EXACTLY What's Wrong!

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Us Vs. Them!

Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



I just saw a story that is exactly what's wrong about our politics. Sean Hannity of Fox News tweeted about how fellow Fox Newser Megyn Kelly, who has made no secret of her dislike of Donald Trump, must be siding with Hillary Clinton. 


It's this us-vs-them mentality that's affecting how everyday voters are viewing our politics. Because Kelly doesn't like Trump, she's got to be for Clinton. Gee, Sean, maybe, unlike you, she sees him for what he is: an absolute joke pretending to be a serious candidate, and refuses to don her knee pads so she can kiss his ass. God forbid she actually thinks, cause that would ruin everything. Better to be like you, and become a Trump Zombie, in a world where Mr. Trump can act like your average 5th grade bully, with the smarts to match. She criticized Clinton too, but all you see is a traitor. It has zero to do with Kelly being for Clinton, and everything to do with her being against Trump. No wonder we have runaway partisanship, with your brand of all-my-way-or-forget-it 'reporting. 

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