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Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



Where is the light
we once knew?

What darkness
is this?

Our fingers touch
fingertips on fingertips,
that electric buzzing
between us,
shocking us
in its pleasantness,
pleasing us
in its shockingness;
the buzz vibrating
through the dark
like that phallus
we both knew
vibrating between us.

Where her fruit
once overflowed
with juices,
a dry dying comes
and her heartbeat
is a pinprick sensation
tingling in the night air
like a dull bell
in a weak wind.

Where does
the darkness reach?

Why has
the light failed?

Once we took flight
in her wide wings motion,
her vibrant heart beating,
a big bass drum
sounding as we flew
in our loving
and sexual flight
in that far away night.

Her lips motion words,
the kisses less warm,
less soft;
where once her kisses
burned and seared,
just chill wind comes,
and less and less
as feared.

Baisers froids,
she whispers,
my cheek chills
to her kisses,
my heart seeks
a once upon love,
a touch to warm
as once before,
getting less,
but wanting
more and more.

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