" asked Cody. "No. Something different. This... this isn't Fesnus. Take off!" yelled Blue. Suddenly the 4 giant mechanical claws burst from the ground and latched onto the falcon. Shawn and Cody opened the boarding pad and ran out. They jumped and sliced through one of the claws. They knocked the 2 away and Blue got in control of the falcon. The 3 then realized something. Fesnus was destroyed. This was an artificial planet created by the Eternal Empire.

"Blue! Go!" yelled Shawn. The falcon burst from the robots arms control and flew foward. Shawn and Cody jumped into and climbed into the ship. 20 Eternal Tie Fighters flew down from the sky and fired at them. 3 shots hit the back and smoke trailed from the falcon. Shawn ran to the turret and climbed in. He spun it around and fired 2 shots. They blew 2 of the fighters apart and the wreckage smashed into the ground and exploded. Shawn shot down another 4 before a timed shot blew the turret apart. He fell back and hit the metal floor with a thud. Cody ran to the buttom turret and shot down 2. They exploded and the wreckage flew back and smashed into another 4. Another shot blew the bottom turret apart and they flew back.

The ship shook and they saw something explode in the back. They ran to the back and saw a barrel of poison gas had exploded. They backed away and saw the poison gas corrode the floor. HK-47 then ran by and grabbed a vacum out of the crates. HK-47 sucked it up before another shot knocked him off his feet. HK-47 stumbled back and fell down the boarding pad. Shawn dived to grab him and grabbed HK-47's leg as the droid was sucked out of the ship. A shot hit the boarding pad and Shawn let go in suprise. HK-47 flew back into the snow and landed somewhere in the cold.

The ship then smashed into the ground and kept sliding through the snow. A shot hit the falcon and part of the side burst into flames and smoke trailed from the fire. Shawn got an idea and climbed onto the outside of the falcon. He climbed onto the top and fired a few shots at the tie fighters. 2 of them blasted through the window of a tie fighter and it spun out of control and exploded. Another tie fighter was hit and exploded immediantly. Another tie fighter flew straight at him. Shawn dived out of the way and his rifle flew out of his hand and into the snow. The tie smashed into the falcon and the wreckage fell off. Shawn jumped back down onto the landing pad as he dodged several more shots at him.

 "GUYS!" yelled Blue. Cody and Shawn ran into the cockpit and saw the Falcon was sliding towards a cliff. "JUMP!" yelled Blue. He pushed them away and they landed next to the open boarding pad. They ran to the edge and jumped into the snow. The Falcon flew off the side of the cliff and down below. It flew through the fog filled ravine and Shawn and Cody watched as an explosion formed through the fog. "Blue!" said Cody. Shawn pulled out his macrobinoculars and spotted the Falcon. It was mostly intact, resting on the side of the ravine. "Lets go." said Cody and the 2 ran down the pathway leading down the cliff.

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