Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Discovery

Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Submitted: October 07, 2016



"Alright were almost there." said Arven. Arven and Lily were piloting the Defender through space, towards the moon Fesno2, where the Enclave of Jedi was rumored to be. Alex and Brianna were asleep in their room on the Defender and King and HK-47 were in the main room playing holochess. "Question: Why does my team have to be holographic meatbags? The maker of this game should create holographic droids." said HK-47. "King=doesn't know. HK-47=will lose. King=just destroyed HK-47's monster." said King as he watched one of his monsters destroy another. 

"So Arven. How are you such a good pilot?" asked Lily. "Well i learned alot during my adventures back then. I remember getting this ship on Corusant and flying across the galaxy with Kira, Doc, Rusk, T7 and Scourge. But then the Eternal Empire came, they ruined everything." said Arven. "What'd they do?" asked Lily. "Well it happened like this. Basically the Alliance was being formed between the Republic and the Sith Empire and i was sent with my crew aboard the Defender to a fleet of ships looking for the former sith emperor Valkorian who consumed all life on Ziost awhile back." said Arven.

Arven exited the Defender with Kira behind him. "Just remember master. Truce doesn't always mean we can't keep our eyes open." said Kira. Arven kissed her on the cheek and she left back into the Defender. Arven approached the sith officer. "Master jedi. Darth Marr awaits you on the bridge." said the lady. Arven walked through the cruiser and into the elevator. It took him straight into the bridge. He spotted Darth Marr at the window looking out. A man then rushed past me. "Sir. We picked up something, a probe of some kind!" said the man.

A white light then shined through the window. A probe flew by and past us. "Destroy it!" yelled Marr. "Get it in one piece. We can figure out who's tracking us." said Arven. "Wreckage can teach us enough." said Marr. The probe flew near some blue starry lights and dissapeared as a huge fleet of ships came out of hyperspace. They were all in formation and identical. They fired at us and i knew we had to escape. 

The bridge exploded and me and Marr ran to the elevator. It broke down so we ignited our sabers and cut through the floor. "I'm going to the hyperdrive room. Meet me there." said Marr as he dashed down the hallway. Arven ignited his Thexan saber and one of his backup sabers and ran towards the airlock. He ran into the room and saw several Skytroopers. He force pushed 2 into the wall and cut down 4 with a blade blitz. A captain appeared and he quickly sliced through it. He spotted a huge piece of wreckage blocking the door.

Arven quickly ran over to the console and disabled the docking clamps. The Defender dettached from the sith cruiser and flew across the ship. "Were free and clear... but it's not looking good out here." said Kira over the comm. "If you see an opening, take it. Someone has to make it back to the Republic." said Arven. "We can't just leave you behind!" yelled Kira. "Go. Please Kira." said Arven. The Defender found an opening and blasted through hyperspace. The room shook and the cruiser exploded.

"Okay i don't see how your survived that." said Lily. "I don't know either. But i found T7 after i got frozen in carbonite then got my ship back later." said Arven. Alex then walked into the room. "We there yet?" asked Alex. The Defender came out of hyperspace right next to Fesno2. "We made it." said Arven. But 3 Eternal Cruisers appeared. "GO GO GO!" yelled Alex. The Defender spun as 3 shots flew past it. The Defender flew down towards the planet as the cruisers fired at it. Eternal Fighters flew after them as the Defender entered the atmosphere. "All right i got an idea!" yelled Brianna as she entered the room. She pushed Arven out of the pilots seat and got in. Tht Defender spun away from several shots and aimed the turrets. They fired and 2 of the Eternal Fighters. "Now go! I'll keep them busy and escape. I'll send you cords once i find a safe place." said Brianna. She swerved the ship and Arven, Alex and Lily flew out of the cockpit. They rolled down the stairs and in front of the blast doors. They walked out and Lily jumped. She landed in the snow and dissapeared. A shot hit the ship and Alex fell back. Arven grabbed his hand to pull him up but another shot hit the ship and the 2 fell into the snow. The Defender flew into the air and into the forest with several fighters chasing after them.

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