My Mind Disaster

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Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



I went to the cemetery today,

sitting there ful of thoughts..

lookng at you..

thinking of my life without you,

what would i do?

who would i run to?

who could i vent to?

who would be there?

thinking no one could be you..

the one i need,

the support you give,

the love you've given,

the talk's we've had,

even the fight's we've shared lol

no one to understand me?

someone that would never judge me,

who i could be completely open with?

who wont ask me if i need but just give's me

hoping its enough for me..

that one person thas is always there..

good or bad..

facing the world with me without a doubt.. friend, cousin, sister, it don't matter,

who would do all you do for me?

dang it i can't.. its hurtful..

your still here.. i know..

and i know one day you or i wont be..

but that day is a day i never wanna see..

i am who i am inside thanks to you in many ways..

i sometimes hate the good in me,

only if you could see..

the good is what they steal from me,

the bad is what i need in me..

for my sake..

but through it allwe still stand,

i guess i just want to say thank you

for? it all, the good the bad, just everythng..

Putika4eva lol 

 dont know if you have ever wondered life without me..

DON'T cause look at those thoughts :(


that was awful lol 

BITCH just know i love you!! lol

i know I'm a bitch..







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