Crazed Death

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Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



  “Do you expect me to buy the story you’ve just told us?” Joe asked. His tone threateningly asked me the question: Do-you-think-I’m-stupid-or-something? “Because it’s the most ridiculous and improbable thing that I’ve ever heard in my life.”

  “Is that so?” I challenged.

  “Yeah,” Joe said, turning toward Dean. “Do you believe him?”

  “No, not at all man,” Dean replied, fixing his pitch-black, dyed, hair.

  “I knew Mark, and I knew his dad and what you’re claiming happened isn’t true.”

  “It is,” I insisted. “It’s all true and the way it happened.” I stared out at the vastness of the ocean in front of us. The day itself was very serene and calm, but out here at this cove, the waters were always violent. I could feel the cold coming from the dark water, sweeping over us like some invisible wave.

  Gazing over the jagged edged and ever-changing landscape, I allowed my mind to drift back to the placid, inviting woods where I had spent a large portion of my childhood. Taking what happened aside, those woods were the most peaceful place for both my body as well my mind and soul. I knew that I could never journey back there. Not after what had happened – a story neither Joe nor Dean believed: a true story nonetheless.

  “Let me try and sum up your story quickly if I can,” Joe said. “According to you, Mark and you decided to pull a prank on Mark’s dad when both of you were ten years old.”

  I nodded, indicating that he was on the right track.

  “So one night when you’re sleeping over at his place, the two of you decided to put your prank into motion. The two of you waited for his dad to fall asleep on the couch in the dark - something he indulged in regularly according to you.”

  “Cut the sarcasm!” I snapped, as I watched Dean. He took out a long Marlboro and smelt it first before he put it in his mouth and tried to light it. “This is no laughing matter.”

  “Do you see me laughing?” Joe dared. He always had been the most combative one of our group, always wanting to start a fight over nothing.

  I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t in the mood to talk anymore.

  For several seconds, there was a bout of silence between the three of us, which led me to believe that the conversation had come to an abrupt end. But then Joe spoke up.

  “When Mark’s dad was asleep, the two of you crawled over to the couch on which he slept. Then, at the same time, both of you leaped up off the floor and scared his dad.”

  I nodded my head, vividly playing over that twenty-year-old scene in my head. It felt like I had been there only yesterday. I could still clearly remember the dusty floor, and how my naked knees had pained as I crawled over them. I could clearly remember how my heart beat uncontrollably in my chest. The anticipation inside me had been so huge that I had been on the precipice of bursting from excitement. I had been eager beyond belief to find out what would happen, and how Marks’s dad would react to our prank.

  “Up till that point I can believe your story,” Joe confessed. “Up till that point, it’s a very plausible story. But what you claim happened next…is beyond ridiculous.” He could believe what he wanted; I didn’t care anymore.

  Dean had given up with his cigarette for the time being. He still rested it delicately between the fingers of his right hand as he came to stand closer to us.

  “What you’re telling us is that Mark is dead because his dad got such a huge fright that night that he freaked out and chased both Mark and you into the woods in the dark,” Dean said.

  “That’s right,” I confirmed. “He was completely crazy and inhuman that night. He didn’t listen to any of our cries. It’s like a demon or something unnatural was chasing us that night.”

  Joe and Dean looked at each other, and both snickered.

  I felt a shiver run down over my cold body as I remembered back to the red cannibalistic rage in Mark’s dad’s eyes that night. He had chased us a mile and a half down to the woods, growling and cursing frenziedly like a fiend.  Mark and I had managed to hide amongst some bushes, but our hideaway hadn’t been good enough. Within mere seconds, we had been discovered by his dad. Blood had been foaming out of his mouth. He had looked possessed. I had managed to get away. Mark – well, he was never seen or heard from again.

  “Let’s say that we believe you,” Joe said, cutting me back into reality. “If everything you’ve told us is true, then why haven’t you ever gone to the cops with your story?”

  When I failed to respond with an appropriate answer, I watched as both of their expressions turned into I-knew-it-all-along faces.

  “Let’s go,” Joe said to Dean. “He clearly needs some time to himself.”

  I watched as they made their way down to the beach. They thought that I had made the story up, but I didn’t care. I did have an answer to Joe’s last question, which I hadn’t provided to him. The reason I hadn’t gone to the police with the story all these years was simple - I hadn’t been allowed to. Whatever had been released that night twenty years ago had kept me from speaking about that night. Each time I spoke to the police, or anyone for that matter, about that night, my mouth clamped down, and I wasn’t able to speak a word.

The death of Mark’s dad a week ago must have set me free from some supernatural chains. However, that was not all that was released – no, not even close.

  I gazed over the unquiet waters - the tumultuous chaos and power that lay beneath was only minutely represented by the passing waves on top. I thought about how this was true about me at that present moment. Poor fools! I thought, with a smirk. Cautiously, I made my way down the path towards the beach. Joe and Dean were roughly fifty yards ahead of me once I reached the beach. The wind down here was gusty. I dashed madly towards them. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could make out about half a dozen people. Up ahead, in the distance, were a few more people - some walking their dogs, some getting ready to head home, some just taking long strolls along the beach.

  “Joe! Dean! Wait up!” I called, now only a few feet away.

  They both turned around. Dean’s face remained unchanged, his black hair fluttering like some unrestrained creature. On the other hand, Joe’s face was one which asked: What-does-he-want-now? They didn’t come to a standstill, but they did slow down their pace.

  “I was only joking about everything,” I teased, once I caught up to them.

  None of them replied, or even looked at me.

  I thought back to a week ago. I had been with Mark’s dad at the hospital when he had passed. I still don’t know why I had gone to see him in the first place. Perhaps it had been to get some closure, but honestly, I don’t know the real reason why. Instead of closure, however, what I had gotten was whatever vile, blood-lusting; alien-thing had been inside of Mark’s dad all these years. I could feel it inside me right at that moment. It was hard, but I was able to control it now, but I knew that once I was frenzied, just as Mark’s dad had been that night twenty years ago, it would take complete control. I felt rather excited, yet horrified at the same time, to see how that change would feel.

  “Guys, this is our last night here,” I reminded them, cutting in between them. “Let’s make the most of it.” Neither of them said anything, but I knew that they were listening close. “Let’s start by having a few drinks here tonight on the beach,” I started. “And end off by going out to some clubs, how’s that sound?” I could see that both of them liked that idea lots. However, sadly for them, neither of them would be leaving the beach that night. Ha Ha.

  “You’re buying us drinks the whole night,” Joe told me firmly.

  It was roughly half an hour to sunset. Even from where we were, I could see that the restaurants on the other side of the beach were packed, as usual.

  “Deal,” I agreed. Hearing me say this put them both in great moods.

  Poor fools! I thought again. Poor Poor fools. Ha Ha.









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