Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Ahsoka's Mission

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



Ahsoka's POV

"GO!" yelled Luke. I knew we wouldn't make it through the battle. I stood outside the temple, wielding my twin white lightsabers. Eternal Cruisers and fighters flew above us. Yavin 4 was under attack. Luke and Raymond ignited their sabers and ran into battle. Luke cut down 3 Knights of Zakuul and impaled a 3. Raymond smashed 3 apart and force pushed another 6 away. Starkiller ran by and after cutting down 4, used his powers to smash one of the Eternal Cruisers into the forest. I knew i couldn't help. I saw Revan fighting off Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Malgus and another Knight of Zakuul at once with only his blue and red sabers. "AHSOKA! REMEMBER YOUR MISSION! GO NOW!" yelled Luke as he ducked a jab and killed another 3. I ran from the battle and into the temple. 

I needed all my training to complete the mission. I needed it all just to escape. I spotted a group of clone troopers fighting off Skytroopers lead by a jedi girl. She had a brown ponytail and wielded 2 blue sabers. It was Rey, hero of the jedi. A shot hit her arm and the lightsaber flew across the room. I caught it and attached it to my belt. I hoped she wouldn't need it. I tried to remember the mission Luke gave me.

"Ahsoka. Some of our spies have intercepted transmissions coming from the planet Lehon, also known as Rakata Prime in the Uncharted Galaxy. We know the Eternal Empire is operating there. They're doing something. Something horrible." said Luke. "So what do you need me to do?" asked Ahsoka. "We need you to go to Lehon prime and figure out what they're planning." said Luke. "Alright well what do i get?" asked Ahsoka. "You will fly the Ebon Hawk. My astromech will be there waiting for you with some extra supplies. HK-55 will also go with you." said Luke. "Got it. But what about-
The room shook and they were knocked off their feet. Revan entered the room. "The Eternal Empire is here!" yelled Revan. Luke ignited his saber and ran after Revan.

I ran to the hangar bay down the hall and i saw a shot race past me. I looked back and saw Skytroopers following me. I used the force and the ceiling above me collapsed. I dived through the hole and rolled across the floor. I jumped back up and kept running. I ran out of the temple and found myself in the landing pads. Several of the jedi shuttles were blown apart and the familiar Slave 1 was firing at me. I used the force and the Slave 1 smashed into the ground. A green figure jetted into the air and fired a shot. I dodged and the figure landed near me.

"No! How are you still alive! You tried to kill me years ago!" yelled the bounty hunter. I then realized something. The bounty hunter was the young clone Boba Fett who i attempted to kill in the Clone Wars. "Boba?" i asked. He fired a shot and i quickly deflected it. I used the force and blasted Fett backwards and he smashed into a jedi shuttle. It exploded, leaving nothing but flames. I spotted the Ebon Hawk still on the ground but firing at several Sith Tie Fighters. The Sith were supposed to have an alliance with us. I looked to the side and spotted Kit Fisto slaughtering 2 sith. "Master Fisto! I thought the Sith were on our side!" i yelled. "They were. But the council overruled the others who wanted to side with us. They teamed with the Eternal Empire." said Fisto.

I ran into the Ebon Hawk and dived inside. The ship took off into the air and i watched part of the temple fall apart and collapse. I then used the force and watched Luke, Revan, Starkiller, Raymond, Rey, Kira Carsen, Emily, the White Guardian and several other jedi fight off the Skytroopers which were cornering them against the temple. The jedi were slowly falling. The Eternal Empire was winning.

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