Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Survival

Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



Shawn and Cody trudged through the snow. They were cold, hungry and tired. They had been trecking for an hour to the falcon which had survived the crash. Shawn had lost his rifle during the battle and HK-47 had also been lost. "Look!" said Cody. They had finally made it. On the edge of the ravine was the millenium falcon. Half resting on rocks and the rest hanging over the side. Cody and Shawn concentrated on the force and lifted the falcon into the air. 2 feet..... 4 feet......... 10 feet....

"CODY!" yelled Shawn. Shawn stopped using the force and ignited his saber. Cody struggled to keep the falcon in the air but continued. It floated up, but slower. Shawn knew they weren't alone. 3 ice nexus leaped from the burnt forest and hissed at him. He ran at them and cut through one. But the others took him down. The one on the right bit his arm and he dropped his saber. The other slashed at his leg and cut through his pantleg. He kicked that one away and it tumbled down the ravine. Shawn summoned his saber to his other hand and cut through the other. Cody lifted the falcon into the air and it fell into the clearing nearby.

They ran over and looked at it. It looked in okay shape. It was good enough to fly. But that was from the outside. Cody and Shawn walked in. The lights were dimmed and they split up. Shawn went into the cockpit and looked around. On the ground was a body. "Captain Blue! Wake up!" yelled Shawn. He moved a bit. "Shawn..... it is my time. The droid..... the HK unit..... in his backpack.... power cells...... find him...." muttered Blue. His head fell back onto the cold hard ground, and he moved no more.

Cody stared at the power cell container. The hyperdrive was intact, mostly. But the power cell holder was blown open. The power cells were what created the explosion and why the engine room was blown to pieces and burnt up. Cody walked over to the holder and looked inside. It was burnt up but still intact. Well the holder was. The power cells were blown apart. Shawn walked in. "Cody. We need to find HK-47." said Shawn. "Alright." said Cody. As they walked out of the ship a pipe fell from the ceiling. Cody dived out of the way and it smashed onto his leg. "AH GOD!" yelled Cody. "Dude! Don't worry. Stay here and i'll go find HK." said Shawn. He ran out of the Falcon and into the storm. Cody then reached for his bag. 

Inside was alot. Mostly papers. Inside was some snacks, his datapad and extra comm set. There was also things from his past. His family had been slaughtered by the sith. Mainly, a sith called Darth Tesla. She had killed his family a year ago during the destruction of Mandalore. He knew he had a sister, but he didn't know where she was. He had been tracking her down. He found sightings, documents and certificates about her. But he knew the most important artifect he had, was the darksaber. Besides looking cool and being the key to amazing power, it was also a curse.

When he looked into it, the saber would show him horrible things happening that affected him. He had seen his parents screaming and a flash of light and then their corpses. Recently he had also seen a bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa jump off a building and get shot in the arm. She fell off the side of a platform and into a speeder. Cody had no idea who she was. He then saw his datapad go off. He hit the button and saw a projection of Alex. "Oh hey." said Cody. "Cody. We made it to the planet. Me and Arven are. Wait.... what was.... AHHH!" yelled Alex. The datapad died and the projection dissapeared.

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