Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Ambushed on Fesno2

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Submitted: October 07, 2016



"All right we there yet?" asked Alex. He was cold. He could feel the coldness penetrating his skin. He then felt wet, like he was in the rain. Alex tried to reach for his lightsaber but it was too far. It had fallen off his belt. "OH NO! WE FELL TO THE DARK SIDE! EVERYTHING IS COLD!" yelled Alex. A saber ignited behind him and he realized something. "We didn't fall, well to the dark side atleast. We fell into the snow." said Arven. Arven and Alex climbed out of the snow and looked around. They had fallen into a snow filled ditch. The area was, cool. A dark forest in the distance and snowy plains everywhere. The Defender was nowhere to be found and neither was Lily.

 Alex pulled out his datapad. "Brianna you alive?" asked Alex. Brianna appeared. "I lost almost all of them. But one of them just won't go away!" yelled Brianna. She screamed and the hologram dissapeared. "Darn! Well now what? I don't see any jedi?" said Alex. Arven looked around. "I don't think there's any other life besides us on this planet. Well besides Brianna and Lily." said Arven. He then sensed something. "There!" yelled Arven. He pointed to a white light in the distance. Arven ignited his 2 white lightsabers and ran at the light. Alex ignited his single saber and followed. 

They walked through some trees and found it. A stone altar with a sphere on it. "Cool." said Alex. Arven walked closer and touched the sphere. It glowed and the light from the sphere growed and went into Arven. "Arven Sestral, Jedi Knight rank of the Jedi Enclave." said the orb. "Tell me where the Enclave is." said Arven. "The location of the enclave is-"

A shot was fired and blew the altar apart. Arven dived out of the way as the altar exploded. His lightsabers flew into the snow and the orb landed nearby. Alex looked for the source and found it. 10 Knights of Zakuul and 70 Skytroopers. "Surrender!" yelled one of the Knights. Alex concentrated on the force and one of the trees nearby flew out of the ground. It smashed into the Skytroopers and exploded. 5 of the Knights emerged from the smoke followed by 50 Skytroopers. "Uh. Run!" yelled Alex. Arven summoned his sabers to his belt and they ran. Alex used the force and the sphere flew from the snow and into his arms. "What now!?" asked Alex. "We need the Defender! BRIANNA!" yelled Arven. 

A purple and gold ball then fell out of the sky and rolled with them. "King!" exclaimed the 2. They looked up and saw the Defender flying above them. Arven then looked back down and stopped. "ALEX STOP!" yelled Arven. Alex looked to soon. There was a huge crack in the planet, like a ravine. Alex ran off the side of the cliff and fell to his death. He put his saber back on his belt and realized he was holding the orb. The Defender flew down after him and the engines shut down. The Defender plummeted down the hole till it was at Alex's level. Alex used the force and propelled himself towards the Defender. He grabbed onto the side and climbed under the ship and through the blast doors. The Defender stopped falling and spiraled up.

Arven blocked 3 shots from the Skytroopers and realized, he would die. He was surrounded at the cliffside by now 4 Knights of Zakuul and 40 Skytroopers. They fired one by one and Arven struggled to defend himself. He kicked one of the Knights off the side of the cliff and he got an idea. He force pushed them back and jumped off. The Skytroopers and Knights stared as they realized he had gone suicide. But the Defender rose from the ravine with Arven on top. King used his suction cups to attach and the Defender flew into the distance. "Wheres Lily?" asked Alex. "She's been captured. She's in the flagship." said Brianna.

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