Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Rescue

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



"I got a bad feeling about this!" exclaimed Alex. The Defender flew through space towards the fleet. Lily had been captured on the moon Fesnus and was taken into the flagship. The flagship was now resting over the moon. Arven piloted the Defender while Brianna, Alex and King sat in the back. "Arven are you sure about this?" asked Brianna. "Don't worry. This will probadly work!" yelled Arven. The Defender got close and fired. The shots blasted the side of the ship and explosions erupted from the sides. The Defender spun under the ship and locked down to the bottom. The ship completely shut down as well. "How is this a plan?" asked Brianna. "We docked at one of the airlocks. They can't detect the ship, so they will waste their time searching for it while we find Lily." said Arven. He walked over to the floor and opened the floor airlock. The 3 plus King dropped down and fell into the Eternal Cruiser.

They were in the hangar bay and there were no Skytroopers in sight. "Alright i think were good." said Arven. He was wrong. 

40 Skytroopers entered the hangar and opened fire at them. Alex and Arven ignited their sabers and ran into battle. Arven cut down 3, kicked another into the wall and force pushed another 6 away. Alex sliced through 10 and used his deadly golden lightning to kill another 5. Arven jumped down from the ceiling and cut down another 5 with ease. Brianna blade blitz through the crowd and 10 Skytroopers collapsed where she was standing

"Look!" yelled Brianna. She was pointing at one of the doorways. Above it a sign read "Cell Blocks".

Brianna cut down 3 more troopers and Arven jumped in to help. The 2 dived behind some crates to take cover and defend the airlock. "ALEX GO!" yelled Arven. Alex looked to the side and spotted it. A Sith Tie Fighter. Basically a tie advanced. Alex ran across the hangar bay with King behind him and dived. The Tie Advanced flew into the hangar bay and smashed into the wall. The wall exploded and Skytrooper and bodies flew everywhere. Alex ran down the hall off the cell blocks. "King! Plug in and find out which cell she's in." said Alex. King beeped and plugged his arm into the astromech port. "King=locked out. King=hacked into ship. Lily=cell 1846 1847 1848." said King. Alex ran to the end of the hall and sliced through the control panel of cell 1846. Inside was a small cage. Alex bent down and found a small creature. A Gizka.

"Aw this thing's cute." said Alex. "ALEX QUICKLY GRAB IT!" yelled Arven. He was fighting off 3 Knights of Zakuul down the hall. Alex grabbed the cage and ripped it out of the cell as the doors slammed shut. Alex then opened the cell behind him, 1847. Inside was a girl. She looked to be about 19 or 20, had short brown hair and wore an old imperial Darktrooper uniform. "Who are you?" asked the girl. "My name is Alex Jackson. Jedi Knight." said Alex. "A jedi.... i thought they were all gone." said the girl. "All gone. What are you talking about." said Alex. "The order. The Emperor gave an order to the clones. Order 66." said the girl.

"The Emperor.... you mean the one who was in charge of the old empire." said Alex. "Old Empire? What do you mean?" asked the girl. "Wait. When were you put here." said Alex. "About a year after the Death Star's destruction." said the girl. She had no idea of the destruction of Vader and the Empire and how the Sith Empire came and attacked along with the return of the jedi and the Eternal Empire. "All right i'll explain all of this later but the old empire became a sith empire and Luke started a jedi academy. Now a new threat called the Eternal Empire is attacking and teaming up with the sith. You are in one of their ships and i'm gonna help you escape." said Alex. The girl nodded and they left the cell. Alex opened up the next one and Lily emerged. "It's about time. Who's this chick?" asked Lily. "No time! Run!" yelled Alex.

"CMON! ALEX!" yelled Arven. He and Brianna were being pushed back by all the Skytroopers. Lily ran faster and leaped over the tie fighter and through the airlock hatch. Alex, the girl and King ran to them and were about to climb over the crashed tie when it opened. A shadowy figure jumped out and Alex ignited his saber to clash with him. "I am Sith Lord Darth Karnus! and you shall fall!" yelled the sith. He zapped Alex with force lightning and he slammed into a wall. A black astromech emerged from the tie and beeped. "R4. Plug in and turn off the forcefield for the hangar." said Karnus. "NO!" yelled the girl. She pulled out a pistol and fired. It blasted the droid off it's feet and Kranus screamed. "YOU WILL PAY!" yelled the sith. He sent a blast of force lightning at her. Alex dived in the way and blocked it. It hit Kranus and he smashed into the tie. Alex, the girl and King ran past the tie fighter and dived into the airlock hole which closed behind them.

The Defender turned on and deattached from the Cruiser. Arven and Lily got in control and the ship took off away from the cruiser firing at them. "ALEX WHATS THE MAGIC CRYSTAL BALL SAY?" yelled Arven. "The planet.... it says..... the planet of Metalia!" yelled Alex. Lily tapped in the coordinated and Arven pulled the hyperdrive lever. Alex, Brianna and the girl were knocked into their seats as the Defender took off into hyperspace.

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