Star Wars Uncharted 5: Enclave of the Jedi

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Journey to Rakata Prime

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



I opened my eyes and felt a spike of pain. I was lying in bed, but it wasn't mine. I looked around. I was lying in the bed i knew as the one in the Ebon Hawk. I felt some burns on my arm and my sabers were lying on the nightstand next to my bed. There was a big gash of blood on my leg. I started to remember everything. The temple, the invasion. I pulled out my holocomm and called Luke. He appeared. "Luke! What happened?!" i yelled. "We got reinforcements from Leia. We should be fine for now." said Luke. I hung up the holocomm and started to meditate. I was flashed with a vision.

Luke cut down 3 Skytroopers. "Captain Blood! Take down the squad to the left! I'll go protect the council room!" yelled Luke. But the troopers stopped firing at the Skytroopers. They were pointing their blasters at him. "NO!" yelled Luke. 3 shots hit him in the chest and he collapsed. Revan and Starkiller were back to back fighting off Skytroopers when their own troopers fired from inside a tank. They blasted Revan but he took the hit. Starkiller was knocked against a tree and a sniper shot hit him in the side. Raymond ran from 3 sith who were chasing him down a hall. "Killshot! Slasher! Open the doors!" yelled Raymond to the guards. The clone trooper guards raised their blasters and fired.

Raymond dived past the shots and used the force to open the doors. He closed it behind him and he heard them. "No vital signs in the room." said the troopers. Raymond had used the force to mask himself. "This can't be happening." said Raymond. He hit a button on the holocomm table. Leia appeared. "Leia! Where are you?" asked Raymond. "The leaders of the Republic meeting hall on Tython." said Leia. "NO! It's guarded by Republic Clone troopers. They turned on us!!" yelled Raymond. Leia screamed, a shot was fired, and she fell. "NOOOOO!" yelled Raymond. A man appeared. Arcann. "Execute Order 66." said Arcann. "NOOOO!" i yelled.

The vision dissapeared and i was back in the bed. I realized something. Who was flying the ship. I walked into the main room and HK-55 was watching something on the holotv. I walked into the cockpit and found the pilot. A blue and white astromech was plugged in and flying the ship. "Oh hey little droid. What's your name?" i said. "Name=R2-D2. R2=Excited to see Ahsoka!" said R2. Ahsoka gasped. "R2! I haven't seen you since we met that one time before the Death Star was destroyed." said Ahsoka. R2 beeped. Me and R2 continued to talk for awhile. 

"R2+Ahsoka=made it to Lehon. R2+Ahsoka=probadly dead." said R2. "Why?" i asked. The Ebon Hawk came into hyperspace and we were met with 2 fleets of Eternal Empire Cruisers. They fired and the Ebon Hawk swerved away from the shots. It spun through space as shots flew by. 2 shots hit the side and smoke and flames trailed from the hit. Several huge probes orbiting the planet aimed and fired. "What are those?" i asked. "Orbs=Attack Probes. Ebon Hawk=was flown here by Revan 4,000 years ago. Probes=probadly remember the ship." said R2. A shot blasted the side of the ship and we spun out of control towards the surface.

BTW this chapter was a little short so i wanted to show some of the art for the characters. Alex, Lily, Cody, Shawn and Brianna along with Arven, Antonio and Scarzon were all fictional characters created by me and put into the fanfiction. I own the characters not the series. Anyways heres the characters:


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