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An article about meditation, structure and discipline.

Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Submitted: October 07, 2016



Now things really have started to happen. The greatest thing I have discovered on my journey this far is a new form of meditation practise. I have abandoned the old habit of meditating without structure. Meditation requires structure and self-control. This is vital as meditation is about concentrating on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. In my case I use a practise of counting numbers. From one to thousand. One time a day.
The intent is to clear the mind from wandering thoughts and emotional conditioning. Finding inner peace and more awareness. Concentration is the way to go as my main limit was lack of focus in thinking, life choices and observation.
The most important thing is to cleanse the mind from unselfish drive as true love is about finding the way to ego and desire. This ego is not ego as a false self-concept. It’s the erotic drive (Eros to use a phrase used by the old Greeks) driving the individual to personal excellence. It’s a balance of forces coming from the heart. It can also be seen as the will balancing the individual in all aspects of life.
Meditation later creates space for successful reality creation as the false self fades away. Successful reality creation requires constant practise. Clear intention, self confidence but also emotional resonance as it these emotions that governs the vibrational state. Leading to major reality changes.
Sleeping outside in a paradise environment also helps elevate the vibrational state. Making successful meditation easier. (I found this out earlier in Sweden.)
I will explore these concepts at depth in my coming novel Ascension which is about enlightenment in multiple aspects of life. Self-Realization but also social and political aspects, philosophical aspects and much more. It’s about the fall of man and a possible escape.
A book concluding my newest revelations.

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