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i wake up one morning, looking for ipad to see if my recording was done and i always had a habit of doing weird things in my sleep so i want to catch myself in the act which i never actually succeed to do but now i might a chance and when i go to camera roll i tap on videos and i was in for a big surprise...

Submitted: November 08, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



The Video


At 9 am, I awoken in the dream realm most likely in a lucid dream inside my room and I notice that even in the dream world I can still record myself in my sleep just in the real world; I know it seem unusual but I just do it out of curiosity. 

Then I get up to grabbed the IPad from the small table and I tapped on Camera Roll and I scrolled down to Videos to see my recording from last night and I notice a video recording and I began to watch it as I laying down, now here comes the creepy part of the video...

In the Video it shows me sleeping in my bed and I can hear background sounds most of it coming from air  conditioners outside my window and sound of the recording which isn't edit anyways, but as the video continues playing I start noticing some movement within in me in the video and I started seeing myself sit up with my eyes closed then I stood up and start walking but I wasn't walking like myself as if I normally did in the real world. 

I started doing this backstretch pose walk as if I were having trouble controlling my body posture and I was so nervous that as I look away from the video I see myself disappear from the video and few seconds later the video of me gave me a jump scare that I literally felt like my heart came out but then I paused and noticed that one of my eyes were roll back into my head and I wondered was I sleepwalking in video or possessed by a ghost?. 

After that I awoken from lucid nightmare which was pretty unusual for me and suprising by the fact I scared the sh*t out of myself, I managed to keep myself calm and continue my day like nothing ever happened. 

It was very peculiar by the fact that the video shown to me was me with white eyes and I was doing this creepy walk; from the looks of it I seem be going towards the door but I just stopped at my tracks.




The End 

I just thought of something okay

What if when I was awake in the real world I start recording myself sleep and I woke up the next morning to see nothing happening start happen in the dream world? Which is why nothing happen in my real video in the waking world. 



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