Warning: Seeker May Be Disappointed!

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The search ends!

Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



Hey, many a lost soul has come here, seeking the meaning of it all,

and they leave here disillusioned, yes, their dreams take a fall,


hard, when they realize I'm it, it's nothing too difficult or complicated.

It's to seek out your pleasures, until your appetite is well and truly sated.


Hey, all this peace and love shit ain't gonna do a damn thing to make you fulfilled.

You may think helping others is where it's at, but I'm here to tell you, make yourself top-billed.


That's right, the key to happiness is to be a selfish prick,

all this 'give unto others' garbage makes my so sick!


It's all about feeding your desires, and the hell with everyone else.

Just get and take what you want, and please only yourself.


Seeking inner peace is all well and good, but having a nice T. V.

blows that shit away--just say to yourself, "me, me, me!"



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